FTC politics

Is the FTC making a political statement by trying to regulate the internet and hold internet advertisers to a different standard than broadcast television and cable providers.

We must apply equal protection under the law, it is after all the law or is that just an in-convenient truth that no one wants to talk about it appears that this administration has no real understanding of how our legal system works because they apparently have to be constantly reminded in court.

We have seen states rights challenged, and defeated.

They tried it in Arizona, they failed.

They are trying it in Wisconsin, and they will fail…

It is time to stop this unfair use of government to attempt to control every aspect of the lives of all Americans.

If you apply one set of rules to the internet and a separate, set of rules for broadcast television then you create unequal application of the law, which means that eventually you will end up in court attempting to argue, against the constitution.

Is this an attempt to institute the fairness doctrine all over again?

It failed back when they tried it in the past.

It has failed on every occasion, yet, they still try to push it out of the way, yet failure is the only future for this type of ignorance.

Make a statement about why using the FTC to engage in politics is wrong and it is not constitutional.

Tell the FTC to stay out of politics and focus on doing its job which is something that anyone can see is allegedly not happening.








Gas prices

Well drill everywhere but in the US where some estimated and alleged, 50 thousand jobs have been lost, and Millions and millions of dollars in revenue have been lost over the last two to four years.

Drill in Brazil but not the US?

Loan Brazil Billions of dollars but nothing to American Companies?

Is this the hope and change you voted for?

In so many ways, the high cost of Gas at the pump can be traced right back to the ban on oil drilling in the gulf coast, which some say have been allegedly delayed, by the failure of Washington to act on behalf of American Oil Companies that could be producing Oil but are not because they are having some alleged problems getting authority to resume drilling operations, (allegedly)

It is amazing to see the high cost of Gas and then we see where the US is loaning and allowing foreign companies to drill on US oil fields in the gulf? (allegedly)

My friends, this is just taking it too far, Americans need the hope and change that they voted for in 2008 because so far this is not that.

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The steps of a dictator

For many Americans this subject is not just another news story it is the failure of a president.

The failure to live up to the promises he made to the American people.
The failure to keep the promises he said that he would keep.
The failure to do what he campaigned that he would do.

It is disturbing to many people that we have a situation where one man has decided to bypass the will of an entire nation.

That my friends is the action of a dictator not a president.

We did not elect a dictator, This is America, not a regime in some other part of the world.

We do not by pass the constitution and attempt to enslave an entire nation, that is what a dictator does.
It is why, we see such actions in the middle east, they want to be free, not enslaved.

This is why, we must have an apology from the president on this issue, it is not acceptable, he must apologize for violating his oath of office else he must be impeached and removed from office, there is no other alternative, since we will not stand for a dictator, white or black or mixed, we do not care, this is not a nation where one man makes the decisions for the entire nation.

This is a democracy, not a dictatorship.

We can see here that what has happened here is that an entire nations will has been subverted by one man, in 2012 we must ellect a man or woman who can do the will of the people, who will follow through on the promises to the American people, who will do the right thing for the American people for fringe groups, not for special interests, not for only special labor unions.

America is a mixture of many different people not just one, this is an illegal action by the White house and it must be reversed.


former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said President Barack Obama’s decision not to fully enforce the Defense of Marriage law eventually could lead to a constitutional crisis, as he has directly violated his constitutional duties by arbitrarily suspending a law.

Also if you look at what would have happened if this were a republican president you can see that our liberal news and biased media are complicit in not reporting this violation of the constitution and the sickening stench of a sickness not treated will claim this nation.

“Imagine that Governor Palin had become president. Imagine that she had announced that Roe versus Wade in her view was unconstitutional and therefore the United States government would no longer protect anyone’s right to have an abortion because she personally had decided it should be changed. The news media would have gone crazy. The New York Times would have demanded her impeachment.

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Liberals go back in time to haunt Palin

Ok, folks this is just about the most stupid thing I have ever heard of, in the most recent attempt to smear Sarah Palin they go back to the 12 Century to dig up a long un-used word, called blood libel, If we were actually still in the 12th century then I would understand but this is 2011 and if you have to go back that far into history to find something to complain about your one sad individual.

Some (historians) who likely do not live in the same historical world as modern man were said to be “allegedly Greatly offended” Really, if that were the case then you could compare olde English with modern English and be offended until the end of time.

This is yet another FAILURE, of the liberal left, to smear a good person using a nonsensical argument that is just plain insulting to the intelligent people of this planet, perhaps even the universe.

When will the liberals learn that people are not as stupid as they think?

When will they begin to understand that just because someone yells wolf, does not mean it is the truth.

We are the people, and we are no longer the uneducated, ignorant people that the liberals wish that we were.

We are educated and we can think for ourselves, we do not need to be told what to eat or what to wear, we are smart enough to do our own thinking.

It is really sad that they grasp as straws in an attempt to smear those that they do not like, because they have no real personality of their own.

Once again we the people have not been fooled, so huff and puff if you wish but you will not blow down our house, in the end we know you as the wolf and we are hip to your lies and your hypocrisy.

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Blame everyone why not blame Bush?

So will we blame everyone for the troubled actions that resulted in a terrible tragedy in Arizona. According to Pima county Sheriff, Dupnik alleges without any proof at all, (strange thing if your in law enforcement) that all manner of people are to blame for the actions of a mentally ill young man whom the Sheriff allegedly had contact with and could have taken some action to stop what happened. What is really puzzling is why dupnik choose to blame everyone but himself.

Guilt allegedly is a powerful thing, perhaps that was part of what drove this man to do what he allegedly has done by going on TV and making accusations against people who did not even live in the same state as the accused. Why not blame the parents, they must have known there was something wrong, why not blame the neighbors, they knew there was something wrong, why not blame the students that went to high school with this young man, or how about the college students and what about his teachers, are they not to blame as well?

It seems so strange that everyone is to blame when the unthinkable happens, when we have people on both sides saying things that are less than appropriate.

If it were true, that what people say is to blame for all the worlds problems then we would surely all be doomed, because every day someone says something that may hurt someone’s feelings, or worse, offend them, but that does not mean that they are to blame for a car accident that claims the life of a young child.

It does not help to blame people, to point the finger of blame is not the solution to the human condition.

We are human and that will never change, nothing can be done, there is no cure, you cannot make a law to cure the human condition.

This is why all the laws in the world will not change what it means to be human, what it means to be responsible for the things we choose to do, from running a red light, to speeding, every day we all make choices that effect the outcome of our lives.

It may be easy to blame someone else for the failure of others, but that will not change the sad events that took place nor will it stop another such event from every occurring again, all we can do is to learn from this failure and try to do a better job in the future, sadly that means that as a race, as a human we may see another tragedy happen again in the future, as bad as that is, as bad it would be, there is nothing that can deter a bad choice, because that person that makes the bad choice is responsible for those decisions.

History tells us that no amount of law, nor even good will can change bad intentions, there are things that can be done, however eventually because we are human, this will happen again, until we find a way to care for everyone in our society and that is just not something that is likely to happen anytime soon laws or no laws, new rules or no rules, the outcome of these sad events are an indication that we need to care more for our human condition, when we see someone with a mental issue, we need to do something even if it is just telling someone in authority that a problem may exist.

In this case, the college, where it was alleged, that he may have had some mental issue that might effect his safety and the safety of others, if that was indeed the case, and it appears likely, action should have been taken, it was not, we now know that a letter to the parents was not enough action, but how much is enough and how much is too much? Just passing numerous laws and then just forgetting it ever happened, will not change the chances of something like this happening in the future, nor will attempting to ban guns stop criminals from doing criminal things.

The Columbine High School massacre occurred on Tuesday, April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School.

This was before 911, and before schools installed metal detectors yet it did not stop it from happening, again.

We have seen far too much of this kind of thing, yet, of all the things that have been done and all the things that we can do to remain aware of the suffering of those that have mental issues, we must try harder, passing law after law will not help, but being aware of suffering and doing all we can to help that individual can help reduce the likely hood that this would happen again, that is the only true way to really help.

It is when we do not take action, when we see a problem and do nothing, or when we wait until after a tragedy has occurred to try and take action that is when we do more harm than good, caring for our neighbors is the only true way we can help them.

Pointing the finger of blame with the idea of using it to gain political ground is perhaps even worse that the tragic events that occurred this past Saturday, simply because it contributes to the problem, it does not solve the problem, so when I see news reporters, making reckless statements, and commentators blaming everyone but the person who actually did the alleged crime, that enables the next person to do the same thing later, and that is why the name calling and the blame game should stop, how can we expect society to be civilized when the media will not act like they are civilized.

Shame on the media for the way they have behaved, shame on the advertisers for advertising on those networks that have used this to a political advantage.

Caring for those that are sick and hurt, and doing the right thing, which means telling someone in authority and then holding that person accountable for a failure to take action that is one way this could have been prevented, but blaming other people for political gain, is a shame on the profession of journalism.

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Join the NRA ?

What do you mean? Well this might sound insane but Gun control has been tried and it failed. However, the liberals once again want to try out Gun Bans and Gun control even after it has been proven to be a failure, just like Health care run by the government has failed in every country it has ever been tried.

The definition of Insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

Gun control does not protect anyone, it actually makes is worse.

Protect your constitutional right to keep and bear arms liberals are the ones that we need protection from.

Visit NRA today and join.

Do not let the insane liberals take away your rights because that is what they will do if we sit by and watch them try to do trample on the constitution.

Donate if you can to help with the defense of the right to keep and bear arms Stop the insanity.


The lies of the left why they cant tell the truth

The number one reason that 90 percent of the American people cannot be in politics is allegedly be cause they are far too honest.

Yes, sounds crazy but it could allegedly be true.

On the edge of eternity, sounds like a soap opera right, but in reality, we could be faced with the most evil policy changes to come out of Washington in more than 40 years.

So why do you think that the liberals are acting crazy?

Will the dollar crash the stock market, will the fed assist in devaluing the dollar and is this the hope and change you hoped for and voted for?

Why 20 percent of the world tries to control the rest of us.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive, I know I heard Andy Griffith say that at least once, and perhaps someone named Shakespeare, but is it not the truth, I know so many people that will allow someone to lie to them, usually they know it, we all usually do, but many people just do not want to confront a liar, well because they are unstable are they not?

We learn about the truth by learning about how we live life, there is an order of things in this world, it is an order that cannot be left to the lies of those who have no compass in life.

So often we learn about how life is by learning, we gain knowledge.

We read, we have opinions, we live life, we know what it is like to put gas in the gas tank.

The trouble is that for some reason liberals do not think that we are smart enough to live our own lives, they think they are smarter than we are, because they think they know more than we do.

The problem is that this kind of thinking is not only wrong but evil.

So much has been done in the past in the name of people who thought they were smarter than anyone else.

We know that failure to take understanding from the past will result in ignorance so we learn and we grow, the left seems to think that we owe them something after they failed us in this past congress, they ignored us they lied to us, they are still lying to us yet, they still think were stupid.

here is the truth, we are not stupid.

We are not ignorant.

We can think for ourselves and we made that clear in this past election.

Here is another truth.

If those elected this past election do not perform the will of the People they too will be voted out of office, make no mistake it is the peoples seat not the left nor the right but the people.

This notion that somehow we need someone to make decisions for us is just plain stupid because we are not the simple minded people that existed in 1950.

We are educated, we read newspapers, we get our news from the radio, from the TV, from the internet, just because you say the sky is purple does not mean that we believe you.

We can think for ourselves.

Remember that during the next election because the more you insult us the more that we will remember being insulted, if you doubt that consider what happened during this last election.

And remember that we are the people.

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blank the president ?

How, nasty are these the same people that took such offense, when it was suggested that the President was lying about immigration health care, hmmm, seems like they are not being very nice to President Obama.

So here we have some really interesting developments, we have republicans and some democrats, (those that are still halfway human) and yes, for a real surprise we also support the bill as it was (before) the liberals in the senate tried to sabotage it, led by the ever impressive or something, harry reid.

Is it true that liberals are going insane and screaming and wagging their tails like an animal?

It seems as if some liberals, who perhaps may not be long for the political office for which they currently hold may not be with it for the people.

The folks, you know, the people, the ones that put politicians in office.

So what up with those meandering mercenaries, who call them selves, democrats but really are allegedly just plain rats.

So what do they want, do they want to watch failure?
or do they just want to make it happen?

Did they do this to President Clinton?

When he did the right thing for the right reasons?

No, they did not, so I ask you this are they racists?

Think about it, because this president has done little different than Clinton, in fact this president did far more for the liberal cause so in reality, This false, bravado, of the liberals, is wrong.


Megyn Kelly

So is it intimidating, only if your black but not white?

In the opening roll of this video you see that powers, tries to reverse the psychology a typical liberal plow to muddy the water, she states, Im sorry that you would treat poor little me this way on the air, (paraphrase and what she really meant) in other words the liberal play book is that when you have an untenable position, one that you cannot defend, (because your wrong) then deflect, and dont answer the question, in this case, it was infuriating that powers, would not admit that she was just wrong, intimidating is the same for white as black so in this case, the failure of the justice system to act, was a slap in the face of all America.

I like it that Megyn deflated the liberals playbook so quickly, by simply stating have you read the testimony in the case presented, ( powers tried again to deflect ) but Megyn was having none of it.

And then faced with the abject failure of the liberal play book, powers does what all liberals do, she blamed bush.

Amazing video, unlike just about any other video you will see online, amazing stuff here.


TSA Forces Cancer Survivor to remove Breast?

You know what this is just plain stupid, yes you heard it right stupid.

This woman has worked for many many years…

32 years.

This is an Airline employee on her way to work.

On her way to work.

In a news story today a woman who worked many many years for an airline, was forced to remove a prosthetic, breast, Now, you know those people knew this woman.

She had worked for an airline for many many years, so the idea that this is happening is just crazy.

What this is and what this is not.

This is not helpful, this is not safe, this is not about keeping the public safe.

This is about Politically correct behavior taken to the maximum.

This is about not offending anyone.

This is about stupidity.

This is about the failure of the TSA.