Tea Party

Liberals have attacked the tea party, but they failed.

They have lied, about the tea party and they have failed.

They have tried to enlist an organization to paint the tea party, as racist, but they failed.

They have failed, now it is time to vote them out of office, they are the ones that need to go they are the ones that need to be voted out of office, November is the time.

The Liberal Media, have tried to destroy them, the NAACP, tried to say they were racist, but in the end, that seemed to indicate that it was actually someone else that was the racist…

Every thing that the liberals have tried to do has failed.

support your local tea party join Americans all over this nation just like you, we are not republicans, we are not democrats, we are not liberals, we are Americans.

We are going to vote you out of office.

grade the gov harry reid

Harry Reid, Vote him out of office

The liberals think that most of America is just stupid, they think they can do what ever they want and they will still be elected.

This November a message needs to come from the people to let those people know that they are in a position of authority only because the people will it, and they have ignored the people.

This is it folks, it is time to vote harry out of office, because he no longer represents america, allegedly, you can see by his behavior and the commercials on TV, that they are scared, yes they are and they should be prepared to loose in this election.


Secure our Borders now

Question, can you just walk into any other country in the world, and not have to prove who you are?

You would have to be mentally ill to try that in Russia or China, you know what would happen to you?

Yes, thats right you go to jail, and you know what else, you probably don’t get out of jail.

Vote the liberals out of office and ensure your children will not be enslaved by out of control spending in congress, yes it is time to vote them out.

Sounds crazy or like a Stephen king novel, right?  but in reality, this could happen to you.

We deserve better, and America will vote the liberals out of office, why because they lied that’s why

Are we the only country in the world that has borders this open?

it would seem like the world is going crazy or is it just us?

You know what you can do, you can vote the idiots out of office that are allowing this to happen.

I mean I know this does not happen, in Europe, and in South America, or China, Actually pick any spot on the map, even Canada,

This is crazy and if Washington will not do its job we will vote them out.

Aarp aclu acorn airline saftey

Vote them out of office, because its time

America, What have we done? Have we turned out backs on those that came before us thinking that we are some how so much smarter than they were.

Will we some day wake up and realize what we allowed to happen?

Moving toward, the end of the democratic rule, and allegedly it has been bad, really bad, in fact even now they are moving to pass more of these 2000 plus pages of things that
they do not even know what is in them, that is where the 14 trillion dollars has gone, up in smoke.

We received the following in an email and we feel it is worthy of your attention.

$500 billion cut from Medicare allegedly

by Harry Reid.

It comes as no surprise that Harry Reid allegedly will stop at nothing to retain his power and his position as the champion of the Obama agenda. Harry’s most recent lies surface in his newest campaign ads accusing Sharron Angle of wanting to take away Social Security and Medicare benefits from seniors.  Reid knows this is a lie, but for Harry Reid, allegedly power is far more important than honesty.

While Harry Reid allegedly tries to frighten seniors about Sharron Angle, he leaves out the truth that the health care bill that HE forced down the throats of all Americans cuts nearly $500 billion dollars from Medicare. Cuts that will make it difficult for seniors to find quality health care. Harry Reid allegedly is the real danger to our seniors, not Sharron Angle. His position as Senate Majority Leader and a complicit media will allow Harry Reid allegedly to spread his lies if we do not counter with ads showing the truth.

Angle’s plan to fix Social Security is similar to others that would allow young workers more control over their retirement investments while keeping allegedly corrupt politicians like Harry Reid from raiding the Social Security trust fund every year to pay for programs that only benefit their political allies.  Angle’s plan does not cut benefits or end a program that American workers paid into their entire working lives.

Our newest ad ready to go and we need your help to get it on the air. –Listen Here– We cannot count on the liberal media to let the truth be heard making it critical that we show Nevadan’s the truth behind the “Real Harry Reid”. Your donations of even $5 $10, $25, $50, or $5000 will pay for the important air time we need to defeat one of the allegedly most corrupt people in Washington DC, Harry Reid. Without your support it could be another six years of Harry Reid.

The only political agenda we are fighting for is “We the People”. If Congress and the Administration are allowed to continue runaway spending and advance their socialist agenda, the America we grew up in will no longer exist. If we as a nation of voters do not act quickly and remove those responsible for destroying what has made America great, we will never get another chance.

We encourage each of you to get involved and join us in the most important fight of our lives.

Harry Reid; Wrong for America…Wrong for Nevada…


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who will win, in november?

The American People will will in November, because we will vote the plunders and self proclaimed swamp drainers out of office.

What is happening in our political system, are we faced with the impossible, have we spent too much money as some are now saying?

Have we forgotten from where we have come.

The answer seems clear, Democrats go home, get out of office, because well that is just the way it is, when you betray the trust of the American people, this is what happens, when you lie, this is what happens.

Are democrats scared, well they really should be…

You know it is looking more and more like this administration is going to do the one thing that is just insane, they are going to rely on speeches, on stumping, on the speaking abilities, of congress, and the senate…

They really need not do that at all, because the American people have heard it all before in fact we have heard it for over two years, yet, we have not seen progress, we have not seen transparency, we have not seen anything that was promised, so we have heard the congress, we have heard the senate, what we want to know is do you think we are deaf?

Do you think that we will not vote you out of office.

Do you think we will not send you packing?

Then you had better think again…

Americans are not socialists, we are not liberal, we are American and that is good enough for 89 percent of the population and that is good enough for America.