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Media fails

It should come as no surprise that the recent controversial and perhaps even reckless release of a “one sided” report on interrogation of bad people.

The Media does not tell the entire story because they want to push an agenda.

They say words like the Senate report, (however they forget to tell you ) that this is not a Senate report this is a democratic report.

The report, if you can call it that is not accurate and it is filled with contentious and perhaps even false information.

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hands up gesture?

Dont shoot?

Did it happen?

The truth is that we have scientific evidence that Michael Brown did not have his hands raised.

The evidence is in, the initial story that was spread that the subject had his hands raised and said don’t shoot, is not true.

Imagine how stupid people feel like those five NFL players that held their hands up just before a game…

How stupid are those guys?

Plenty, however you can look clearly at the autopsy diagram and it is plain that the victim’s hands could not have been raised.

Yet the media still play games with this and celebrities play games with the lies of the media, how stupid do you have to be to become a celebrity and then make an ass of yourself?


Paula Deen double standard stupidity

Imagine for a moment that you had some kind of ignorant situation where you were fired for saying something stupid 20 years ago in your past.

Why would this make a difference anyway, because most have already said that they could care less, its not like this is the last person to use that word and it is not like this will never happen again.

So what would happen say if, a gay chef called someone a name or better yet what would happen if someone called someone a homo, hmmm, makes you wonder what this news story is really all about.

Is it about truth or is it about media stupidity once again.