Benghazi and Pelosi

In the news recently nancy pelosi comes out of the closet and begins to suggest to the media that there is nothing to this benghazi thing.

There are so many things wrong with this idea that one possibly senile woman can come out and tell Millions of Americans that they really do not need to know why four men had to die in Benghazi.

The true insult here is that the people she supposedly represents keep electing her to office.

This time its different, this time America will vote.


Harry Reid Should he be fired?

This just in and you know what its time to vote those alleged, garbage junkies out of office, time to pack your bags.

We have a new kind of ad running on Nevada radio stations.

Our good friend, Bobby Freeman wrote a little jingle to give voters something other than the negative ads flooding the airways. The response we have received has been great and people are calling to thank us for putting something positive on the air in support of Sharron Angle. We are running the song in rotation with several other ads we have produced highlighting the failures of the Reid-Pelosi-Obama machine.

Listen to the recording –HERE–

Harry Reid is also taking credit for saving us when he said a few days ago; “if it weren’t for me we would be in a world wide depression”. Here is the ad we started running the next day. –Listen here–

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Democrats led by Harry Reid,

Is harry smarter than he looks?

He just might be, because he is moving to distance himself away from those wackes in Washington DC, yes you know those people like Nancy P,

Harry, seems to be fighting back in the polls, moving more to the right, while alleged rags like the Huffington Huf Huf, continue to allegedly attempt to smear Palin, it is really funny to watch them they are like a pack of wild dogs, allegedly.

So, should harry Reid go, many say yes, he should but he does appear to be smart enough to realize that things have changed.

Ok, Just got this in an email, and to tell you the truth it is interesting, because the idea that everything is going to stay the same is just not accurate. Remember Arlen Specter

Democrats led by Harry Reid, Continue to allegedly lie about Social Security

When Harry Reid started lying about Sharron Angle’s position on Social Security, we knew we had to respond. We produced a radio ad that counters the baseless smears of Harry Reid. The Democrats are stepping up their efforts to use lies about Social Security to maintain their power, and they will continue to spread their lies and smears against one conservative Republican after another.

The Democrats are even using a group of paid staffers with the far-left “Americans United for Change” to travel across the country to targeted races and get the media to advance their agenda – just so they can defeat conservative candidates in these upcoming 2010 November Midterm Elections.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand and say: “Oh No You Don’t!”

We are the leading conservative organization who has stepped up to challenge these smears. These liberals have announced that they are going to spend $100,000 in the coming weeks to advance the Reid/Pelosi/Obama agenda. We must match their efforts! Thankfully, we spend our money wisely, so we only need to raise $25,000 to counter their campaign of lies and deceit! Make your generous contribution by clicking ——HERE——-

Liberal front groups like “Americans United for Change” are funded by special interest groups who give money in exchange for political favors. We are funded by generous contributions of $25, $50, $100, and more from everyday hardworking Americans like you! Please help us stand up to the powerful liberal front groups by making your contribution ——HERE——–
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