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  • zimmerman juror breaks rules?

    You might wonder about the Juror that came out and made statements about the Zimmerman case. On ABC yesterday there was an instance of “bobble head bias” They had an interview with the Juror, who apparently had second thoughts about her decision. The truth about this left leaning broadcast, was that there were several facts […]

  • Is Bill Orielly a Liar?

    Did Bill Orielly lie to the American People or did he just get it wrong? If Bill did get it wrong will he admit that he made a mistake or will he just ignore it? Were interested to learn more about the motivating “Factor” that caused him to depict a liberal point of view in […]

  • to debate or not to debate?

    That is the question… The media would have you believe that the most important qualification for political office is the ability to debate on Television. The truth is far from that and as usual the media have managed to at leastattempt to convince most of the viewing public that debating is the numberone consideration in […]