Tag: Media Circus

  • Massive Voter Turn Out

    Record Breaking Voter Turn out prompt’s many to question what will happen next? As we watch the Media Circus of INFO-Tainment Prognostication Galore, We question just how much our nation depends on the People for what we really are and that is a republic. We are a republic and that is the real truth.

  • Debate Circus

    Last night there was a Media Circus put on by Fox News, now a lot of people would say that Fox News is conservative, but last night there were some surprisingly Liberal “Got Ya” Questions, which for a credit the candidates did not fall into those liberal traps. There were some Snidely worded questions that…

  • Is Casee innocent or guilty or just stupid?

    Can Casee get a fair trial in Flordia Is the legal System Broken? When the people cannot prove a case should they not work for proper punishment? Most people think that Casee Anthony is Guilty, some think that she should be beaten and put to death. Still others suggest that she should be given mental…