Ryan won Debate

 The Truth will be counted In November…

 If you could call it a debate with constant interruptions and a sad reflection of what we have in Washington, it is no wonder so many voters will be voting the democrats out of office this November.



Oil Companies Sue Whitehouse?

The shocking truth about the high cost of Gas and who is to blame…

Chances are someone you know may be putting money into the gas tank that they would be using for food, but the White house seems to be making things worse, for the poor man for those that have to do jobs that others do not want to do, for those that have to support a family with a single parent. Is it true, is the white house causing hunger and pain for the American people?

Is it true and if it is, how long will we pay the high prices of Gas, because of what we see happening.

The following is a headline, that one of the large media organizations released, this past friday.

ExxonMobil Sues Obama Administration for Canceling Deepwater Well Worth ‘Billions of Barrels of Oil’

How is this possible that someone could be against all the people of the United States? Oil is trading at a price that should allow the cost of a gallon of gas to be around 2.45 cents per gallon yet we have seen average prices closer to 3.50 cents per gallon why is that? Could it be that the Whitehouse is allegedly trying to create high gas prices for millions of poor Americans all around the US?

is that hope and change? If you are ready to vote those out of office that refuse to listen to reason and refuse to listen to the American people because they are so convinced of their superiority that they refuse to see the truth. We must use our natural resources if we ever hope to make a difference in the world hope and change is not just a good campaign statement but it is a living breathing thing, that we the people are more than just words written on a paper. So the next time you go to the gas pump and you have to pay the money that you would normally use to feed your family you know who is behind that hunger that your family feels, and voting them out of office is the only way that you can stop them from ever gaining enough power to do this again. They must be stopped, legally, Exxon Mobile, is the only corporation so far that has chosen to stand up and do the right thing for the people, will you buy from them to prove that you support freedom?

Perhaps it is time that corporations use their legal power to do the right thing for All Americans.


Censorship by Democrats?

NY State Senators Say

We’ve Got Too Much

Free Speech; Introduce Bill To Fix That

Ok is this even true?

Because if it is, this is just becoming too scary for those of us that value America as it was and as it should be and as it still exists in our hearts and minds, but apparently a group of NY, Senators, (Big Surprise there) after watching Anthony Wieners, antics, and some of the other truly remarkable idiots, they produce, come out from under the rocks they hide under, to engage in this kind of evil you have to wonder if there will be an America for our children.

All I can say, about this news story is that it is an indication that they need to be voted out of office.

from the i-find-this-offensive dept source,

We’ve been pointing out a variety of attempts to push back on the First Amendment lately. One fertile ground for such attacks are local politicians carrying the “cyberbullying” banner, in various attempts to magically outlaw being a “jerk” online, usually by making it illegal to offend someone online. Of course, making someone’s action illegal based on how someone else feels about it is all kinds of crazy. It also would seem to violate the very principles of the First Amendment, which bar Congress (and local governments) from passing any laws that take away one’s right to free speech.


This is incredible, makes you want to think about “NOT” living in New York, because some day they may show up at your door with a muzzle, what a mess, this is, horrible when you consider what they are trying to use as a vehicle to limit free speech, soon they will pass a law saying that if you offend someone you might be jailed for it.

Even more offensive is this.

In the past, lawmakers pushing these laws have tended to simply ignore the First Amendment issue, and focus on screaming “protect the children!” as loudly as possible (never mind the fact that kids seem much less concerned about “bullying” than all these adults seem to think). However, it appears that some state Senators in NY are trying a new line of attack: going directly after the First Amendment and suggesting that current interpretations are way too broad, and it’s not really meant to protect any sort of free speech right. In fact, it sounds as though they’re trying to redefine the right to free speech into a privilege that can be taken away. Seriously:



Imagine if this story were true, now that could be a serious problem…

What can we do to insure the freedom of our children?

Vote them out of office…

If it is not true this might be an amazing method of gaining, new members, one thing seem interesting here is that it seems like we have some serious problems here.

This email was received today, its contents may or may not be accurate, it may not reflect the opinions of the owners of this website.

I’m in a bind. It’s illegal for me to tell you which candidates the National Association for Gun Rights PAC supports. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) expressly forbid me from telling you which candidates are so solid on gun rights that I want you to help us help them. It sounds crazy, I know. But the anti-gun Obamacrats who run the federal government don’t want gun owners and activists like you and me to be organized going into the 2012 election. That’s why the IRS/FEC will only let me tell “a restricted class” of “legal members” of the National Association for Gun Rights who they should — and shouldn’t — support in the election. The good news is, I’ve found a loophole around their legal gag, and frankly it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is chip in at least $5 (or more), and take a positive pro-gun action, and you can then be counted as part of our “legal membership.” So I’ve set up a page for you to do just that when you click here. It’s that easy. Once you’re considered what the bureaucrats call a “legal member of the Organization’s restricted class” I can tell you which candidates to support, and which anti-gunners to oppose. Are you upset with our government’s attempts to take away your rights? Are you angry at the way politicians are trashing our God-given liberties and the Constitution? Do you get tired of hearing the election season lies politicians tell about their supposed “support” of your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms? And it is very important you act today because election season is the best time to hold politicians accountable. Nothing is more important to a politician than getting elected or re-elected. That’s why the politicians and their bureaucratic allies put up as many road blocks as possible to make it hard for individuals and groups of like-minded gun activists to influence elections. Due to the onerous, free speech-violating elections laws, the National Association for Gun Rights and our members are severely limited in what we can and can’t do during the election season. I formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) for the National Association for Gun Rights to do exactly what needs to be done to hold politicians accountable without worrying about getting hauled into an IRS audit or a federal courtroom. Through the National Association for Gun Rights PAC, we can now expressly advocate for the election — or defeat — of politicians across the country. That’s why I’m asking you to do me a personal favor — and a favor for the cause we share by taking the simple step of clicking HERE and taking the simple actions. I know I don’t have to tell you that the coming election is pivotal for our gun rights. The Obama administration is desperate to pay off the anti-gunners, and I need to be able to mobilize as many gun owners as possible in the coming election. That’s why I started the National Association for Gun Rights PAC in the first place, so gun owners like you and me can have a direct impact on the elections that are so vital to our gun rights. With the specter of the United Nations’ “Small Arms Treaty” gun ban looming on the horizon, and President Obama’s pledge to pursue gun control “under the radar,” now is NOT the time for gun owners to sit on the sidelines. I need gun owners and activists just like you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with me against the anti-gunners in both parties. To do that, I need to be able to communicate directly with you through our Political Action Committee. I can’t do that unless you’re a “legal member of the restricted class” of National Association for Gun Rights membership. The National Association for Gun Rights PAC is already involved in important Federal races, but I simply can’t tell you which ones. I can’t risk the legal battle that would surely follow. The good news is, I’ve found an easy loophole that will keep you connected with the National Association for Gun Rights PAC, and keep you on the frontlines of the most important battles in the coming election. All you need to do is chip in at least $5, right now, so you can be counted as part of our “legal membership.” It’s that easy. Once you’re considered a “legal member of the Organization’s restricted class” I can tell you which candidates to support, and which anti-gunners to oppose. It will only take a few moments. I hope I can count on you to become a “legal member of the Organization’s restricted class” so I can speak directly to you about which candidates gun owners should support, and which ones we need to fight. For Freedom, Dudley Brown Executive Director P.S. The IRS/FEC expressly forbids me to tell you which candidates have my endorsement. That’s why the IRS/FEC will only let me tell “a restricted class” of “legal members” of the National Association for Gun Rights who they should — and shouldn’t — support in the election. The good news is, I’ve found a loophole around their legal gag, and frankly it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is chip in at least $5, right now, so you can be counted as part of our “legal membership.” It’s that easy. Once you’re considered a “legal member of the Organization’s restricted class” I can tell you which candidates to support, and which anti-gunners to oppose.


bloomberg anti american?

Is the Mayor of New york city anti American using lies and liberal garbage to try and lie to the American people?

Is the mayor of New York lying to everyone using public tax money to do it with?

Should you vote the mayor out of office for allegedly being a liar?

That probably depends upon your preference,  if you wish to support an alleged liar and fool that go for it. 


911 memorial?

No room for the FDNY?

No Room for the EMS?

NO room for the Clergy?

No room for Americans in their own city?

Why do we have an anti American memorial service, and is this really some kind of ignorant stupidity?

What is going on at the White house, when you have this mentality that requires a set of rules that seems to try and politicize the 911 tragedy, by making it of no effect. The Attack Happened in America. The Attack involves America and everyone that loves freedom… The Attack is not to be Politically correct, dont be stupid.

here is what the White house said, (allegedly)

Officials are instructed to memorialize those who died in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and thank those in the military, law enforcement, intelligence or homeland security for their contributions since. Officials are to warn that Americans must be prepared for another attack — and must be resilient in recovering from the loss. Officials are cautioned that commemorations should not cast the United States as the sole victim of terrorism. The tone should be shaped by a recognition that the outpouring of worldwide support for the United States in the weeks after the attacks turned to anger at some American policies adopted in the name of fighting terror — on detention, on interrogation, and the decision to invade Iraq.

Excuse me, but since when have the American people not have the right to be Americans? This is silly nonsense and when it comes time to vote these idoits out of office make sure you vote is counted, it is time to vote these jerks out of office.


No confidence vote?

Could it be time to vote this man out of office?

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) announced Wednesday his plans to introduce a vote of no confidence in Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Paul’s announcement highlights growing consensus on the Republican side of the aisle that Geithner deserves some punishment for the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+ by the firm Standard & Poor’s on Friday.

In many ways the idea of a man in charge of the treasury that has likely presided over the worst administration of the US economy since 1929, is an idea that may be time for action, in many ways, the problems we have faced are serious and we need to find a solution to these problems. 

It is obvious that the plan of hope and of change has not worked…

It is obvious that the time for action is now…

We need to go back to the congress and pass a bill that addresses the problems we have or this is just the beginning of what will happen next.

It is time for Geithner to go, in fact he has indicated, (allegedly) that he wants to go, so why not let him go, its time man do the right thing.

“The stock market gave a vote of no confidence to Timothy Geithner yesterday and for the past 11 days. Geithner has shown no acumen in predicting, diagnosing, or treating America’s economic woes. The time has come for him to resign,” Paul said in a statement released Wednesday.


Are the democrats trying to take over the united states?

What is going on in congress? Are they asleep, are they drunk? or are they just stupid?

Sorry to ask but it looks like something is really off in washington…

Traitors, benedict arnold, axis of evil, right here in our own country, do liberals really think they are smarter than anyone else in the world? if they do think it, why cant they prove it? Amazing, you just have to wonder why some people think they are better than anyone else.

Why do they think they are smarter when really they are not, my psychology book calls this behavior megalomania, but is that what we are seeing in the democratic party, mental illness, Are you kidding, perhaps not? and if you do not believe this then perhaps you have not been paying attention. Have you heard the latest Bull pucky! you know where the democrats say they will Deem that the bill is passed, which is Unconstitutional, yes, even illegal, Talk about the Silon Threat, yep you bet ya, it is time to vote them out, and it is time to recall them and it is time to impeach them. We the People, are not we the ignorant, we know what the democrats are trying to do and it is wrong.

What is going on in washington, if you can believe what you see on TV, you hear about how the democrats plan on forcing a health care plan on the american people, this is insane. When you hear this kind of stuff you think dictator, is that what the democrats think they are going to do to the rest of the american people?   Do they really think they can do this?  

Vote them out, Repeal Health Care if it even passes, and vote those Jerks out of office they have been up there so long they are all, corrupt, vote them out.

The people have spoken loud and clear, they voted the democrat clown pretender, out of office, he is gone, packed his bags and put out of office, and that will happen over and over and over again, to other politicians, Do not think that the american people are not watching what you are doing. Do not think that we are not going to remember… We will vote you out of office we will help you pack your bags and buy you a bus ticket home… Get out of our america if you cant deal with the constitution, because you made a promise to defend the constitution and if you cannot do that, get out.


GOP set to betray the American People?

Is this really true is the GOP getting ready to betray the American People?

So, what happened to doing the will of the people?

Pork for special deals, is the GOP betraying the American people.


As amazing as this sounds, and after watching the congress change hands, it is hard to understand how

alleged, jerks and idoits, like this man keep their jobs, you know it is time to vote them out of office.

Vote them out.


Vote them out.


Vote them out.


Vote them out.


Vote them out.


Vote them out.


Record Budget deficits are we going broke?

Spending millions for rats in swamps,
millions more for other projects like save the minnow,
more than 50,000 people out of work because of a little minnow,
now folks that is just plain stupid, vote them out, now is your chance.

Vote them out of office, from the council man or woman to the senator
get every single last one of those digits out of office.

Multi Trillions and Trillions and Trillions, what are they doing with all that money…
Do you know, do they even know, the world may never know.

There is so much going on that many feel that we are being robbed by people that
should not be in charge of a dog club…

Just before the state of the union address, we read about how much the US has spent
since the president took office, which is huge….

I mean really, really Huge…..

They have spent money money money money money…..

With no end in sight, but the first thing they want to cut is the old folks, social security…

Amazing stuff, when you consider it, so it is time to vote them out of office. Vote them out.

Arguing with idiots, imagine that…