Tag: Four More Years

  • Fire Karl Rove?

    You might be thinking that perhaps Karl Rove who was once considered to be one of the smartest guys in the room, perhaps needs to retire.  You might be right.  There was a time when Karl Rove was on top of the world.  Having thumped John Kerry, he became the darling of the Republican establishment…

  • Benghazi Gate Nixon is owed an Apology

    When you look at what has happened in this horrible situation where men died and Washington allowed our Men to die, Blood was spilled, Families have been forever hurt, Why was this allowed to happen. Lies and Liars, Will you Vote for Four more Years of Liars? Can America survive the stupidity of Washington?

  • Four more?

    You just cannot understand why we are facing the problems we face today.

  • Romney: Obama ‘threw Israel under the bus’

    In so many ways the idea that the US is not going to support Israel is something that is a serious concern simply because if one man can do what has been done in the name of all Americans this is wrong and should not be.  When you consider this issue you have to consider…

  • Health care?

    Is this what you wanted? In many ways the victory achieved recently was the result of what many are calling enhanced interrogation. proven that it works if this administration had its way we would never have been in a position to be victorious. Is this the hope and the change you wanted. Do you want…

  • Nancy pelosi

    So is there the hope and the change you wanted? Do you want four more years of this? Is this the kind of hope and change you hoped to have?