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  • Egg In Flation

    EGGiNFLATION The price of Eggs in most areas have become too high and we see the Media are making excuses for the high cost of eggs “saying that bird flu has caused the price to go up”. But is that really true? In one headline    Record-high profits at the top egg company, should be […]

  • Gas prices

    As Gas Prices continue to rise the Liberal Democrats are allegedly beginning to look very weak in polls. To be truthful the people who are getting hurt the most are the ones that voted for hope and change, was this what they really thought they would be getting? Over the past few weeks we all […]

  • Gas prices go up

    When will it stop, and when will Obama be blamed for it like Bush was?  Are they really this dumb that they think the public is not aware of their duplicity?   Will history repeat, remember when a previous president tried to control the market by putting a freeze on prices and how disastrous it […]

  • Oil prices soar?

    $5.00 Gas? When will the price gouging end? Well, it looks like hyper inflation may be here folks, and if your not stocked up on a few staples you could find sticker shock something to really worry about in the very near future.   Inflation is near was Glenn Beck right all along. As prices […]

  • Gas prices

    Well drill everywhere but in the US where some estimated and alleged, 50 thousand jobs have been lost, and Millions and millions of dollars in revenue have been lost over the last two to four years. Drill in Brazil but not the US? Loan Brazil Billions of dollars but nothing to American Companies? Is this […]