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  • CNN portrays Duck Dynasty in bad light?

    So what do you think, Facebook has exploded into a huge controversy that is growing every day most people are sick and tired of all the crap that is going on day after day, you can embrace one way of life and disrespect another and no one cares but say anything a bout people in […]

  • America votes in 2014

    Now is the time that America will stand or fall, will you sit on your couch and watch the election play out the way that the media would like? Or will you put an end to the stupid media and the ignorance they keep displaying?   Vote in 2014 because you may not have another […]

  • Keeping your healthcare plan?

    Can you keep your health care plan? The truth the media are not telling you about what is really going on.   You may think that you fully understand what is happening regarding health care but the truth is unless you are an insider in the insurance industry you will not learn about this truth. […]

  • The Reset Button

    Politics in the media have reached an unbelievable level of ignorance, they are talking about Shutting it down… But what would happen if the media reported fairly? Would Hades freeze over, probably, but back to reality, what if this were just a reset. You have heard about the reset button. Sure and that would make […]

  • On Goverment Shut Down?

    Will the government shut down as the politicians predict doom and gloom along with the apocalypse the collapse of the stock market and last but not least trying to blame it on one party or another. Why the republicans will probably cave in and just do what is wanted… The republicans are stupid, its fair […]

  • Dumbo comes to Washington…

    Think you know much about how stupid senators could create problems for everyone else but themselves?  (allegedly) Now think about this, its time to vote this guy out of office…  

  • Media Lies again…

    AR 15 not used in navy yard shootings, the media have lied to the American people over and over again… All with one agenda, to try to convince the American Public that no one should have guns but the media. Why is that?     Are they really that stupid? All the recent and horrific […]

  • SVU NBC Hate Machine?

    Is Law and Order a Piece of Trash? Are they lost?  Are they Stupid? Are they What, Insane? If you think this show is bad, just imagine the Idiots that advertise on these shows.    Boycott NBC like this on Facebook…

  • Protesting and congress

    Common Sense, its really not that hard to figure out but why does it seem like congress just cannot figure it all out. A bill was just introduced that would make it a felony, If you happened to have on a T shirt expressing your constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech. Now, were definitely against […]

  • Why you cant repeal Obama Care

    Trying to Repeal Obama Care, AKA, the Affordable Care Act, is never going to help the health care system. The time to repeal it would have been as soon as they realized that Nancy Pelosi, was wrong about passing it so you could know what was in it. The reason why it needs to be […]