On Goverment Shut Down?

Will the government shut down as the politicians predict doom and gloom along with the apocalypse the collapse of the stock market and last but not least trying to blame it on one party or another. Why the republicans will probably cave in and just do what is wanted… The republicans are stupid, its fair […]

Liars, why do they continue to lie under oath?

These people have been sworn in and they still refuse to tell the truth. This should concern all Americans. When you Vote in 2014 and in 2016 Remember this… Remember that these are the kinds of people that will be running and enforcing health care in this nation? Is that true or is it just […]

Bill orielly Anger?

Bill is mad allegedly and bill is angry allegedly but could it all backfire on him and his popularity now that Glenn Beck is gone?   Bill orielly Judge Jury and executioner?   Bill is Angry why is that? Last night on national TV Bill continued his proscution, of Casey Anthony regardless that those that […]

fox news bias

Fox news, Judge Jury Executioner,   Update did fox news, influence the trial by allegedly using negative descriptors and multiple "one way only" opinionated, bobble heads.  What could happen if Fox news continues its allegedly slanted coverage and harm comes to Casey Anthony as a direct result of Fox news allowing its bobble heads to […]

Time Anti American?

Is Time Anti American and if they are should they be allowed to tread on America, should they rather be asked to leave this nation if they do not like it here? Seems reasonable… When a company begins to be so unhappy with living in America perhaps its time for them to close their doors […]

Fox News Distorting the News Again?

Come on now if we talk about other news organizations that are not honest with news stories we have to talk about Fox news, and here recently they have been really allegedly biased in their reporting as an example, a new teaser allegedly made the statement, that “why is the woman that blew the whistle […]

is chuck schumer a liar?

So what up Chuckie boy… Ol, chucky boy, still at it again, will the guy never learn how to keep his allegedly large mouth shut? Just have to ask because it is interesting, to watch the things that they say and to listen to the things that come out of their mouths, they are alleged […]

food stamp fiasco

Hey, what is going on in Washington… Ok, this is crazy, but apparently true, allegedly democrats, ( The Champion of the Poor and under privileged) Are prepared to take food out of the mouths of starving infants, (allegedly) probably not, but you never know what might happen next in this white house. What is wrong, […]

blumenthal the truth behind the lies

Jokes politics and immaturity… One thing on this story is disturbing, well OK perhaps more than one thing, it is disturbing that there may be people serving in our state government that are not only immature, but have problems with the truth, ok, yes, ok, so what is new about that, well for one thing, […]