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megyn kelly pepper head?

Well it appears that once again the producers at Fox news have once again engaged in what is clearly a poorly chosen exerciser in using the teleprompter and a certain blond news lady.

Watch video below warning you will see violence..

Which sort of goes to show you that even if you are well educated and a lawyer, that a teleprompter can often make you appear stupid, stupid, stupid.

See the video below, warning some viewers may become ill

At issue was a group of protesters, who were not causing any harm, nor were they physically causing a problem. But they were assaulted, by a man who had an attitude by his body language that he did not care what he did to those students, now what they were doing of course was wrong, but there is a better way to handle the problem.

See video below, warning this may upset some constitutional jurists.

Over the last few weeks we have seen many that just meekly (when asked) or when the police put their hands on them they complied and they were handcuffed and taken away under arrest. But not this time, this time they were sprayed with pepper spray, (which is what they wanted) The thing here is this are we not smarter than those we must make some allowance for in this situations, now if they were being treating, and if they were creating a problem where the officers were in fear for their safety then yes of course do what you can to effect an arrest but in this situation it just did not look good on national TV.


Casey Anthony Death Panel

It seems as if when ever you see this news story on Fox which is practicly all the time these days, something negative is said, by the comentator, (I know they read it from a teleprompter) but why so negative, they use words to describe the defendant like agitated, stoney, steely, but is that really accurate, or are they just playing games with the minds of their viewers.

Dr. Bowden today mentioned something that I was really interested in because there are so many problems, with the evidence.

He said Bad science was allowed to push good science out of the way and that it could create some serious problems for the future.

Are we going to sit back and allow over zealous, allegedly Ambitious, people within the Government of the State of Florida to push

an agenda that may not be fair.


Should this even be a death case at all?

Has the State of Florida wasted the peoples time with trying to put Casey Anthony to death?

The jury may and probably come back with a guilty verdict, based allegedly on an emotional appeal by the DA,
but why is that? 

Why are they so convinced that there was a murder at all?

From what has been presented nothing tell us that this was murder, but rather an accident, badly handled, yes, but intentional, not really, I just dont buy that, the real problem here is with the judge and the state, this entire dog and poney show, is the result of poor police work, muddy water, and even worse forensic work.

Only time will tell the truth if we ever find it out, I will be suprised.


liberal media lies?

Should the media be stopped from allegedly lying?

Should people be exposed to opinion as fact reporting?

Can we still be free with the kind of alleged liberal reporting on Fox news and other alleged news companies?

Do liberals in the media contribute to lies that are being told on the air?

So often you see these talking heads saying stupid things in the heat of the moment and more often they allow someone else to say something that is not appropriate for a television audience, yet, they do not challenge them.  Is that guilt by association?

I would venture to say that yes it does, if you know something is a lie and you say nothing you are as guilty as the liar.

Think about that for a moment, if you knowingly watch someone who is telling a lie you are morally bound to object to that lie.

Yet reporters for all the networks seem to have forgotten how to talk on camera, could it be that the teleprompter tells the talking heads what to say and what to think too?

If that is the truth then when and how can you tell when they are telling the truth at all.

It seems a little frustrating when you watch news coverage on the TV and you see liberal commentators that say stupid things and actually lie about stuff they know is a lie but they still tell the lie, one person insisted that all reporters are not capable of thinking for themselves so that is why they have a teleprompter.

That may actually be the case for some of these people they have talking because you have to wonder about how ignorant they are when they say things and allow things they know are not true to be said on the air, it is not right.

I am very happy to say that there are other channels to watch on TV and so if these lying jerks cannot get the news right I can turn them off.

Imagine that not watching commercials on TV, hmm I wonder how long advertisers would pay for advertising when no one is watching the commercials.  Think about that…