Lies are all of the leaders in washington liars?

We have watched our TVs and have seen no one with the ability it would seem to be able to tell the truth.

What is going on, they compare the times of these issues to the Watergate hearings, but you know what you can see a certain amount of fear and respect as well as the truth being told, you could see it in their faces.

You do not see that fear any more in fact what you do see is contempt.

Why should these people retire and get paid on the backs of the tax payers everywhere for being bad leaders?

That makes no sense at all.


commericals are too loud

Calm act passes, but did it make a difference?

So have you noticed any difference?

Well Calm act has been passed, it took over a year to do it, but finally it is done, but are TV producers doing anything about it yet?

TV viewers, rejoice: You'll no longer get blown out of your seat by the difference in volume between the television program you're watching and the commercials that air during it.

The answer is well not yet, or at least we have not noticed any reduction in the loud obnoxious commercials airing on most of our TVs, in fact, the loudness of most commercials has remained unchanged, so this is a good question and its answer is something that is relevant.

So what is happening, are we going to one day be free from all the noise pollution that commercials have been blasting us with since 1960 there have been hundreds of thousands of complaints, but there has been no action.

Years and years and years, but no action, why now?

Could it have anything to do with the FCCs attempt to claim the authority to regulate the internet and perhaps cable tv in the near future.

Welcome to the future welcome to your life controlled by government agents.

you would think that product manufacturers, could find a way to reduce the volume on the commercials they choose to show but not so.

They appear to be just stupid enough to get caught in the trap that allegedly has been laid by the FCC.

Because if they continue to do this eventually the FCC will rightly argue that they need to regulate cable because cable will not regulate itself.