Was trump right?

A few days ago, Donald Trump got into an argument with a reporter and the reporter thought that he had won the verbal exchange but what if Donald Trump was right…

The topic was how much of a hero John McCain was and perhaps still is.

Was John McCain a hero, sure anyone that survives in enemy hands as a prisoner is certainly a hero.

But what about now?


White house SNAFU

Watching some of the coverage by the “drive by” media you would think that the recent additional scandal of the so called POW exchange, it appears that some in the media are making statements about #swiftvoting, but that would seem to be a swift vote all on its own.

They did not have a problem when they did the same thing to George Zimmerman and others too.



This Great Nation


[kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”25″ color=”#cc0000″ ]Moss Back or Fresh you decide..[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1] 

 A nation is only as good as its people and those that stand up to lead in times of great crisis great leaders are not only needed but they are expected to do the right thing.  A great leader is a man or a woman that can see beyond his or her own desire and plan for a future where the people are a free people, safe from threats of a poor economy, a great leader cannot be a man or a woman that seeks to rule over his or her people.

There are so many things that you could do, but what we saw John McCain and Graham do in a Cspan Video was disquieting, it shows that the republican party is attempting to eat its own, but will it work are people sick and tired of the failed policies of the past.

Its time to vote these moss backs out
When the old attack the new, what good does it do.