Betrayed by speaker John Boehner

The rumor mill was in full force this morning when talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, broke news that John Boehner the speaker of the house would have a Special “deal” to pitch which would likely be a comprimise that would destroy the hopes of the republicians to regain the white house in 2012.

It is disturbing to see that we could be looking at the end of America as we know it today, which for some people is what they want, they have this idea that the rich are too rich and the poor are too poor, they might be right.

The problem is that this type of thinking has never proved profitable for the poor or the rich.

So will  John Boehner do the right thing and stand up for the American people or will he allegedly cry about how unfair it all is, the issue here is simple.

Will we turn from the brink of diaster, or will we embrace the failed economic agenda of the last three years?

The dollar is sitting on a wire, and what the speaker of the house does in the morning will determine what happens next.

Will we face the collaspe of the stock market?

Will the dollar drop to an all time low because the republicians are unfit for office?

Will we watch as millions of Americans have to beg for food because of the failed politics of the last three years.

Will we do the right thing or will we fail America?



Union Violence?

People want to understand how the unions are developing this issue and why the unions appear to not be on the side of the common man?

Is this what you hoped for, is this the change you thought you were getting?

Union Thugs in the streets beating down tax payers?

Is this really what you wanted when you voted for change?

This is really what you thought you were going to get, with your hope?

Thugs, is what they are said to be by some who have seen violence in the streets, as the now infamous Democrat that called for blood in the streets, at least it sure seemed like he was not for peaceful demostrations.

Is this what the real democrats are all about, is this what happens when democrats true colors come out in full force, is this the hope and change you voted for in 2008?


Where is the leadership you voted for?


The following headlines, were posted online, it is disturbing to see how these people are behaving, this is assult and these people shoud be in jail for what they are doing.

assaulted by a Teamsters Union shop steward.  Police cited the union member.

Violence spreads in demostrations.


Conservative activist Dr. William Greene was assaulted by a union activist at a rally in Atlanta, Georgia, as the union member violently shoved Dr. Greene into a metal fence.