Real or made up?

Question of the day, are stings real or are they fabricated?

Was the danger ever real?

If you entice a man to do something that he would not ordinarily do what have you done?

Think about that for a moment, if you have say a taco salesman and you offer him a cut rate price on some meat for his taco stand and you say, “by the way, this meat may be dangerous” (but in reality) there is no meat and you are only tempting the guy to do something that he would not normally do…

So in this case, where you say that the meat may make a few people sick but not everyone, and then you arrest the guy because he “Agreed” to buy the meat, does that mean that you actually stopped anything from happening at all?

Did you stop anyone from getting sick?

I think that the answer to that has to be no.

I believe that these things are a waste of time money and energy.

When you consider the real truth, you have to consider the possibility that there may be real plots that have not been discovered because we wasted our manpower and our money on worthless stupidity instead of finding real issues that could result in real problems for this nation.

To do anything less is cowardice and a shame on this nation any man who cannot do his duty should resign, this includes the man whom is responsible for this charade, of a justice department, if he would go ahead and resign and a real man is put into his place that actually would do his duty, by the time the election comes around the press would be done with this story, but by prolonging this mans resignation it becomes more of a problem.

That itself is a problem, when you have a man unwilling or unable to do his duty then you have a man who is a disgrace to his country.


Democracy, Republic, or Dictator?

The choice is yours, when you think about it this year we have a choice to return to the principals that have served us well for more than 200 years or to move forward to embrace the failed policies of Europe which if you will remember we had to come over and save…

At a huge cost in American lives, Money, Resources, Manpower, we sacrificed much to keep the freedom we now enjoy.

I find it ironic that we now face the same choice as in the past.

We face a choice between what has been a proven failure not in one country but in Seven…

World wide this issue has been tried and they have failed.

So now we have a choice to make do we foolishly think that we can do what has never worked before?

Or do we return to what we know works for our nation, America is at issue here are we going to sit on the couch and watch trash on network TV designed to reduce our values to nothing or will we get off the couch and vote.

This story is just insane yet this is what you have elected or is it?

In the past few weeks a few choice Democratic, entities, (which likely speak for them selves first and the party second) came out and seemed to be suggesting that we need less democracy, and more (what) Government?  or were they suggesting something entirely different. 

They seemed to be suggesting that if it were not for all the distractions of having to run for congress, and having to run for governor, that they might be able to focus on doing their jobs?  Really?  Amazing, so these “people” are saying that they cannot do their jobs?


North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue after she suggested Congress suspend elections for two years

You know if you cant do your job, perhaps its time to get out of politics, because I assure you there are 20 people waiting in
line to get your job.

What really seems to be a big issue here is that these so called democratic entities, were suggesting that we just suspend the election.

But what were they really talking about suspending…

The constitution which requires that congress, hold elections, so let me get this straight, a democratic governor, wants to suspend the constitution, in favor of a dictator government, really?  Now that should tell you a lot about some democrats because some of this crew would have you in cages, like animals at the zoo, that is how they work, look at dictator governments across the world and notice how much of the population are in jail or prison? 

some perhaps up to 40 percent…

Does that bother you that we might have some democratic leaders that want to do away with the one thing that makes us different from other nations, the constitution which by the way has worked very well for more than 200 years, yet, we have some that now want to scrap the constitution in favor of what, their own twisted, convoluted, vile, warped, swamp of politics and a horror movie of epic proportions.

You have to ask yourself do you really want people like that in charge?

If you do, all you have to do is to move to a country that is controlled by a dictator and see how “free” you feel once you get there, because that is the kind of freedom that these people are supporting.

Hope and change, no not even close, it is more like no change and hopelessness.

If you are sick and tired of evil politicians that have this crazy insane agenda to enslave all of America, then you need to make sure that you are registered to vote in this next election because it is time to vote them people out of office, starting with the governor that dared suggest that we do away with the constitution…