The gentleman is wrong

This is what we have in congress, this is what you wanted…

did you do this sir or not, Man up or be a Wiener, (allegedly)

I find this typical of what many democrats allegedly think about what it means to be an American…

It is really insulting, to watch this kind of drama on TV, is this really the best that the voters of New York can do?

The smartest crowd, the most elite that New York has to offer?



Wiener gets grilled?

Ok, now this is just getting a little ridicules, if this were a republican the guys picture would be all over the place, and he would be asked to step down, but the good ol double standard, steps in to save the day.

This is Amazing stuff folks, this time we suspect and allegedly most other people feel the same way.

This gentleman is wrong…

When you see how allegedly crazy this guy is do you wonder about him and how he can be making important decisions,