Double Standards Media complicit?

History is a tool that the media may use to examine its usefulness however it appears that they are unable to do that even most basic and noble occupation.  Spin is in apparently where the media are concerned, in fact in order to be in the media these days you probably must fail a disparity test. 

You should remember back when Hurricane Katrina hit and both FEMA which was not well prepared, (as most of the time slow idle government agencies are not prepared for action) the media correctly pointed out that FEMA did not do a good job and because of it there was human suffering.

In that they did a great job, but what they did next was not only wrong but sad.

They blamed, Bush, I think it must have been something like this one night two media network executives were sitting down eating and drinking expensive drinks, (probably who know for sure) and one person turned to the other one and said I know we can blame the president, its been done before and it will play well on the networks.

So thats what they do, they blame bush for Katrina, for the failure of FEMA to act quickly enough.

So, Bam, over night Bush is the reason why, storm victims were facing terrible living situations.

Fast forward, to 2012…

Hurricane Sandy, true not as big of a storm and yes not as destructive, but a definite opportunity for the democrats to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they in fact do care for the people as they have for so many years claimed that they do.

So, has the media failed to report?

Who is at fault this time?

Do we have a media that will not report the news when the president is a democrat?

Why is that, I mean really think about this.

Why, are we being told by the media one truth when it comes to a political party and a different truth when it comes to a different political party, does that bother you?

It should.

If you are not disturbed by this fact, then you are sleeping through life and need to wake up.


Hurry up and wait.

That’s what first responders were left to do after being deployed by FEMA to assist in the storm-ravaged areas in the initial days after superstorm Sandy, has learned. A FEMA worker who spoke to described a chaotic scene at New Jersey’s Fort Dix, where emergency workers arrived as the storm bore down on the Atlantic Coast. The worker said officials at the staging area were unprepared and told the incoming responders there was nothing for them to do for nearly four days.

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liberal media lies?

Should the media be stopped from allegedly lying?

Should people be exposed to opinion as fact reporting?

Can we still be free with the kind of alleged liberal reporting on Fox news and other alleged news companies?

Do liberals in the media contribute to lies that are being told on the air?

So often you see these talking heads saying stupid things in the heat of the moment and more often they allow someone else to say something that is not appropriate for a television audience, yet, they do not challenge them.  Is that guilt by association?

I would venture to say that yes it does, if you know something is a lie and you say nothing you are as guilty as the liar.

Think about that for a moment, if you knowingly watch someone who is telling a lie you are morally bound to object to that lie.

Yet reporters for all the networks seem to have forgotten how to talk on camera, could it be that the teleprompter tells the talking heads what to say and what to think too?

If that is the truth then when and how can you tell when they are telling the truth at all.

It seems a little frustrating when you watch news coverage on the TV and you see liberal commentators that say stupid things and actually lie about stuff they know is a lie but they still tell the lie, one person insisted that all reporters are not capable of thinking for themselves so that is why they have a teleprompter.

That may actually be the case for some of these people they have talking because you have to wonder about how ignorant they are when they say things and allow things they know are not true to be said on the air, it is not right.

I am very happy to say that there are other channels to watch on TV and so if these lying jerks cannot get the news right I can turn them off.

Imagine that not watching commercials on TV, hmm I wonder how long advertisers would pay for advertising when no one is watching the commercials.  Think about that…


Can you just pick and choose?

There are few things in our Society that cause problems as clearly as deciding to be the one person that refuses to abide by the law.

When people decide to pick and choose which laws they will or will not abide or enforce for that matter, when it comes to a man who makes a promise to the people he has swore to protect and uphold the laws of the land, few things are as sacred, as the oath of office of a the man of the people.

Yet, one does not expect that man or any man for that matter to decide what is and what law is not worth upholding.

What if all manner of people decided to do what ever they pleased, because they just did not believe in this law or that law.

Our society would soon be in chaos, so when you see this type of thing going on you have to wonder, who is this guy and why does he believe that he is someone different than others that hold the same office. The idea that this man would like to allegedly pick and choose which laws he likes and which laws he dislikes, is nothing short of just amazingly brass.