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  • Social Media Elections?

    Will elections of the future be held on Twitter or Facebook? The idea would be something that many might consider normal.  

  • Twitter used in effor to influence zimmerman trial

    What will happen to the Justice System, will it survive this trial, will the media do what they want to do no matter what you think…  Is this a real video or is it not a real factual video?

  • weiner twitter pics

    This is really a damaging story on this issue, in a new conference, that was not managed well only one half of the conversation was available.  There are photos out there that are purported to be Anthony Weiner, however, it is unproven and as much as we would like to publish these photographs we do…

  • Biased Media Tricks?

    The media attempts to allegedly control thoughts, or do they? This is an incredible story in fact it is just more than amazing, have these people no pride in Journalism or is Journalism really dead. here is an amazing story. This in an Email received from Yesterday we told you how disgraced RINO Lisa Murkowski…

  • We support Christine O’donnell

    Visit her face book website, and learn the truth that the liberal biased new media does not want you to learn. Facebook Twitter Spread the word, even if you cant afford to donate anything at all, spread the word perhaps a friend can help, we are helping out this courageous young lady to get her…