Supreme Court Battle

The next Justice of the Supreme Court could well be decided after the 2016 Election.

While most Democrats tend to favor a quick appointment, (allegedly regardless of that persons qualifications)

Even Harry Reid, who infamously obstructed votes in the Senate for years, (allegedly never considering a Budget)

Seems to think that this should be done post haste.

Is this the best thing for the American Voters?

Find the reason and answer…


justice scalia

The Headline for many News outlets this morning is a major situation, what happens now that the most constitutional voice on the supreme court has now passed.

Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court justice, dies at 79


(CNN)U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the leading conservative voice on the high court, has died at the age of 79, a government source and a family friend told CNN on Saturday.

There are a lot of opinions out there and many are not correct, however what does happen if the usual 5-4 voting is now in doubt.

His death set off an immediate debate about whether President Barack Obama should fill the seat in an election year. Obama said Saturday night that he plans to nominate a replacement, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the nomination should wait until the next president comes into office while top Democrat Harry Reid called for the seat to be filled “right away.”

Certainly there may be some theories which obviously should be ruled out.

however the main question is one that could effect current politics for many years to come.


Speaking while on a presidential trip to Rancho Mirage, California, Obama vowed to nominate a successor to Scalia, who he called “a towering legal figure.”

“There will be plenty of time for me to do so and for the Senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and a timely vote,” Obama said. “These are responsibilities that I take seriously, as should everyone. They’re bigger than any one party. They are about our democracy. They’re about the institution to which Justice Scalia dedicated his professional life.”

There is certainly going to be a huge fight over whom will be replacing Justice Scalia.

Currently, no one knows who will be nominated however it appears that from past experience the nominee is likely to be unqualified.

It is almost an in your face type moment, but who knows for sure, one thing seems clear, in an administration where more lawsuits have been filed than any other administration in history, (opinion, but it certainly seems fair to say that the contentious law suits filed already would tend to demonstrate the truth behind the lies)


Harry Reid RACIST?

Is Harry Reid a Racist?

Is he a bigot?

You might wonder after hearing his attack on the Supreme Court. 


Reid Anti Christian?

Is Harry Reid becoming senile or has that happened a long time ago.

When you listen to the man talk you have to wonder if he is ok or if anyone in their right mind could go through life like that?

Following last week’s Hobby Lobby ruling by the Supreme Court that Hobby Lobby does not have to pay for employee’s abortion drugs and coverage under ObamaCare, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and his liberal comrades wasted no time introducing an “Anti-Hobby Lobby” bill. Read Harry Reid’s racist comment about the Supreme Court.

Senators Patty Murray (D-WA) and Mark Udall (D-CO) quickly introduced legislation this week to completely ignore the rule of law under the Constitution and employ Obama-style politics.

Reid has promised to bypass all committees to put this on the “fast track.” This means a vote could take place as early as next week.

Under Murray’s Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act, the attack against Hobby Lobby goes much deeper than even ObamaCare does. It specifically strikes at the heart of religious liberty by nullifying the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and completely terminating exemptions for all business, even those run by Christians with deeply held convictions about abortion.


So you have to wonder what Harry Red is really doing these days, with all the alleged corruption in his own state along with the insanity of his own words, you have to ask are all people in Nevada messed up or is this just the best that Nevada can do?


IRS issues, Senator Durban, Time to send him home?

You know from watching the news and by keeping up with politics that the congress is not doing their jobs, we have unconstitutional actions by Senators, no budget in four years, a Supreme court that is out of control with rulings coming form politics instead of the oath of office…

It is time to send these people home…


supreme court jokers, no one is laughing.

You have to wonder if perhaps the wearers of the black robes are getting senile, fat, lazy and what ever else you can think about, because this is just stupid.


Supreme court rules against the people?

So now we have a situation where the Supreme Court, the alleged clowns in black robes, have ruled that the people of a state have no right to uphold the constitution of the state or the Constitution of the United States…

What is wrong with the highest court why are they trying to legislate from the bench? (allegedly)

Why are they doing such foolish thing as this?



voting rights struck down ?

If you believe the media you might think that the headline above would tend to indicate that something bad happened.

The truth is far from what the media might want you to believe.

Lets have a truthful and UN-biased look at the decision this week by the Supreme Court.



Supreme court, Kangaroo court,

Imagine you lived in a nation where the highest court in the land no longer ruled from the basis of their oaths.

 Supreme Justices or Clowns in black robes…


Is the constitution still the American Way?

We have in our history a clear example of many years of applying the document that has and is still the best guide for America that will ever exist. 

But we also have some that would like to break it and trod upon it as an old document that no longer applies to the People, yet the document was and is so simple that only a fool would fall into the idea that it does not mean what it says. 

The constitution is simple, it is some people that feel that they have the right to rule over others that tend to find a reason to want to stop the constitution, in the past mistakes have been made by the supreme court.