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hands up gesture?

Dont shoot?

Did it happen?

The truth is that we have scientific evidence that Michael Brown did not have his hands raised.

The evidence is in, the initial story that was spread that the subject had his hands raised and said don’t shoot, is not true.

Imagine how stupid people feel like those five NFL players that held their hands up just before a game…

How stupid are those guys?

Plenty, however you can look clearly at the autopsy diagram and it is plain that the victim’s hands could not have been raised.

Yet the media still play games with this and celebrities play games with the lies of the media, how stupid do you have to be to become a celebrity and then make an ass of yourself?


Liberals democrats to Republicians

If you believe everything you hear on the news today well then you just have to believe that there is no chance of anyone beating Obama, but is that the truth or is that a liberal biased, media bull puck, lie, is the media trying to play games with the American people?

Should we just stop having elections, because if it does not matter what happens, obama will still win then we might as well cancel the election and just put Obama into office forever, hey he can be just like Castro, we don’t need no real elections anymore lets just have a dictator instead, is that not what the media is really saying?

So, why don’t they just install a dictator, is that not what the liberal media wants to do?

Should we even bother to have an election, just think about all the money that we could save?

Billions and Billions of dollars could be saved?