the war on poverty

For too many years we have fought this war however the results on the war on poverty is a sad thing.

Poverty is something that because of poor leadership we still face as a huge issue.

When you consider the truth it is something that should be evident and easy to understand.

There are so many problems with finding solutions that work every time.

The single most difficult problem financially challenged Americans face is consistent services for all Americans.

This problem is rooted in a long history of built in disadvantages which our society generates as a road block to success.

dirty cops

Robbing the poor?

What if you found out that someone was taking the homes and the cars of those of us that could not defend themselves…

You might wonder if it were possible that law enforcement were actually doing this kind of thing…

The truth should make you angry.

 Robbing the Poor…


EPA seeks to regulate puddles of water?

Were confused, some misguided, (allegedly) poor souls in the EPA think that they have the authority to regulate all the water in the United States All of it, including a puddle in your backyard.

The Congress is working to stop this abuse of power.

its called HR 5078 

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Injustice of the Powerful

In Life seldom have we seen fairness defined and delivered to those that often become the victims of the rich and powerful.

It has been said that the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.

Some would say that the poor can never rise above their station in life.

However we have many that have proved that this is not true at least it is not the truth that some would have you believe.


Cell phone Wars

You might imagine that with competing Cell phone Carriers larger companies that traditionally over charge its own consumers might want to make some adjustments to its pricing structure.

For years now many of these over priced carriers have over charged for equipment, provided sub standard services, while nickel and diming you every chance they get.

They over charge for bandwidth while spending Millions on Television commercials.

They provide poor coverage then advertise that they provide the best coverage.

The truth is requiring a customer to agree to a two year contract and then charging the consumer for the same equipment they attempt to say is discounted is laughable.



Poverty has always been an issue from the beginning of our recorded history we know that this has been a problem.
Yet, today we still have so many problems and for the most part no one really cares.

Yes a few here and there devote their lives to helping the poor.

That is great, but its not enough.

We have money that is being spent foolishly. For example,
Millions of dollars were distributed to help get people off the streets and into housing.
There are thousands of homes just sitting there and few people can get a loan to get into the home.

Millions of dollars were given to organizations that were designed to help the homeless but where did all that money go to?
How many charities took that money and did nothing to help the poor. Seriously, there were organizations that took money but provided almost no service to the community.

These people need to be investigated and incarcerated.
Fix the problem, these organizations that take money and basically steal it need to be held accountable.
The thing is they will do nothing. If you want to know what will reduce poverty, American Technology and small business relationships.


Part time employment?

Surviving on minimum wage used to be a difficult process however it is getting even more difficult.

 When you add up the cost of just living not to mention trying to survive, the first question is how can it be done at all.

If you are lucky enough to get a job and keep it, you are likely to find that trying to just survive can be an almost impossible task.

 The average weekly hours a full time employee worked was in the past about 40 to 45 hours this has changed it is now between 28 to 32 hours meaning that now those of the population that were unfortunate enough to be working and trying to survive in a marketplace where everything is more expensive are in a situation where they cannot easily provide food and shelter.

 Sure there are some things you can do to try to help you and your family but those things are not much help in a world where the cost of feeding your family has tripled over the last five years.

Simply stated what used to cost one dollar five years ago now is averaging almost three times as much, what this means is that consumers are having to make poor choices in food and that means the same old thing it did in the past.

So really no matter how much you make these days your money does not go as far and with a reduction in the number of hours that most of these provide it restricts these effected families even more.

What is causing all these problems?

There are a lot of things in play when considering what creates a poor economic outcome for those that are barely surviving on 28 hours a week but the most intensive issue is inflation.

The cost of surviving in this economy has risen at a high rate, food, housing, transportation, insurance if you have a car and can afford the payments. 

When you add it all up it just does not add up to a situation that can be managed.

Lets do some math, 28 hours at $7.25 an hour comes to about $203.00 per week.

That is before taxes…

gross pay $374.77
federal income tax $-18.47
social security tax $23.24
medicare tax $5.43
state income tax $0.00
city income tax $0.00
deductions $230.77
final pay check $133.80

How long do you think you could survive on this amount of money…



Cave in SOH gives up

Today we heard something that will be heard yet again, the leader of the republican party giving up.

We have seen him cry.

We have seen him Curse.

We have seen just about everything but a successful bid to lead the house in anything substantial.

The only thing we have not seen him do is effectively lead the house.

Truth be told no one wanted the job of fighting the insanity of the Senate led by someone who may in fact be senile.

Yet still we see that nothing changes, the democrats say one thing but do another thing.

 No one wanted to be the Speaker of the House because they knew that this was going to be impossible to lead when the senate did not and does not care about the American People, so you have to give the man points for being willing to do the job or at least try to do the job when no one else would do it.

Why can we not find leadership that will stand up and do the right thing for the American people.

Some think that the Affordable Care Act is law, but that is not the case at all.

The Affordable Care Act was never put into place because the very wealthy were forgiven and given a pass.

Ask yourself which party is the party that tells you that the Republican party is only for the Rich…

Democrats, yes and that would be what you hear in the media every election cycle.

 Democrats are not for the poor and if you think otherwise I again point you to the changes made to the Affordable Care Act which was passed but was never implemented, except for those of us that cannot defend ourselves and have not the wealth or the fortune to have been born into a family that could run for the Senate or Congress so that you could be treated differently than any0ne else.

Want the Truth….

Here it is, Obama Care which was never passed by congress, is what has been implemented and wealthy Unions and Wealthy corporations that have Billions of dollars but pay a pittance to those who work for them are given a pass.

The only people who do have to abide by the law are the poor.

In this election cycle I think you must face the truth that Democrats are not for the poor as they so often say that they are.

They are for the Rich how else can you digest this truth?

You could lie to yourself like dick durban and bob beckel, or colms, sure you could do that but you know down deep in your heart the truth now that you have seen it in action.

If it were not true then why would the only people who have to abide by Obama Care be the poor and the middle class?

That is what you should think about when you decide to cast your votes this year in 2014.


That is the truth and if you still do not see it you probably never will.

2014 vote them out 2016 election 2016 vote them out

Health Care Crisis the end of America

Is this the end of America and will we have the opportunity to rise above the lies that the media have been trying to make the public believe in.   One thing that you need to understand, recognize and acknowledge, is that there is no Affordable Care Act, it has never been implemented, as it was written by congress because it has been modified by the executive branch. 

Is it legal?

No it is not because STOTUS, pass on the affordable care act, yet it has not been implemented as it was written meaning that the very wealthy have been given a pass, a waiver or some other method of not having to deal with this law. 

Even Congress does not have to deal with this law. 

Amazing but true, the rich and the wealthy are exempted from this but the poor have to get obama care?

That does not make sense.   The truth is that Obama Care is not the same as the Affordable Care Act…


Police out of control

In so many instances we see video of police that have lost control over the situation and then proceed to take actions that defy what any reasonable person would do in the same situation.

So, why is that, is it poor training?

Watch this video and you tell us…