Tag: the end of america

  • Democrats betray America?

    Are we sitting by and watching a few people that are in control of the democrat party take over America? IS this The end of America? Is that what we are doing here? I realize that there is precious little that the average person or persons can do but what we can do is to […]

  • Democrats plan funtime fiasco

    It appears that the democrats are planning on creating as much turmoil for the Whitehouse than ever before. In fact just about everything that President Trump does do is challenged. I just wonder is it really worth it? What appears to be happening here is that the democratic party is exactly what they accused the […]

  • Bush Trump blamed for paris attacks?

    In a revealing segment on Fox News one “News Contributor” accidentally Revealed a FAR FAR FAR LEFT, talking point this morning on Fox News and you will not believe what they are saying about who “THEY” think is at fault for the most recent Paris attacks. more details?

  • closer to impeachment?

    Impeachment sounds like an extreme move and it is by any definition. However this could be something that might soon begin to present itself as the only solution for saving America. Many on the left would disagree and many on the right would agree. Discussing this is not a bad thing, however moving forward is […]