American Health Care Fiasco

The big Fiasco here is something that no one is talking about. 

Just today the Fox News Out Numbered Panel discussed the Health Care Issues.

No one talked about the one thing that caused the Affordable Health Care Act to fail in the first place.

That is incredible.

The Gorilla in the Room here is simply the marketplace where health care insurance is developed.

Until you address the Insurance Market you will never fix Health Care. 


She cast the deciding vote on Obama Care…

This video could perhaps be one of the most accurate video’s that you will see on this subject.

You will not see this covered in the lamestream media.

They do not want to cover stories like this one.

The democrats are pulling out all the stops and you can expect to see the most outrageous claims but how can you trust anything they say?

Dishonesty is devastating to a politician.

The trouble is many politicians are seeking cover by using spin and smoke and mirrors to trick the people and to fool the people.

Its not working anymore…

Because the american people are not stupid…

Many may not be informed because of a lack of coverage in the media which is yet another dishonest thing that is shameful.

Find out more here.


obamacare hoax?

Why is the media not covering the biggest news story of 2014?

The most important story here may not be that Obama Care was based on lies but that the media are not covering that news.

Video has surfaced that casts doubt on the idea that obama care was transparent which is about standard for the media these days however what is really interesting is that the media appear to be ignoring this particular video.

Bait and switch big news you will not see on the media.

Why you cannot trust the media and why you should stop watching these programs that seek to deceive you.

Don’t buy products advertised on these programs.


Getting Grubered…

So there is a new phrase that is destined to probably be a coined phrase its called getting Grubered.

Introducing the man that exposed the fact that many of us have known for a long time now.

Now that perhaps is not fair to this man because he really told the truth, even though most of the United states was against this mess that we have that many are calling Obama Care, even though its actually the Affordable Care Act, in fact without Harry Reid this would be the Dirty Harry Act.


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Harry Reid forgets?

Recently Harry made the news when he attempted to tell the entire world that everyone that said they experienced Obama Care problems were Liars.  Why do we have these people in office, they would likely be happier in a home anyway, so why do they just keep on, when they so long ago stopped representing those that voted for them.

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Medicare Advantage Cuts?

What are you telling me that Medicare Advantage Plans which were introduced in 2004 or perhaps earlier are being CUT up and bended, folded and mutilated.

Actually this is true but what is even more interesting is that back in 2010 insurance companies quietly began to Gut the Medicare Advantage plans…

So while a lot of news organizations may be blaming Obama care, which does not actually exist, because there is no such thing as Obama Care, its really the Affordable Care Act.

check this out.

The Continuing Cuts To Medicare Advantage Are Due To ObamaCare

The Federal Government Has Consistently Cut Medicare Advantage Payment Rates As A Result Of ObamaCare. “The U.S. government has been cutting payment rates for Medicare Advantage as part of an overall reduction in healthcare spending required under the law and as it seeks to bring the program fees closer to the ones it pays through the Medicare fee-for-service program.” (Caroline Humer, “U.S. Health Insurers Brace For New Steep Medicare Cuts,”
Reuters, 2/20/14)

So, really is it Obama Care or is it the Health Insurance companies themselves.

That is something that you should carefully consider.

We know that back in 2006 the Humana Care Gold Plan had a $100 copay for most surgeries, now its 20 percent, So, in reality who is responsible for all these problems.

The Insurance Industry…

Greed, the classic human evil, its always about the money, of course the affordable care act is a bad law, it was passed by tricks smoke and mirrors, (harry reid)

But we still need insurance reform, because our health care is really a good system at least for the most part, the thing is when can we find a way to fix this mess.

That is the question you should be asking yourself when you vote in 2014.



In 2009, As ObamaCare Was Being Debated In The Senate, Republicans Offered An Amendment To Protect Medicare Advantage From Cuts. “Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah, has proposed an amendment to block the cuts, which would reduce spending on Medicare Advantage plans by about $120 billion over 10 years.” (David M. Herszenhorn, “‘Medicare Advantage’ at Issue in Senate,” The New York Times, 12/4/09)


Affordable Care Act or Obama Care?

You may be somewhat confused by the Media and its use of these two terms, one is law the other is not the law.

You would think that Obama care were the correct and legal version of the bill that congress passed by listening to the media.

The truth is nothing could be further from the truth.


Just in case your wondering about what is legal and what is not legal here is a crash course.

The Affordable Care Act is the only bill that has ever passed it was passed by using a “Trick” to get the job done against the wishes of the Vast Majority of American Citizens.

The truth is that few of your elected officials read the bill before they voted for the bill.

Not one Republican in the House voted for this bill.

So now that we have a huge mess that has been altered after it was passed and is not called Obama Care, many Americans are wondering what Washington is doing because they are sure not looking out for the American People.

 Anyone that did not read that bill before voting for that bill is a disgrace to the American People and should be voted out of office.

Vote in 2014 because it is time to send a message to the United States Senate and to people like Harry Reid who cannot do his job and cannot fulfill his oath of office.

No Budget has been passed, Harry Reid should be removed from office for failing to do his job.



New Obama Care Hurdle

Currently there are several hundred lawsuits that have been filed about Obama Care, aka, the affordable care act.

From implementation of the law to changes made to the law by the white house.

Today there was significant news on how the states can decide to participate or not.

 federal judge approves lawsuit










States are not that into the AFA thing, for many good reasons.



Keeping your healthcare plan?

Can you keep your health care plan?

The truth the media are not telling you about what is really going on.   You may think that you fully understand what is happening regarding health care but the truth is unless you are an insider in the insurance industry you will not learn about this truth.

 Health care is about risk but it is also about time.

Insurance companies provide coverage for a set amount of money for a set period of time. Many people all over the US have been getting termination letters, telling them the health care plan they have now will be terminated. What you are not being told is something that you may find difficult to understand unless you have been in the insurance business for years.


Cave in SOH gives up

Today we heard something that will be heard yet again, the leader of the republican party giving up.

We have seen him cry.

We have seen him Curse.

We have seen just about everything but a successful bid to lead the house in anything substantial.

The only thing we have not seen him do is effectively lead the house.

Truth be told no one wanted the job of fighting the insanity of the Senate led by someone who may in fact be senile.

Yet still we see that nothing changes, the democrats say one thing but do another thing.

 No one wanted to be the Speaker of the House because they knew that this was going to be impossible to lead when the senate did not and does not care about the American People, so you have to give the man points for being willing to do the job or at least try to do the job when no one else would do it.

Why can we not find leadership that will stand up and do the right thing for the American people.

Some think that the Affordable Care Act is law, but that is not the case at all.

The Affordable Care Act was never put into place because the very wealthy were forgiven and given a pass.

Ask yourself which party is the party that tells you that the Republican party is only for the Rich…

Democrats, yes and that would be what you hear in the media every election cycle.

 Democrats are not for the poor and if you think otherwise I again point you to the changes made to the Affordable Care Act which was passed but was never implemented, except for those of us that cannot defend ourselves and have not the wealth or the fortune to have been born into a family that could run for the Senate or Congress so that you could be treated differently than any0ne else.

Want the Truth….

Here it is, Obama Care which was never passed by congress, is what has been implemented and wealthy Unions and Wealthy corporations that have Billions of dollars but pay a pittance to those who work for them are given a pass.

The only people who do have to abide by the law are the poor.

In this election cycle I think you must face the truth that Democrats are not for the poor as they so often say that they are.

They are for the Rich how else can you digest this truth?

You could lie to yourself like dick durban and bob beckel, or colms, sure you could do that but you know down deep in your heart the truth now that you have seen it in action.

If it were not true then why would the only people who have to abide by Obama Care be the poor and the middle class?

That is what you should think about when you decide to cast your votes this year in 2014.


That is the truth and if you still do not see it you probably never will.