TSA arrest mother of child

Is this the hope and the change you wanted?

Allegedly this story should make you ill, I apologize for even having to write it, however the more we examine what the TSA is doing the more we should be looking at a better way to manage our security than the eventual outcome of this type of thuggary, and that is "Papers Please"

Case in point  TSA homeland security, tsa careers, (perverts preferred allegedly) but is that fair?  perhaps not, however, it does seem that the rest of the known world do not have these problems, and yet they seem to be able to keep air port saftey nicely.

Tennessee Woman Arrested For Protesting TSA Grope of Her Daughters Crotch?

Excuse me, the TSA wanted to do what and I am truly sorry that this needs to be even talked about in this nation of the "Free" and home of the Brave, but really? 

This is what you want, this is the hope and the change you voted for?

This really is amazing, you have a 95 year old woman, who is asked to remove her "under garments" (really?)

Now a TSA agent allegedly wanted to grop a childs Groin and Crotch, and a mother rightly refuses and is arrested.

How long before they start shipping protesters in trains to "camps"

So this is what you want right?  This is the hope that you wanted?  This is the change that you wanted?

The TSA is continuing its criminalization of ordinary traveling Americans. A mother is arrested for protesting the TSA’s groping of her daughter’s crotch. Just another day in this country we still call America.


Why do Americans continue to fly?

Only the ignorant, the masochistic and the perverted would knowingly subject themselves and their family members to the humiliating groping–or naked body scans–of the Transportation Security Administration.

We’ll mark this mother down to the category of “the ignorant.”

Amazing stuff folks and you just cannot make this stuff up, and on top of that, its your Tax Dollars that are paying for this rude and crude treatment, you voted for this in 2008, yes you did.  I know its hard to find someone that will admit it, but it is true, this is the hope and the change that you can expect, can we really afford four more years of this kind of foolishness?

I think not.



Politically correct pat downs? or just stupidity?

So anyone see grandma, or grandpa, out rioting because of something they thought was not fair?

So what is up at the airports, with all this fondling, people, you know that if someone was trying to do something bad that they would choose a different way to do it, so what up with all dis stuff.

I want to know, how many disasters have been prevented by this measure?

How many people have been stopped?

How has this made you safer?

How does yelling and screaming in an airport, “opt out” screaming “opt out” screaming “opt out”

What good does that do?

Simple it is designed to intimidate, you, to make you afraid to opt out because you will have been embarrassed by all the yelling and screaming, standard Nazi practice back in the day.

So, thanks for all that hope and change how is that working out for you by the way?

How hard is it to be this stupid?

Question, how many terrorist attacks have the TSA stopped?

Zero None, Nada, Nothing.

You know what, None, not one single time have they done anything that has kept the public safe.

Some people are asking should the

TSA be in charge of this issue?

Perhaps they are not the best choice since it appears that they are not correctly trained for this type of security detail.

This brings up a really disturbing question, if they are not trained correctly, (allegedly) then how much safer are we?

Warning this story is sick, if you are offended by Cancer patients being humiliated by the hope and change you voted for, do not read this story because it will make you sick.

In the following story, you might wonder what is happening to Americans, and why the TSA is helping to destroy America.

There are more and more stories of people that are being humiliated, by these alleged untrained and absent of common sense, TSA workers.

The man, who was flying to Orlando from Detroit, said he has a medical condition, and was left covered in his own urine after agents searched him.

The 61-year-old passenger said he has bladder cancer, and must wear a urostomy bag under his clothes to collect his urine.

The man said he warned TSA officials the seal of the bag can easily break, but they ignored him, and even rolled their eyes at one point.

Sure enough, the bag’s seal broke, and urine started dribbling down the man’s leg and into his pants.

This is not just stupid it is careless and it is wrong, the man need to sue because this was not needed in order to protect the public.

It is hard to understand why compassion has apparently been left at home for these thugs of the TSA, but what are they doing, really why do they yell and scream, scaring children and adults as well, is it harassment?

Why are they doing this?

Is this the hope and change you voted for?

Is this what you wanted, when you voted for enlightened hope and change?

TSA jackass TSA jerks TSA thugs

Woman detained for documenting TSA abuse?

screaming OPT OUT, OPT OUT, OPT OUT,


Screaming and yelling, what good does that do, if someone were in fact in there to do damage they would act right away, which means that the person yelling and screaming, would likely be the victim I wonder if they fully understand that?

From a security standpoint, I can tell you they do not, in security, it is much easier to control a situation when the perpetrator, does not yet know your going to take them down.

What is going on, over at the TSA, is this a Police state?

I want to know where in the constitution the TSA has the authority to abuse the public in this way?

A Woman who recorded the incident on a cell phone was detained,

(might as well call it what it is, alleged arrest)

So now you cant document abuse using a cell phone because the TSA will detain you?

Excuse me but where in the constitution does it give them the right to do this?

Because I want to know?

I want to know where in the constitution the TSA have the Authority to Suppress freedom of speech?

I want to know where the ACLU is, on this issue and why have we not heard from them?

I want to know why we have not heard from other organizations?

Warning the video below contains adult language…


TSA Forces Cancer Survivor to remove Breast?

You know what this is just plain stupid, yes you heard it right stupid.

This woman has worked for many many years…

32 years.

This is an Airline employee on her way to work.

On her way to work.

In a news story today a woman who worked many many years for an airline, was forced to remove a prosthetic, breast, Now, you know those people knew this woman.

She had worked for an airline for many many years, so the idea that this is happening is just crazy.

What this is and what this is not.

This is not helpful, this is not safe, this is not about keeping the public safe.

This is about Politically correct behavior taken to the maximum.

This is about not offending anyone.

This is about stupidity.

This is about the failure of the TSA.


there is a line and the TSA has stepped over that line

So what next will they be doing full body cavity searches, CT scans, MRI, Shock therapy?

Why are they doing this, it is not to keep people safe….

Politically correct pat down, featuring causation, and Caucasians.

Children, may be fondled, wow, this is America, this is the hope and change you voted for?

Because if that were true they would not be doing this at all, no this is all about political correctness, in a world where no American has done anything on an airplane.

We have the TSA under “orders” from Washington and what really looks like cruella deville, yes, it is crazy but that is apparently the change and hope that was voted on in 2008.

Amazing stuff, and you know what else, profiling is the only effective method of safely protecting passengers on board.

911 911 memorial constitution distust Everything else exit polls

Body Scans is it crossing the line?

The real reason behind this could be something nasty, but likely it is about power and how to irritate the American public, (allegedly)

To hear accounts of some people when you decide to opt out, right away the Agencia of the TSA begin to Yell and in some cases Yell, (many say this is done to intimidate you into not doing it again) so they Yell and scream, and they yell and they scream, they intimidate you they yell at you, according to some reports they touch your junk…



Screaming Agents, Screaming at the top of their lungs, is that the way it should be done?

As one person suggested perhaps the best method of opting out is to just not fly anywhere, after all one might logically ask, your going to pay for this?

So is this the beginning of a Police State.

Are people being treated as criminals?

What is going on?

Yelling Opt out, yelling Opt out, Opt out, screaming, Loudly, Opt out, these people are evil.