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  • The Truth is not a spoon full of Sugar…

    When you look at what has happened in regard to what many consider to be a sham investigation, you have to figure out just how dysfunctional we now are at this time. This is why we as a nation are in such huge difficulty. The summary of a summary of an interview. Trey Gowdy is […]

  • Questioning Criminals

    Trey Gowdy seems to be very effective in asking questions that reveal the nature of those that appear before him. Trey Gowdy is Awesome, I love this guy, because he is all about getting at the truth, man this dude has a great way of communicating, with all of these bozos, could it be that […]

  • Trey Gowdy

    This is what a great American sounds like. It is time for Americans to understand why we need fairness in our government.