Stand firm, so say we all…

Why should we remain true to the passions and the sacrifice of our fathers and
those that came before?


Received an email (may not be the opinion of the owners of this website) (it may be too but hey thats what it is all about right)

This may be one of the most important issues facing America for the last 50 years and for sure when it comes time to vote we better show up at the polls, take the day off from work do what ever you have to do to make sure that we all vote.

Today, Obama is telling liberals to be prepared because he has no choice but to get the debt ceiling raised.  Obama reached out to his base with a townhall in Maryland and on NPR to let them know that the unwavering Republicans have left him little choice.  The Senate may have narrowly defeated Cut, Cap and Balance but after the President’s remarks today, it seems that we are on the verge of winning major concessions on spending without having to give on tax increases.  Our collective vigilance is the only reason that the Republican Congress has not caved.  They have heard our voice but we cannot let up now!

Together, we have contacted Congress more than 100,000 times through letters and emails demanding that they do not raise the debt ceiling without addressing the underlying spending problem.

Today, it is more important than ever to make sure that they hear from you again!  We made an incredible investment to make it quick, easy, and free to contact your elected representatives in Washington.  You are NOT required to make a contribution in order to use the petition software, but a generous contribution will allow us to provide this service to other like-minded Americans.



election in NY


means Republican in Name Only

So what is up with all the fake conservatives…

Fake Canidates, Fake Conservatives, Fake Elections what is next a Fake Washington?

From an email just received, people this is important and we must answer the challenge of what it means to be an American.

We’ve got a lot of important political battles on our hands, friends, but there’s a very important Special Election for Congress that’s fast approaching – and we urgently need your help.

It’s the NY-26 Special Election and up for grabs is a seat once held by Republican Chris Lee.  Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress not only want to win so they can take away another GOP vote in Congress, but they know if they win they can claim that “momentum” has swung to the Democrat Party, and thus Republicans would be expected to “cave” on their principles over such issues as the debt ceiling and 2012 budget.

To show how dirty they are, there is not just a Democrat candidate running, but a fake tea party candidate they got to run.  This person (Jack Davis) already ran for Congress as a Democrat candidate in 2003, 2006 and 2008.  They registered a bogus “tea party – political party” and got Davis to run.  He’s now taking 23% of the vote – much of it votes from what would have gone to the Conservative Republican (Jane Corwin).

But that’s not all.  Remember the left-wing activist, Ian Murphy, who called Gov. Scott Brown pretending to be a Koch brother in an attempt to embarrass Gov. Walker?  He’s running too – this time in an attempt to embarrass the GOP by trying to turn this seat from a Republican seat to a Democrat seat.

This weekend we here at The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama will be unveiling a brand new ad campaign in support of Conservative Republican Jane Corwin.

The Special Election is May 24th, so we’ve got to get moving on this ad campaign supporting Corwin ASAP.

Please, make the most generous contribution you can to our Special Election fund here atThe Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

We’re looking for 250 people to contribute $100 or more in the next 24 hours to meet our goal, and 75 people to contribute $500 or more – CLICK HERE TO DONATE.


vote out liberals Vote the idiots out vote them out

Learning Math?

Received in an Email and unedited.

Dear Tea Party Patriot,
Today the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a troubling score of the Obama administration’s proposed budget. Obama claimed that his budget reduced the federal deficit by a trillion dollars, but the non-partisan CBO says that the administration’s estimate miscounted by more than $2 trillion.

Sane people know that you cannot introduce new, gigantic entitlements and reduce spending. Logic has never stopped the liberal establishment from trying to propagate the lie that their policies are “deficit neutral.”

The Tea Party movement was born in direct response to the danger of ballooning deficits, reckless monetary policy, and the bastardization of free market principles by government intervention (bailouts). In the past, a CBO announcement scoring a presidential budget off by $2 trillion would have largely gone unnoticed, especially on the news trash heap known as Friday. We have been awakened, and we are vigilant!

We will continue to share the important news that you do not get from anywhere else. We are battling the establishment and the special interests, but, unlike our opponents, we do not receive government grants or compulsory union dues. We are funded by regular, hardworking patriots just like you who make contributions of any amount.

Our strength is in numbers and your contribution of $10, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford is paired with the contributions of thousands of others to make the Tea Party a powerhouse in American politics. Please, will you support the movement by making a generous contribution?

Thank you,

Todd Cefaratti
Executive Director

Lisa Murkowski republician pretenders RINO rino gop

is Lisa Murkowski a RINO

Come November We will Remember…

So they think that were to stupid to remember, too stupid to realize that we have been lied to, too stupid to vote them out of office.

Time to send this liberal a message NO MEANS NO…

Remember this when its time to vote because these are the people that want to tell you how to live, in your bedrooms, how to live in your own homes, they want to control you in every way, they want to make you into a slave.

With your help we can defeat the pretenders in Washington, they pretend to care they pretend, to represent Americans, but what they really are is alleged, liars.

You know it is sad when these alleged sick individuals put themselves above the people, they are pretenders, yes they are alleged liars, perhaps even evil doers, who knows for sure
but one thing we do know, after years and years and years, of nothing.

It is time to go home, let the younger generation have their turn because if you cannot make a difference in all the years that you have been in Washington, then you need to step aside.  Step away and retire, after all have you not done all you can?

People who say one thing but do another, Liars.

WE are sick of the lies and it is time to write out this pretender RINO, donate to send a message to the sick and alleged, depraved, individuals who will not accept that their time is over and done with, they voted against the American peoples wishes and they did not care now its time to send them home.

The famed liberal RINO, defeated Sen. Lisa Murkowski, continued her attack on you, the supporters of the Tea Party Express.

Murkowski had allegedly twice previously called the Tea Party Express “racist.”

Friday, Murkowski allegedly and repeatedly told both the news media and supporters at the launch of her “Write In” campaign that the Tea Party Express was an “extremist” group.

She also repeatedly and allegedly called us “outsiders” and said we had hijacked the Republican Party.

I have to ask what she thinks she is doing, besides wasting her money and the money of those liberals in the office.

We’ve always marveled at how Murkowski allegedly refers to fellow Americans as “outsiders” – especially since we have thousands of Tea Party Express members in the state of Alaska.

Their voices don’t count in Lisa Murkowski’s world.

We’re used to the attacks by the establishment that the tea party movement is “racist” and “extremists” – it’s shameful and dishonest, but we’re used to it.  The one area we could at least find agreement with Lisa Murkowski with is that we are going to “hijack the Republican Party.”

That’s right Lisa Murkowski – it is indeed our plan to hijack this party from corrupt, failed, establishment liberals like you and your buddy Mike Castle in Delaware.  It was liberal politicians like you and Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe who defied the Republican Party platform and the beliefs and principles of Republican voters, to try and turn the Republican Party into a mirror image of the tax-spend-bailout Democrat Party.

Well, your time in power is up.  And apparently in your specific case we’re going to have to defeat you not just once but twice – as you didn’t get the message “YOU’RE FIRED” very clearly the first time.

To our supporters we ask that you please make the most generous contribution you can to our campaign supporting Joe Miller so we can defeat Lisa Murkowski yet again.  You can make a contribution online – HERE.
You can give as little as $5 and as much as $5,000 under FEC laws and regulations.


frank barney barney frank

Can we have this guy fired, I mean is it not time.

I say it is time to fire this guy, not because he is an alleged disgrace but because he is not allegedly any good at his job, you know in the real world when someone goofs up on the job they get fired, well its time to fire this guy.

Ok, here is the latest, email sent to us concerning the hopeful firing of barney frank, or is that frank barney, not sure, but hey this is good stuff, allegedly.

Dear Patriot

It seems like everybody is talking about the Barney Frank race. We have been shining a light on this race for more than a year and now it is clear, Barney Frank is running scared! Now Barney Frank is blaming everybody but himself for the challenge that he is facing. To figure out why he has become a target of conservatives across the country Barney should look no further than his involvement in the collapse of the housing market via his friends at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

We are ready to step up our efforts in this race but we need your help. We have set a goal to commit $150,000 to this race. Today is October 1st and we have just a little more than a month to make this happen. You can help us retire Barney Frank by making a generous contribution ——-HERE——-

This race is receiving national attention from Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest of the conservative media. This race is clearly winnable! Imagine the message it would send to the politicians in Washington if Barney Frank is brought down by WE THE PEOPLE for the corruption our government refuses to investigate.

We don’t have much time and we must not waste this opportunity to defeat the most despicable man in congress! We need to raise $125,000 by Monday to make a significant impact with mailers, media ads, and an event. To reach our goal we need everyone to make a contribution of whatever they can afford, whether that is $25, $50, $100, or even the maximum contribution of $5,000! You can make your contribution by clicking ——–HERE——–

To reach our goal we need 500 patriots to make a contribution of $100 or more and 250 patriots to make a contribution of $250 or more. Barney Frank has done more to deflate the value of your home and damage the economy than any other politician! This isn’t just a contribution it is an investment in liberty and the future health of our economy! Please make a contribution and then forward this email to everyone you know, together we will tell all politicians that WE THE PEOPLE will not stand for corruption!

Send a message that its time to pack it up…


Breaking news the GOP is on its way out.

People like newt still dont think we remember how he backed a liberal, does he really think were that stupid?

The GOP establishment still doesn’t quite get it.

But you can help convince them that they will be voted out, send the GOP a message that we will not put up with the same old same old, any longer, not one minute longer. . .

We are trying to figure out what the GOP is after here, do they want to be voted out of office?
Is it time to vote them out?

Do they want to loose the trust of the American People.

Late this week GOP Senators decided to give liberal RINO Lisa Murkowski political cover in her run to defeat the Conservative Republican nominee, Joe Miller.

Republican Senators were supposed to vote to remove Murkowski from her leadership positions on key committees – since she obviously can’t be a Republican leader when she was voted out by her constituents and is now working to defeat the Republican candidate.

But guess what, folks. They didn’t vote her out. They instead decided to give her political cover. It’s shameful! Read what Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) had to offer as an excuse:

“It’s just a matter of good taste. We decided to keep the status quo as long as she’s a senator.”

Orrin Hatch and the Republican establishment just don’t get it. We, the voters, don’t want the status quo – that’s why we voted out your liberal RINO’s Lisa Murkowski and Mike Castle.

Since the Republican leadership keeps failing to stand for their conservative nominees (but boy they’ve got the backs of all the liberals in the party) then it is up to us – WE THE PEOPLE – to make sure people like Joe Miller can defeat not just the Democrat (Scott McAdams) but the liberal RINO write-in candidate, Lisa Murkowski.

To our supporters we ask that you please make the most generous contribution you can to our campaign supporting Joe Miller so we can defeat Lisa Murkowski yet again. You can make a contribution online – HERE.

We’re asking for 500 people to make a contribution of $100 or more so we can show Orrin Hatch and the Republican Party leadership that we DON’T want the status quo!

Aarp aclu acorn apology mistake arlen spector bad health care banks are stupid Barbara Wa Wa bill clinton for president

Democrats led by Harry Reid,

Is harry smarter than he looks?

He just might be, because he is moving to distance himself away from those wackes in Washington DC, yes you know those people like Nancy P,

Harry, seems to be fighting back in the polls, moving more to the right, while alleged rags like the Huffington Huf Huf, continue to allegedly attempt to smear Palin, it is really funny to watch them they are like a pack of wild dogs, allegedly.

So, should harry Reid go, many say yes, he should but he does appear to be smart enough to realize that things have changed.

Ok, Just got this in an email, and to tell you the truth it is interesting, because the idea that everything is going to stay the same is just not accurate. Remember Arlen Specter

Democrats led by Harry Reid, Continue to allegedly lie about Social Security

When Harry Reid started lying about Sharron Angle’s position on Social Security, we knew we had to respond. We produced a radio ad that counters the baseless smears of Harry Reid. The Democrats are stepping up their efforts to use lies about Social Security to maintain their power, and they will continue to spread their lies and smears against one conservative Republican after another.

The Democrats are even using a group of paid staffers with the far-left “Americans United for Change” to travel across the country to targeted races and get the media to advance their agenda – just so they can defeat conservative candidates in these upcoming 2010 November Midterm Elections.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand and say: “Oh No You Don’t!”

We are the leading conservative organization who has stepped up to challenge these smears. These liberals have announced that they are going to spend $100,000 in the coming weeks to advance the Reid/Pelosi/Obama agenda. We must match their efforts! Thankfully, we spend our money wisely, so we only need to raise $25,000 to counter their campaign of lies and deceit! Make your generous contribution by clicking ——HERE——-

Liberal front groups like “Americans United for Change” are funded by special interest groups who give money in exchange for political favors. We are funded by generous contributions of $25, $50, $100, and more from everyday hardworking Americans like you! Please help us stand up to the powerful liberal front groups by making your contribution ——HERE——–
As always you can send your contribution to:

Western Representation PAC
PO BOX 50655
Sparks, Nevada, 89435

Thank you for your support,
Roger Stockton
Western Representation PAC

apology mistake bad health care banks are stupid Barbara Wa Wa bill clinton for president

Time to send harry home.

Nevada, it is time to have a new leader, corruption, in Washington is at a level not seen in the past, this is just crazy its time to send a message that when you tend the flocks of the special interests, then its time for you to go home.

The Campaign against Harry Reid it is time to vote this guy out of office he has been up there far too long, he is no longer (allegedly) an effective leader it is time for new leadershiop.

Received from a great group of people, and people from all across america, if you are sick of the alleged lies and corruption, in congress and the senate, then it is time to get these old people out of office.

Patriots From Across the Country Rally To Counter Reid’s Million Dollar Smear Campaign!

Dear Patriot,

Last week our Radio ad went on the air and the response from across Nevada has been fantastic.  Our office has been flooded with emails from people who needed to hear the blatant hypocrisy of Harry Reid attacking Sharron Angle on social security.  The ad campaign which reached voters in every critical portion of the state was only made possible by your support!  Thank you!

The ad is critical because it addresses Harry Reid’s primary attack on Sharron Angle and highlights how during his decades in Congress Reid has raided the “lock box”, leaving Social Security on the verge of bankruptcy.  When we talk to our fellow Nevadans it has become clear that this ad is making a difference, so we have decided to double down our efforts!  We have secured a professional studio to help us remake the ad, and will relaunch the ad on a much larger scale.

In order to make this happen we need to raise $15,000 in the next 3 days/72 hours!  Help us reach this goal by making a generous contribution:  ——HERE——–

Every contribution makes a difference, but in order to reach our goal we are asking that 20 people give $500+ by Tuesday at midnight!  Wednesday we will send our a list of every patriot who his able to make a contribution of at least $100!  With your help we remove Harry Reid from Washington! Please make your generous contribution of $10, $25, $50, or join the list by making a contribution of $100 or  $500 by clicking

As always you can send your contribution to:

Western Representation PAC

PO BOX 50655

Sparks, Nevada, 89435