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  • the war on poverty

    For too many years we have fought this war however the results on the war on poverty is a sad thing. Poverty is something that because of poor leadership we still face as a huge issue. When you consider the truth it is something that should be evident and easy to understand. There are so […]

  • Robbing the poor?

    What if you found out that someone was taking the homes and the cars of those of us that could not defend themselves… You might wonder if it were possible that law enforcement were actually doing this kind of thing… The truth should make you angry.  Robbing the Poor…

  • EPA seeks to regulate puddles of water?

    Were confused, some misguided, (allegedly) poor souls in the EPA think that they have the authority to regulate all the water in the United States All of it, including a puddle in your backyard. The Congress is working to stop this abuse of power. its called HR 5078 

  • Injustice of the Powerful

    In Life seldom have we seen fairness defined and delivered to those that often become the victims of the rich and powerful. It has been said that the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. Some would say that the poor can never rise above their station in life. However we have many that […]

  • Cell phone Wars

    You might imagine that with competing Cell phone Carriers larger companies that traditionally over charge its own consumers might want to make some adjustments to its pricing structure. For years now many of these over priced carriers have over charged for equipment, provided sub standard services, while nickel and diming you every chance they get. […]

  • Anti-Poverty

    Poverty has always been an issue from the beginning of our recorded history we know that this has been a problem. Yet, today we still have so many problems and for the most part no one really cares. Yes a few here and there devote their lives to helping the poor. That is great, but […]

  • Part time employment?

    Surviving on minimum wage used to be a difficult process however it is getting even more difficult.  When you add up the cost of just living not to mention trying to survive, the first question is how can it be done at all. If you are lucky enough to get a job and keep it, […]

  • Cave in SOH gives up

    Today we heard something that will be heard yet again, the leader of the republican party giving up. We have seen him cry. We have seen him Curse. We have seen just about everything but a successful bid to lead the house in anything substantial. The only thing we have not seen him do is […]

  • Health Care Crisis the end of America

    Is this the end of America and will we have the opportunity to rise above the lies that the media have been trying to make the public believe in.   One thing that you need to understand, recognize and acknowledge, is that there is no Affordable Care Act, it has never been implemented, as it […]

  • Police out of control

    In so many instances we see video of police that have lost control over the situation and then proceed to take actions that defy what any reasonable person would do in the same situation. So, why is that, is it poor training? Watch this video and you tell us…