Tag: Victory

  • New Polls Show Donald Trump Way ahead

    The more you see the media pumping up these polls and the more you see them use words like Struggling, Trying, No Path to Victory? The more you know they are scared to death. They are scared and they should be as there are polls that show Donald Trump up by 40 points. Clinton way […]

  • Ron Paul unelectable…

    Is Ron Paul not electable? Is the Left leaning Media trying to unduly influence the outcome of a political election? Perhaps you may remember the election where Ross Perot, caused an upset in an election cycle by splitting the vote of one party allowing the democrats to sweep into a victory. Allegedly Ron Paul could […]

  • Republicians make mistake

    Looks like the republicans are allegedly stupid as the dems are Could the Repubs be in trouble at this late hour, after almost an assured victory in November they seem to allegedly be making all the wrong mistakes playing into the hands of the democrats. This is just crazy, you know what If the republicans […]

  • Former Gov Blago

    Now we all know that this guy has been through the ringer, and his life has been really radically changed, the guy has been called every name in the book, we wont repeat the book you have heard it from fox news and from every network, all making fun of him for doing what he […]

  • Rand Paul Wins Huge victory

    The Tea Party is beginning to pick up speed, regardless of what the liberal biased media have said, This is a big deal, this is a referendum on the Liberal, agenda, Even republicans are not safe… We are not going to put up with politics as usual, were sick of it, watch as both democrats […]