Media Attack on Tea Party

Just about every day or so you see someone on the media attacking the Tea Party and the Tea Party Candidates. 

Including Fox News, (who “claim” to be fair and balanced)

The GOP Rank and File attack Tea Party Candidates. 

 Yesterday during an interview segment about political races for control of the Senate the topic of discussion was about how the Tea Party Candidates were performing well in the p0lls. 

Then the Spin began in earnest, they began to discuss how it “looked like” tea party candidates might be able to knock out some of the older Moss Back entrenched Republicans in the primaries. 

That much is true but what they did next was a lie and an insult to the intelligence of all Voting Americans. 

   They attempted to present an unfair and unbalanced question. 

They brought up the question of IF a Tea Party Candidate could win?

(As if this is not a contest?)  
IF we are to say that a contest is a contest then either person “MIGHT” win. 

Otherwise there is no contest at all. 

What these men suggested was that only one party had a chance to win the election. 

Why is that and why do those talking heads think that were not “Smart” enough to figure out what they tried to do. 

Deception by omission is what this is and were not having it. 

 It is time to take back the Senate and all of these Karl Rovers, need to get a life, were not as dumb as you think we are and your no where near as smart as you think you are. 


Deny Deny Deny Lie until…

Amazing stuff folks, if you were watching a movie you might see something like this but in reality this is insanity.

What is wrong with the United States Senate…

The truth is simple it is not hard to see the truth and what is equally true is the fact that we know what a lie is and this man is a liar.

Fact, last year, The co-pay for most medications on medicare prescription coverage averaged, $55.00

This year, $547.00 or a flat 33% of the (vastly inflated retail cost) of a medication designated by insurance companies.

That is the truth…

Seems to me that old men who have to read words others write for him to read, should retire or be put out of office.

It is time to get back to the peoples business.


2014 elections

The United States Senate is in play this year and it is very likely that Harry Reid the only man in history to ever serve a term as the leader of the Senate and NOT PASS a BUDGET in the first four years of serving.

How does that even happen.

By Chris Stirewalt.

For a second straight week, Democrats find themselves explaining why it’s a good thing for fewer Americans to be employed. Last week, it was a Congressional Budget Office report that said millions would leave the U.S. workforce in order to obtain ObamaCare benefits. This week, the CBO says that the centerpiece of the Obama Democrats midterm campaign pitch, a call to increase the federal minimum wage by 40 percent, will cost as many as 1 million jobs.

Democrats aren’t much disputing the finding from the nonpartisan green-eyeshade brigade, but are instead trying to explain why less work is a good thing. Again. The argument is that while those low-wage jobs would be wiped out, the enhanced incomes of those still working will pay dividends in the years to come. It’s a similar argument as last week’s: Fewer people will work, but their being “freed” from unsatisfying employment will create new opportunities and raise overall living standards.

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They passed the affordable care act, using smoke and mirrors, we know they did not even read the more than 2000 pages of rules and regulations and yes Bull Spit.
Now they wonder if they can pull the wool over your eyes yet again…
That is something that were it in a comedy it would be funny but this is real life and people are hurting they are working their jobs and barely can afford to put enough gas in their cars to get to work every day.
So yes, this year is the time to vote and tell congress exactly what you think of all the crap that they have been up to for the last six years.

Gun Grabbers Really?

In New York, there is a news story that will set your teeth on edge.

It is difficult to understand and even believe but this is real.

The one thing that seems so ignorant is the fact that none of this will reduce crime.

In fact from all we know about gun control it makes it worse.


Just look at the city of Chicago IL, where gun laws are some of the most stringent in the nation.

Yet they have more gun deaths than most war zones.


Dear Patriot,

It’s starting. New York City Police have been sent notices to people who own 5 round rifles and shotguns ordering them to give up their weapons. Yes, you read that correctly. Law abiding citizens who possess guns with the appropriate permit are being ordered to ignore their Second Amendment rights and give up their weapons. These law abiding citizens registered their guns, as they were supposed to, and now the city is using that information to go after their guns.

Do you think that’s okay?
This is the environment that Obama has created. This is what he wants. A disarmed citizenry. Do you see now why we have been pushing the petition to tell members of the House and Senate to stand up for our gun rights? If you haven’t signed this petition, what are you waiting for?
Don’t wait until it’s too late and your county, city, state, or federal government goes after YOUR guns. By then, it will be too late.

Vote in 2014.


Harry Reid who cannot pass a budget?

Imagine the truth that a man that cannot do his job in congress has now done something that will forever tarnish the constitution if you the voting public do not act to remove this man from office.

Harry Reid must be recalled or removed from office because of breaking the oath of office of the United States Senate.

Today, without warning, Harry Reid acted on the threat he made earlier this year and broke the rules to gut the filibuster.

Reid’s scheme violates over two centuries of precedent and crushes the rights of the minority party by changing the basic rules of the Senate with only 51 votes — ignoring all existing rules and precedents.

By pulling the so-called “nuclear option” Harry Reid will now be able to ram Barack Obama’s radical executive and judicial branch nominations through the U.S. Senate with the slimmest majorities.

Now that the precedent has been set, it’s only a matter of time before these new rules extend to U.S. Supreme Court nominees and all legislation.

Just minutes after Harry Reid’s power grab, union-label Senator Tom Harkin took to the Senate floor and advocated gutting the filibuster for legislation too.

As the sponsor of the Card Check Forced Unionism Bill, Harkin remembers that citizens like you used the filibuster to defeat his scheme to end secret-ballot elections in unionization campaigns.

In fact, over and over again since our founding, the National Right to Work Committee and our members have used the Senate filibuster to keep Big Labor from stealing even more destructive monopoly power.

All of those defensive victories are now in jeopardy.

The next step, as we’ve warned, is to take over the courts.

Harry Reid’s underhanded maneuver paves the way for Barack Obama to pack the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals as revenge for rebuking his unconstitutional “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Our constitutional system is based on the bedrock principle that the different branches of government provide checks and balances to protect our liberties and the rule of law.

Today, Harry Reid decimated those checks and balances.

Make no mistake: Your rights as grassroots citizens have been weakened today. And the President and Senate Majority Leader now have unprecedented power.

Our job just got tougher. We must stay on higher alert.

Thanks again for everything you did in this battle. I’m going to need you to stay vigilant more than ever.

Mark Mix


Media Election Bias

Yet again we come into another election season which for the most part appears to be more of the same from a very biased media.

You can always tell when someone is going to be a biased reporter because of how they say something.

This election season were going to see yet another year of spin and an increasingly strident name calling by the media.


The election in Virgina will be at the fore front of this campaign of Non information.


If the Republicans win, the media will say that this is not a referendum on the white house.

If the Democrats win the media will say that the republicans have clearly been hurt by the democrats by a Senate that refuses to pass a budget.

 The truth about this election is that the independent candidate in this election is alleged to have been supported by an alleged democrat in an effort to water down the republican vote.

You may not even see this news story in the main stream news, but that is the alleged truth.

Keep your perspective and ignore the media in favor or a more balanced approach to the news.

The internet is becoming a better and more reliable method of obtaining news because of the simple fact that people that write content online are less apt to create news based on an agenda, but if that were the case people can decide for themselves if they like the content or not.

The days of blindly believing the biased media just because you see it on TV are OVER.




The beginning of the end…

Tonight the American people were sold into what amounts to slavery by these Men who Swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

You decide if these men deserve

to be in the Senate.

Vote in 2014 and 2016 send a message to all Senators that refused to listen to the American people and violated the Oath of office.

They should be ashamed, but they do not care about you because they have free health care.

John McCain



















Johnson (WI)







Be Constitutional

It is really not that difficult to do what is right.

But why do you think that there are so many problems in Washington?

Its really easy that is the way that the constitution meant it to be but why do you think that the media fail to report the truth?

Article I, Section 7 states that all revenue bills shall originate in the House of Representatives but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on any other bills.

So why is it that the Senate is trying to craft a budget?

It is not their job, they are in the minority in the house so they are attempting to molest the constitution in order to try to run the nation.  Do you think it is good for any one person or group to have too much power?

Thank about it.



Increase Debt?

Should the Senate be allowed to Dictate to the House how the US spends its money?

That is not the way it works but why do so many democrats seem to just not get it…

What is right for this nation is something that democrats do not understand.

Why is it that the Senate thinks that it should be able to stall bills that the people favor in direct opposition to what the people want. 

 The constitution clearly states that spending bills

shall originate in the house. 


Think about that, so the media and Harry Reid would have you believe that they are blameless?

Why do you think that is?

Why are they trying to subvert the constitution all the while blaming someone else for problems that they created?

Vote in 2014 vote those people out of office that is the only thing they will understand. 

Vote because you may not get another chance to vote. 


Do you believe Harry Reid?

Do you think that only Harry Reid should run this nation?

That is why the Constitution was created to keep one man or one party from running the nation.

That is really what is really important  here, the People is America not just a few people voted into office.


What is wrong with the Senate?

Why is the Media playing God?

That is something that you need to understand. 

It is the Senate that is causing this problem and the democrats are the ones that are playing with the constitution. 




Recall Harry Reid?

Should Harry Reid be Recalled?

You would think that indeed it might be the case, as the Majority leader in the Senate it is the Sworn Duty of Harry Reid to submit a budget passed by the House to the Senate for a vote. 

But he is holding the people of the USA hostage, Why?


That is the question why is Harry Reid allowed to break the rules, Why is he allowed to ignore the People of the United States?

Could it be that he is so Old, that he knows that he is no longer capable of doing the job and so now will likely retire before his next election?

That would be interesting because that situation seems to create a problem where by the Constitutional duty of a sworn member might be co-opted.


Is it time to remove Harry Reid from office?

It might really be time to Recall Harry Reid because he is not able to discharge his duty.