harry reid resign liberals must go

what comes around

Is this the best time to fake an election?


Well it appears that the liberals in Wisconsin allegedly backed by some allegedly rogue Unions are causing some issues for the election year in a time when the economy is in a turmoil should not Washington be stepping in to deal with this element that is causing the DNC so much trouble.

Is this the hope and change you voted for?

Do you want more of the same?
If you do then vote your conscious, but be sure that you know what you will be getting.

The first time since the 1970s that there was no cost of living increase for our senior citizens happened in 2009 yes when President Obama was in office, then it happened for the second time, yes when President Obama was in office, now it is for a third time scheduled that there will be no cost of living increase for our senior citizens and yes you got it folks, the liberals in the senate and in Washington are in charge.

So really think about this do you really want more of the same?


How about a food shortage, is that the hope you had in mind?

People, it is time to vote them out, it does not matter if they are republican or democratic or liberals or what ever, if they are not doing their jobs it is time for them to go.

We are all have to make changes, I used to eat out and have a steak dinner twice a month, a celebration of life if you will but I cannot afford to do that any more, and believe me when I say that I miss eating a good meal from time to time, but I have to make changes because things are not the same as they once were.

The cost of Diesel and Gas have gone up, the cost of groceries have gone up the cost of just about everything have gone up.

The newspapers are filled with notices of foreclosure, Crime notices,  thefts taking place daily.

People going to jail over debt, coming soon to a courtroom near you.

You know what, this is not what we voted for and anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is a liar.

Simple as that, we must make changes, that is what is going on in Egypt, and in other parts of the world people want real change not empty hollow promises, speeches are not enough we must have real change.


Aarp aclu acorn foreclosure

foreclosure problems

Is this the end of our housing market, with millions of homes “under water” a term to describe a situation that occurs when more money is owed, on a home than it is worth or will ever be worth.

Will your Fanny need a bail out next?

How about your Freddy, in fact, is there fraud?

How can you expect to get a loan when the banks will not loan any money out?
This is a huge problem folks, prepare for the worst.

What is going on and why is it happening, more importantly.

Who knew what and when did they know it?

Will this become a serious problem, chances are good, if your looking into that magic 8 ball, know this, if congress does not act soon on this issue, the entire industry could allegedly collapse.

The idea here is that foreclosure has stopped all over the USA, it has been delayed.

There could be as many as 5 million foreclosures waiting on proper paperwork.

Many are reporting that this could be the beginning of a pitch by congress for a bailout of the banks, yet again.

This is sort of just crazy.


foreclosure fraud?

is there fraud going on in the millions and alleged millions of additional, foreslosures, happening soon and coming soon to a bank near you?

Millions and millions of foreclosures.

Is it happening or is it just an excuse to take over all the banks at the same time?

Are they really trying to evict people…

The answer is Yes they are, and allegedly it is worse than that?