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  • Monkey see monkey do…

    Over the last week you cannot have managed to ignore what the news media has  been selling more anti gun news stories. The thing is you hear nothing about all the illegal fire arm use by criminals all over the US.   the truth about most of the media is that they ignore the truth […]

  • James Rosen Was he targeted because he was Jewish ???

    You might wonder about why the National Media have not speculated about the possibility that James Rosen may have become a target of someone in this administration, because of the possibility that he may be Jewish… We looked around and did find some indication that he may in fact be Jewish, but we also found […]

  • Mothers day Massacre

    Yesterday a horrible thing happened, the media did not get what they wanted… Caution this news story will make you sick… Yesterday there was almost a horrible situation that took place, a tragedy this time it could have been a real tragedy. The Media wanted a news story where they could point to a specific […]

  • Family Home Raided over Facebook?

    Ok, now folks this is beginning to get really ignorant we have seen several news stories that seem to indicate that there are some really serious problems in regard to the rights of the people. Facebook is perhaps a problem when someone looks at an image and decides to report it to the state. There […]

  • Media no More?

    Over the last few days, one of the most important news stories of the year was not covered by some of the largest media providers in the nation. They made a choice not to provide that information to their viewers . They decided that the advertisers that paid Millions of dollars to advertise on those […]

  • Election insanity

    Watching the election coverage is almost like watching a child’s movie about dinosaurs. Developing the best strategy for political elections takes a lot of time and effort however it appears that there is little news that appears to be real these days you see a lot of news stories that are less than honest in […]

  • Can Obama Win?

    We all know that the media have in the past compromised their morals, twisted and occluded the facts in favor of many different yet often untrue news stories, we have noticed this along with most of all America as well, yes the big three have hardly bothered to cover any of this very news worthy […]

  • Media mental problems

    [kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1 size=”108″ color=”#cc0000″ ]Mental Media..[/kc_heading_pac_6_headline_1]   When you watch the news for more than 20 minutes you might need to make an appointment with a psychiatrist, that is because of the nature of how shocking the news can be these days, back in the old days of journalism (back when they still did the news) […]

  • Fox news Liars?

    update, Is Fox news, influencing the market, by pushing certain stories at certain times of day? Should Fox news or any {alleged} news company be allegedly manipulating news stories that can influence the stock market? It is really a serious problem, what you have is allegedly a group of highly paid, individuals who are likely, […]

  • Media Lies Media evil?

    [kc_heading_pac_9_headline_4 size=”40″ color=”#5dac25″ ]Are they sick and twisted..[/kc_heading_pac_9_headline_4]   Can anyone, beat both the media and a political opponent and is that fair? Can we expect to have fair elections and more importantly can we expect to find methods that make sense in this brave new worldwhere the media have apparently gone to supporting only […]