tea party too radical?

Is the tea party getting too radical?

The thought sort of crosses your mind, you agree with some of the things they are saying but are they really starting to go too far.

Sure the Affordable Care act is a nightmare that has to be fixed or it must be repealed, foreign policy is what it is, there are some scandals that should be addressed and there are some things that are disturbing but does it mean that we need to talk about impeachment? 

Because most of us know that there is not going to be any such thing.

Were worried about the Zimmerman verdict, what do you think would happen if there was an impeachment?

Now that should concern you because from that perspective you look at the events of this administration and you think, Ok, so we watch as our nation is destroyed all because of what were worried about riots if an administration is criminally negligent?

Now that is to the right of what is happening to the left there are some social improvements, some people are eating better than they have in a long time because of help in the form of food stamps and yes some people are taking advantage of that but many need it.

We look at things and we think its the end of the world but the truth may be that every president does things that are not popular, Bush did things that were wrong and he did some things that were very right, this president may have some things that he does that are good but so far it appears that this affordable care thing, has gone off the tracks, mostly because he exempts many union backed companies and not small business, while the mandate that everyone pay into the system without any expectation of getting any thing out of it, now that is a problem, hopefully it will get worked out before the articles of impeachment are signed.




Turning Texas Blue?

Well now this is an interesting story, from the perspective that how truly out of touch some political groups really are.

By DAVID NATHER | 7/8/13 5:06 AM EDT

Democrats are gearing up to spend millions of dollars to “turn Texas blue” by bringing in a new generation of Latino voters.

So when an abortion fight flared in Austin this summer, it seemed the stars had aligned — liberals had a hot-button cause to galvanize new supporters who just might stick around for the long haul.

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Here is the deal though, with the abuses and continuing abusive behavior being exhibited by some of these organizations that perform late term abortions, it has come to the attention of the people that surgical procedures which can end in death and have significant risk associated with them should be monitored for safety, just like other medical surgery facilities all over the world.

Not only do most Americans agree with this kind of action but they support it, because otherwise we become monsters.

While democrats may feel like this is a big issue the truth is this is just keeping people safe and monitoring the situation where the people are protected not abused.

Makes you wonder who your voting for when you go democrat…

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Media Bias

The Media does not like the tea party, no surprise there as it has long been established that the media is not really that impartial in its reporting of the news, however it begs the question that should be something everyone is talking about, which is how can the media only present one side of a situation, and still be trusted?

Think about that for a moment, The media has been presenting only one part of the story, only one perspective, even Fox news which has become one of the more popular media outlets, is sliding over to one view, they say that they are fair and ballanced, but are they really?  Bill hemmer, Bill, orielly, Shepard Smith,  all tend to present Bias in their coverage, they want you to believe that they are presenting news and facts, but is that really accurate?

Bill orielly, says the spin stops here, but when he engages in favoring one side over another, when he only covers one side of an issue and talks over anyone Else’s opinion, then is that not his own “spin” I find it hard to swallow that Bill is not having some kind of mental issue, (allegedly) but I guess that is to be expected as he has a history of this in his family, and that is to be expected, however there is a thin line between reality and fantasy, and Bill sometimes I think gets lost in that thin line.

This was just received in an email and it is compelling, the Media is against the tea party, but why is that?

Dear Patriot,

Something incredible has been happening over the last few days, and it was every loyal member of the Tea Party Movement that made it happen! If you’ve been following the news, you’ve heard nearly every political commentator comment on the fact that Speaker John Boehner was forced to change his original plan twice because he couldn’t muster the 216 votes to get it passed. The general commentary goes like this: “In the past, Speaker Boehner could have given away money for a bridge or a library to buy the votes he needed, but the Tea Party banned earmarks so he doesn’t have that luxury.” Many of these old media dinosaurs speak with disdain when they make this point, as though by stripping the Congress of their currency of corruption (earmarks) is a bad thing; they just don’t get it! You should feel extremely proud of what those of us in the Tea Party have done–we have changed the entire culture inside Congress!

Now, if a politician wants to get the votes to pass legislation, he better be able to win on the merits of that legislation. It’s no longer an option to trade an unprincipled vote to fund some absurd pet project. No more “cornhusker kickbacks” for Ben Nelson in Nebraska; no more “Louisiana purchase” for Mary Landrieu in exchange for the passage of the dangerous Obamacare. This is the first example of how we are going to stop the flow of terrible legislation from Washington.

I’m so proud to have played my small role, and I’m genuinely hopeful that as we continue to grow, “We The People” will be able to preserve the blessings of liberty for our children and grandchildren! The fight over the debt ceiling continues but already we’ve secured important victories by changing the process. This organization will continue to recruit tens of thousands of new patriots each and every week, and we’ll continue to provide the latest and best tools to make all of us more effective activists. TOGETHER, WE WILL WIN!

The most incredible part is we have put all of this infrastructure together without having to sell our souls to anyone. We’re entirely funded by patriots just like you who make an average contribution of less than $60! This truly is a historic day for the direction of country and we remain humbled by your continued support.
Thank you,
Dustin Stockton
Media Director


Palin bus tour

Can Sarah Palin win against the media?

I wonder about that, you know should the media have a side at all?

Think about that for a second or two, the media should not be picking and choosing a side in a political race yet that is what they are doing is it not?  When you do this do you not loose all perspective about the so called “news” that you are covering?

So, again, why is the media attempting to undermine the political process in American Elections?

It appears that the liberals are going to really start in on this one, Sarah Palin, reviled only by less allegedly than 18 percent of the population, leaving the about 72 percent of the public loving her…

Not bad numbers, if you think of it that way, but you will not hear the media talk about it that way at all.

The media is sort of twisted don’t you think…

Follow the Bus Tour…

So watch out for the liberals because you know how much they just love Sarah Palin…

vote for real change and make a liberal crazy
Drive the liberals crazy support Sarah Palin

When you consider the alternatives, Sarah is looking much better than what the democrats have to offer, not only is she nice to look at but she can give a speech that allegedly resonates with more than 72 percent of this nations voters.

If you take the media influence out of the equation, which is a thing that should be done anyway, then you have a great candidate, however, it appears that the media “thinks” that they can control your minds with negative coverage of the presidential election, interesting that they never have considered that people tend to ignore things that are lies…


Back in the 1950s Television was so new that no one could even conceive that someone would come on TV and lie to you, but now, people are not as naive as they were back in 1950 and in fact people are far more educated than they were back then.

It is interesting to watch the media as they try to convince people that they are not smart enough to make up their own minds about the news and what is happening in the world, they think that somehow, people are just too dumb to understand the world unless they have the media to help them understand, that is really funny, perhaps its time that the media got over itself, it is just not as powerful as it once was back in the 1950s.

A great example of dumb media outlets, is the huff post, with this type of comment source huff post,

if Palin were to announce a run in the near future, it could create chaos in a GOP primary that has just begun to take shape in the last few weeks.

I find it laughable that anyone would fall for such low life dirty politics in writing, but you never know, there are those 18 percent that just seems to be well sort of “out there” you never know what they are thinking, because well they are some strange folks, they are the ones that rank high in the P scales, on Psychology tests, still you have to factor them into the mix because this is America, and while real Americans do not try to keep anyone from having an opinion, apparently the people over at the huff and puff media outlet, just cant seem to figure it all out.

bin laden bin laden video

Bin Laden said to have hide away

It is being reported that Bin Laden may have been hidden here for a long time, as usual the media has failed to cover this story from the perspective of what is really important.  We have to ask why not, Why does the media not cover these stories, we are certainly not as smart as they are, at least they will tell you that is the case.

However again, why have the media including the Much Vaunted Fox News which “claims” to be fair and balanced in its coverage, we have to ask why have you not covered this news story.

This is the headline that really should be the top of the news…

How many Men had to Die while Bin Laden hide out so close to a Military installation?

How many Fathers, How many Sons, How many Brothers have died?

This is the real question and one that frankly we feel that this is the real news story, how many have died while this man hide out in this place?

activist judge

Veto in Washington?

Will the Democrats sell out there only chance to win re-election by staging a Government shut down which is what will happen if they veto this bill, and more than that, will that spell the end of now President Obama’s chances to be elected as president again?

A mechanism for funding the Government and also restricting some of the most controversial increases in spending has been lobed across the net, now its the liberals turn will they do the right thing or will they veto the bill as they promised?

I suspect that if the president were to veto this bill that his chances of getting re-elected would be greatly reduced.

The thing here is this, with Japan in such dire straights a little perspective and a little common sense might be well received in the marketplace, however we are not seeing that happening.

What we are seeing is not American at all.

It is time to take a stand, if the republicans and those democrats that still want to have a job after the election next year, do not stand up for what is the right thing to do here, there will be much discomfiture.

philadelphia bloggers

City of Phildelphia to Violate State and Federal Laws?

Will the City of Philadelphia attempt to subvert Federal Commerce law in favor of regulating commerce on the Internet, as one popular story seems to be stating that the city is entitled to charge every blogger a fee to post on their blogs.

Now that is just plain stupid, you know what the answer to this is?

Vote those idiots out of office.

Yes you know the ones with the big paychecks…

Vote them out.

Ladies and Gentlemen, all otheres are excluded from this conversation.

If you really want to understand what this is about then you need to read the following two nicely ” LEGAL” Articles, which will put it all into perspective and hopefuly lay this to rest, because to be honest, no one city can ever hope to regulate internet activity.

The below ACT prohibits a city which is subject to the state, to regulate Interstate commerce and it also prohibits, regulation of Intrastate Commerce.

So to all the chattering crowd, this means that the city has no right nor any legal grounds to successfuly defend its actions in court.

Most Cities are terrified of being dragged into court, more so if they are in the wrong as they are in this case, please see the second link below which defines the Pennslyvania, laws governing intrastate commerce.

Also see this on

Once you read the two articles above, you will readily see that only a State can legally regulate a business permit, for this class of business, simply because unless the state agrees and in this case they will not.

The city of Phildelphia has no legal grounds to enforce, this
$300 Yes, Virginia, it is a Tax.

Simple as that, seriously, that is all there is to it now if the state of Pennsylvania decides to charge all internet bloggers in the state of Pennsylvania, some of which they will be related to, then yes, it will be legal, but and here is where the road meets the rubber,

This is only if the Federal Government, allows the state to supercede, the Federal Act governing Internet activities, and that is not going to happen.

So again, this is about intimidation, if the city can threaten you into paying them
$300 bucks, then they can, but if you dont pay it they can do nothing legally to enforce it,

Really interesting conversation here, lots of strong feelings, and Semi facts, even some that claimed they had the facts and others were incorrect.