The court of public opinion

First there was the Duke Case, then several other cases where charges were filed that should not have been filed.

So what is up with this nonsense.

Are we watching the end of the legal system in America, some say that eventually we might see all cases tried in the media, apparently with this casey anthony case, everything has changed, with video and even orange country sherrifs, documents, (that allegedly should not be public or published publically) this has changed everything.

When you look at this situation, it has not been a "normal" trial, (naturally because the state is trying to get the death panalty, in a case in which there is really no "real" evidence that a murder even took place.

That is a serious problem more so if your living in Florida, because there is a tendency to over charge any situation, they have this alleged system where they charge you far in excess of the crime, in hopes of influenceing the outcome of the accusation.

Is that justice? or is it extortion?

Think about it if you are unfortunate enough to live in florida and you Jwalk you allegedly might be charged with a felony.

If you break the law you might be charged with any crime  at all, say you run over a dog, in the street, the way it looks allegedly you might be charged with wreckless homicide of a dog, in florida, you might get convicted, and spend the rest of your life in jail, sounds crazy right, but apparently no proof is required these days.

So all you snow birds, you might think twice about vacationing in Florida in the future, because the justice system in Florida allegedly is really screwed up.

When you think about how messed up this entire trial has been.

Can anyone have a fair trial any more, with the way that allegedly the state of Florida has decided to try this case allegedly in the court of public opinion and the media foaming at the mouth, with greedy innuendo and injustice. 

You see comments online that are really scary, when you examine them and you have to wonder have we lost all common sense in this situation here and is the state of Florida responsible for this circus of a trial where TV cameras are allowed in the court room of a death case, this changes everything, who can get a fair trial under these circumstances at all?

Think about it, you have allegedly the orange county sheriffs office allegedly leaking documents that you can find all over the internet, you have YouTube videos all over the internet. 

When you think about all the strange evidence that has been allowed into this court case you have to wonder about the judges motivations, when allowing certain very questionable evidence into this death case. 

Is this girl guilty?

Yes, she is guilty as a mother that failed to protect her daughter from death. 

As a mother that failed to protect her child.

As a mother that failed the father of the child.

As an ignorant girl that dated different men and morally
allowed for a terrible home life for this child.

She is guilty of all of those things and more, but and here is really what is important.

Did she plan to murder her child?

Did she have help?

Did she intentionally do all that she is accused of doing?

I think the answer allegedly has to be no.

Is she guilty and is she responsible yes, certainly and she should be made to pay for that failure.

however, there is no evidence that a murder has taken place.

Sorry, the state of Florida has allegedly and typically over done this case, so watch out, if you date to venture into the state of Florida, you might double park and get charged with a felony.

You might get a parking ticket and be charged with the death penalty.  



fire Dupnik


Knowing that for the most part society depends on the law enforcement community to be not only fair but also balanced.

The courageous men and women that make up our law enforcement community deserve better and so often they do not get it, however when a man who allegedly should have retired some time ago, comes in and makes alleged erroneous statements which are not fair or balanced, you have to ask is this the best that Pima Co, Arizona can do? The answer seem and allegedly could be yes they can do better, however, to allow this type of behavior to stand unchallenged, is not only irresponsible but also well just plain stupid.

According to some reports, the Sheriff had the opportunity to prevent this tragic and horrible event, but like many others he did nothing.
It is in some ways, just incomprehensible, that everyone thought that someone would do something about this problem, there were signs.

It is easy to say this after the tragic events occurred and perhaps that is coloring some of the comments, however, to see a problem and do nothing, that is what is really disturbing about this situation, allegedly there were arrests made, but no action taken, there were people who said something was wrong but no help was sought.

Should Dupnik be fired for allegedly violating his oath of office?

Should he be using the office of Sheriff to try and push his personal political agenda?

Should a law enforcement officer be allowed to allegedly violate his oath of office?

This man is not fit for office allegedly, since he is causing many alleged problems for Pima county Arizona and his continued false allegations and innuendo, is causing a fevered pitch among many people this is not the way we have come to expect law enforcement to act.

It is time for him to step aside or shut up.

Law enforcement is in the business of enforcing the law not spouting opinion for the evening news, this allegedly is a blight on the law enforcement community this man must step down.

The facts do not support the dupnik fantasy, which is filled with the very vitriol that he falsely has tried to politicize, he should resign or be fired.

Else in the future when someone makes a fool of themselves in Pima county AZ they may be pulling a dupnik.

Sure its funny but it is also sad, this alleged man is not a real law enforcement member not with making all the mistakes he has allegedly made in several interviews over the past few days, it is incredible that the people of Pima county AZ have this for a sheriff.


Fox News Distorting the News Again?

Come on now if we talk about other news organizations that are not honest with news stories we have to talk about Fox news, and here recently they have been really allegedly biased in their reporting as an example, a new teaser allegedly made the statement, that “why is the woman that blew the whistle on Meg Whitman, still in the US?”

So lets examine that statement, first, they use the word Blew the Whistle, but as far as we can tell Meg, did nothing wrong, not so much as a fart in church, so how is that a responsible news statement?

How is the professional news?

Answer, it is not, in the old days, they would have called that yellow journalism.

So if that is accurate is fox news yellow?

The facts may not yet be in however, this viewer and supporter is getting tired of the Psychological attacks on people, using innuendo, and slight, as a weapon, (allegedly)

This is just too much to take, and to tell you the truth Fox news is walking a fine line between what a news company should be doing and what a tabloid newspaper, (rag) is doing, but you know what else, I hope they wake up to what they are doing because I have been a loyal viewer since 2000 but not for much longer, because I don’t have to watch the garbage that comes out those peoples mouths.