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  • boehner is he really leading?

    You might wonder what the gentle giant of the house is up to and you would be right to be concerned. Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) pledged his support Wednesday for the House version of the $940 billion farm bill, roughly 80% of which will go to fund food stamps over the next ten years. What […]

  • one trillion in new taxes?

    Amazing is all I can say, we have the Senate attempting to originate spending bills when the constitution plainly states, that, All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but ….. and Expenditures of all public Money shall be published Senate passes budget with $1 trillion tax hike By David Lawder, […]

  • Distraction and disgrace

    The Media is complicit in what might well go down in history as the most disgusting and evil betrayal in the History of America, Think Benedict Arnold times 1 trillion.  

  • promise hope and change?

    It seems that there are so many things that are going on in this nation and so very often the news media seems to under report focusing on things that are of little importance compared to more serious issues like families, that are hungry, some even homeless, people living in substandard living areas, because they […]

  • budget nightmare

    $1.3 trillion deficit for 2011, could be the largest shortfall in the more than 60 years. Are we about to face a financial crisis that is beyond the imagination of Americans? They can play the blame game but over all most Americans know what the score is here, liberals are ruining this nation, or at […]

  • Unconstitutional

    How often in the last three years have we seen what amounts to criminal behavior in Washington go without any action or even a report by the liberally biased, media? (allegedly) Amazing stuff folks, yes, it is not the accepted method of handling Americas business, the problem is that no where in the constitution, does […]

  • Steve Forbes attacks Social Security?

    IN a fox news story, this morning Steve Forbes seems to be making an argument that those that are sick and disabled do not deserve to have benefits paid out from social security when they paid into the system and paid for the insurance, so what is going on with this type of mentality, well […]

  • Good news the world did not end…

    Well I got up this morning and there were people going to Mcdonalds, people driving their cars to work, looked like to me that the world did not end, as the media was spinning it, the world was going to end, I wonder what happened, Oh, I know nothing, nothing changed, all they agreed to […]

  • US credit rating

    If someone were intentionally trying to destroy the credit rating of the US government, then would that not be an act of treason? Would it not be a severe issue that needed to be solved? The US credit rating could be downgraded on Monday or later in the week amid speculation that Washington does not […]

  • 14th Amendment?

    Some Democrats have suggested that the current President, might be able to “invoke” the 14th Amendment, to try and destroy the American Economy? What?  That sounds like the actions of a traitor to the constitution. An Enemy of the people?  Is it possible that someone might try to subvert the will of the American people […]