Harry Reid and the kangaroo kourt

Imagine a world where your vote does not count.

A world where the entire world may be in favor of democracy but is over ruled by this man?

Who do they think they are?

When you look and listen to this statement you will learn something about people like harry reid, it is the same thing that we saw happen in 1944, when an entire race of people decided to look the other way while horrors were perpetrated on the people.

Yet, when the whole of the world does not agree with Harry Reid, what does he allegedly do?

He makes the alleged statement that race is involved, he does things that only an alleged fool would do.

Is this the actions of a man who represents the people of the state of Nevada?

Is this a man who is allegedly senile and medically unfit for duty?

Or is this the mind of a man who is no longer fit for duty under the laws of the United States of America.

Were not sure what the problem is but one thing we are sure of its time for the people to take back the congress.

It is time for the congress to return to the peoples business.

It is not the business of congress to force a business to provide controversial health products that anyone can get or receive at little or no money involved.

Its simple and it is affordable.

In fact allegedly you would find it difficult to find anyone who honestly even wants this thing.

Yet, people like Harry, want to force it on you, this is what is wrong in congress and it is time for the people to vote.


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Common Sense Core

How hard is it to figure out?

Arkansas Mother Destroys Common Core ignorance in four minutes. 


Health care nightmares?

You might think that the Grinch has created this present health care scare but that would only be a comparison.

A friend relates this story that did not have to be…

A mother of two children who had no insurance came into the emergency room and was diagnosed with pneumonia.

The Emergency room treated with antibiotics and sent the girl home. 

The next day the woman died of complications of pneumonia.

Now where is the health care for those at risk?

Where is the health care for those that the affordable care act was designed to help?

Emergency rooms are turning gravely ill patients away and sending them home without the basics needed to survive.

Imagine what it must have been like to sit at home hoping that your breathing would improve, trusting that the treatment you received would save your life only to at the last moments of your life to realize that you could not breath.

Your children asleep and unable to help and likely she was not even able to make a life saving call to 911

This situation may sound dramatic but it is the truth and it happened just the other day.

In fact it is happening all over the United States every single day.

The biggest problem is not just the heartless liars that run the Emergency rooms but it is also the congressmen and senators that refuse to do anything to stop this abuse and make no mistake it is abuse.

 It would be inconceivable to turn away someone that was dying just because they had no insurance but this is what is happening and it is happening more than you know. 

We have to put an end to this bad behavior by doctors that swear an oath to do no harm yet they are participating in this madness that is killing people.

We must hold these people responsible for these crimes and that is what they are crimes.

Only when a Doctor faces criminal charges for denying care to a patient that results in death will they then do the right thing.

Then the threats and the manipulations by the administration of hospitals all over the US will end with a doctor making a decision which is the way it should be anyway. 


The way it is now, doctors are not making these decisions because they are afraid to make a decision that would cost the hospital a few additional dollars as in this case an overnight stay would have likely stabilized this mother but now her two children have to go through life without a mother all so that a hospital that receives millions in charitable contributions as well as federal aid can save money so it an be spent in other ways, tell me how these evil people can even sleep at night?

 The truth is this is just the tip of the iceberg soon they will have committees that will decide who gets help and who does not get help.

If you have insurance you will have a much greater chance of survival and if you do not all you can do is pray…

Vote in 2014 because it may save a life…

It might even save your own life.


Gun Grabbers Really?

In New York, there is a news story that will set your teeth on edge.

It is difficult to understand and even believe but this is real.

The one thing that seems so ignorant is the fact that none of this will reduce crime.

In fact from all we know about gun control it makes it worse.


Just look at the city of Chicago IL, where gun laws are some of the most stringent in the nation.

Yet they have more gun deaths than most war zones.


Dear Patriot,

It’s starting. New York City Police have been sent notices to people who own 5 round rifles and shotguns ordering them to give up their weapons. Yes, you read that correctly. Law abiding citizens who possess guns with the appropriate permit are being ordered to ignore their Second Amendment rights and give up their weapons. These law abiding citizens registered their guns, as they were supposed to, and now the city is using that information to go after their guns.

Do you think that’s okay?
This is the environment that Obama has created. This is what he wants. A disarmed citizenry. Do you see now why we have been pushing the petition to tell members of the House and Senate to stand up for our gun rights? If you haven’t signed this petition, what are you waiting for?
Don’t wait until it’s too late and your county, city, state, or federal government goes after YOUR guns. By then, it will be too late.

Vote in 2014.


The beginning of the end…

Tonight the American people were sold into what amounts to slavery by these Men who Swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

You decide if these men deserve

to be in the Senate.

Vote in 2014 and 2016 send a message to all Senators that refused to listen to the American people and violated the Oath of office.

They should be ashamed, but they do not care about you because they have free health care.

John McCain



















Johnson (WI)







Increase Debt?

Should the Senate be allowed to Dictate to the House how the US spends its money?

That is not the way it works but why do so many democrats seem to just not get it…

What is right for this nation is something that democrats do not understand.

Why is it that the Senate thinks that it should be able to stall bills that the people favor in direct opposition to what the people want. 

 The constitution clearly states that spending bills

shall originate in the house. 


Think about that, so the media and Harry Reid would have you believe that they are blameless?

Why do you think that is?

Why are they trying to subvert the constitution all the while blaming someone else for problems that they created?

Vote in 2014 vote those people out of office that is the only thing they will understand. 

Vote because you may not get another chance to vote. 


Do you believe Harry Reid?

Do you think that only Harry Reid should run this nation?

That is why the Constitution was created to keep one man or one party from running the nation.

That is really what is really important  here, the People is America not just a few people voted into office.


What is wrong with the Senate?

Why is the Media playing God?

That is something that you need to understand. 

It is the Senate that is causing this problem and the democrats are the ones that are playing with the constitution. 



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Insurance that does nothing

If you have been looking at buying or purchasing insurance recently you may have realized that there are some serious problems, costs have gone up not down as was promised as well doctors have to be a member, pharmacies also have to be in the “network”

When you begin to add all this up it means that you will pay more and receive less or nothing in return for your money.

The truth about insurance is that they love to accept your money but when it comes time to pay out, you better look out.

The cost has now changed into something that no longer resembles insurance as you once believed it could become.

Hospitals have created a massive inflation system where by they attempt to recover costs that never existed.

Here is a real world example, surgical services for a 45 min procedure, with an anesthetist a doctor nurse team and the equipment in a private setting runs around $1650.00 and the same services in a hospital can run about $22,000.00.

Now considering that the base Affordable Care policy has massively large deductibles, you could end up paying $700.00 per month for single coverage, with a $1000.00 deductible but guess what they have waiting periods for different procedures.

You could end up having to wait for one entire year to have something like a tumor removed.

This all adds up to something that will cost you more and in the end you might not survive long enough to actually get to use that insurance that you paid for.

If you are wondering what the big deal is in congress right now this is why.

Insurance companies have done something very evil and most people are not aware of what awaits them when they discover the truth.

If you are not aware of what is going on you should look beyond all the media hype and focus on the facts.

The truth his in 2014 you will have an opportunity to speak out and the Media Liars that create special polls to support what they want you to believe will finally be shown as the liars that they are.

Vote in 2014 and make sure that your voice is heard.

Because if you stay home, thinking that someone else will vote in your place do not expect that vote to go the way you think it will.

The truth is that until we vote these corrupt people out of Washington nothing will change.





judge jeanine pirro

Sometimes there are things about the truth that are hard to face, we try to do the best that we can to manage our lives in what has become a very difficult economy. Becoming frugal has not only become something that the older more mature population has to contend with but also the younger generations also. The truth about the economy and the wasteful spending that is happening in Washington DC has become an emergency, yet the congress seems to be blind Deaf and speechless.

Vote in 2014 because it is something that must be done to preserve America.


Vote in 2014 because it will make a difference

Voting is not only something that will be very important but it could become the most important election of your life.


Police out of control

This is not only scary but its what you can expect soon, Vote in 2014 because you still can…

   You have to wonder in a world where we have people who are dealing drugs on every street corner in sight
this is what the police are doing?