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Why Hillary will never be president…

Is it true that Hillary Klinton may never become president?

Probably true yes…

You just have to wonder why anyone would even run for president, but then again this is America, most people would be able to run for president but should everyone be able to do so. . .

This is scary stuff, If you see all the things that this video talks about then you would be very interested in the insinuations that this video talks about.


Hillary Klinton?

Is this the First Woman President?

Just curious because, while I am sure that there are those that are indeed ready for a woman president, is this the woman that we really want in charge of our nation.

“The Federal agencies are supposed to have all these documents.  They’ll screen them.  They’ll take out the personal ones.  Someone could be held accountable.  Right now it’s just Hillary’s people whose word upon which we apparently must rely.”

2016 democrats 2016 election 2016 vote them out Politics

IRS Criminal Investigation?

In the news today a novel idea was floated, the Idea that something Criminal has been going on behind closed doors at the I.R.S.

Ok, this just proves that the media are run by people that have no clue at all, on top of that the congress was asking the same question, “Is this a criminal investigation?”

Meaning has someone as yet unidentified done something criminal at the I.R.S.?

So actually its really sort of like being a bit of a jerk to be surprised at anything that is not a criminal action happening lately at those hallowed holes.

When will America wake up because from here it looks like the media have the minds of a simpleton, the behavior of a bully and the cowardice of low men.

2016 is getting closer, just remember all of these issues, because if you think this is bad, just wait you are likely to see things that would make you cry in a 2016 world where more incompetent people are left in charge of the store.

2016 democrats 2016 election 2016 vote them out Politics

hackers attacking sites that do not support hillary?

Is this possible?  Perhaps in a bad movie script, but you never know for sure.

Are hackers attacking websites that do not support Hillary Klinton?

Probably not, at least not unless they are getting paid to do that sort of thing.

It sort of sounds like a movie script or a badly directed drama, but it could be more accurate than you know.

What is interesting here is how the media seem to be waving the Clinton Flag at every available moment, with the rhetoric, they provide on a daily basis, its a wonder to see how the media, (think) they are so slick.

They imply that the republicans will have a hard time running against hillary or they equally falsely imply that the political process that has been a part of our constitution for many many years somehow represents fighting in the republican party.

That is laughable, remember when Hillary and Obama were putting out commercials, (did the media point out that they were doing each other severe damage and that it might be over for them if they kept on doing those things?)

No, they did not do that because that would not fit in with the agenda they put out.  That is why the media tend to play the games they play because they think that were not smart enough to figure out what they are up to.

As well many of the left will hire unscrupulous people to attack websites they do not like, but what if someone attacked their websites?

They would not like that and they would say it was censorship and they would be right, the truth has a double edge and these media stock minsters, continue to play games with what is the truth and what is a lie.

Political sabotage is not the way to enlighten the world or your small corner of it.