Little Debbie may need a new job

we need honest Americans in congress vote for someone else in this election
time for some to pack their bags, because America needs honest citizens over politicians that fail to tell the truth.
Well for the most part we have seen over the last two years a real change in how things work in America, people are sick and tired of the way things work in politics, they are sick of the lies, they are sick of the odd behaviors, the strange issues that seem to happen all the time but more often the news media fail to report.

apology mistake

Bill orielly

Over the last few months we have seen what appears to be a much different Bill orielly, gone are the strident arguments, where the no spin zone was the emphasis, instead we see some odd behaviors, (allegedly) just last night ol bill, used disparaging language about Sarah Palin, and allowed Krauthammer, to do the same thing with his remarks, (I used to have a little respect for the Kraut, ) but recently not so much, perhaps it is as he suggests he is allegedly drinking too much wine, were not sure, but one thing is clear he does not like Sarah Palin and plays insulting games, with her.

But again, who cares, the Kraut, is not much for having a “clean” record in the veracity of his opinions.

Still we miss the old bill, the one that would stand up for what is right instead of waffling in order to get an invite where they serve caviar and campaign, and the oh so wonder catering of the White house.

I just wonder about bill is it his fault?

Perhaps not, as some have suggested he has mellowed out some and perhaps, perhaps even may not be remembering things as well as he once did, one thing for sure, it is still the most entertaining show, lame or not, …