Fake News

In a recent hyped up news story we are given to somehow believe that Facebook somehow was key to changing the way the people of the United States of America Voted.

So, Facebook is committed to stopping Fake News stories.

Can you imagine how something like that might look?

Fake News? You mean like the Fake news from Wiki Leaks?

Want to know no more about how facebook may be censoring the real news?


Media lies

There are so many things that seem to hold the truth and far more that tend to present lies as truth.

Take for example this Facebook post on the subject of a very biased media.

source. Facebook comment section, (you might have to look for this)

Truth is easy to recognize yet still we allow the corrupted media to participate in elections by using biased methods of political manipulation, Why?  More so is the fact that companies that you choose to do business with support these corrupted and biased media outlets by advertising products and services that many people decide to purchase from the aforesaid biased media outlets.

Just stop supporting the advertisers by refusing to purchase products and the media will dry up and blow away like the inconsequential dust they really are.

The media do not care that they do not support the constitution, they regularly undermine the will of the people, instead supporting communist and socialist agendas even though they have been proven to be a failure in every civilization it has ever been tried.  That is fact, just look at history and you can see the truth and you can see the lies of the left.

Words have meaning …

You may attempt to split hairs and focus on grammar or spelling but that is a false and a lie that is far more damaging than any perceived language issue.

The truth is language has changed, for every one Grammar and spelling natzi there are millions that read and understand what was meant to be communicated that is communication the other instance is censorship pure and simple, just spend a few hours in any barrio and you will find that the language they use to communicate does not even resemble english at all.

So to the one or two people offended by poor spelling or grammar, (what ever) to the thousands that read and understood what was intended, bravo to you, don’t fall for foolish spelling natzis they are fools and are just clinging to the past, the future is already hear and 70 percent of the population do not use english in the way that it was once taught, its simple really the past is all about what some wish it still was but that does not in any way equate to what the truth is now, spend your time in better ways, 20 years from now when language will have changed so much that even the natzis of grammar find it hard to speak and be understood, those that move forward will be at a great advantage over these small minded and shall we dare to say it these english teachers with shallow mentation.

I can remember teachers that would interrupt you and distract the class from interacting and remind everyone that the use of an incorrect verb or tense of the verb is more important than a message of thought.

It never was important, for so many years we have sought at the expense of our society to enforce perfection when reality was quite different, I would remind these english natzis that should you remember long enough to read the actual writing in the words of the fathers of this nation, it would not even seem like english as you seem to believe it should be written or spoken, notice that in this treatise we have not made any effort to sterilize the words at the expense of the format, no not at all, but those that choose may readily see the truth of the words regardless of the intent of those that have small minds and even smaller brain pans.

To seek destruction all you have to do is bury your mind in the sand, pretend that you are better than any one else but when you finally realize what really happens when you do this is that you become convinced of your own superiority, when the truth is obvious to everyone else, what is that truth, if you don’t know it by now you never will why bother?

I am willing to bet that this breaks more rules of an outdated system of written communication than any previous effort, but what I find really interesting is the actual literation of the words now that is something that some will see and others will never see…  Art thou blind?  Are you deaf?



Facebook post about Hillary goes viral

This is an amazing story, one that makes you think…


Walmart Gift card Scams

Be aware of a fake Walmart gift card scam that is going around on Facebook. 

Part of the issue with these “Give Away” sponsor offers is that the consumer is often in for a lot of grief, usually in the form of loads of spam coming into your email box and tons of telemarketers calling your home all with a special deal. Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 5.29.50 PM

There have been some that had Identity theft as a Christmas Season Gift.
Along with Phishing scams, where the victim ends up loosing a lot more than the promise of a free gift.  Usually if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

If you signed up for this Facebook promotion, don’t feel too bad, thousands of others have as well, it can be tempting to take a chance on “winning” but the reality is that usually you have to sign up for a credit card offer, along with other offers that will cost you money.

(Even if you satisfy all the many offers they will throw at you)

You may never get a card, a lot of those that have been scammed report emailing these sponsor offer companies and being told that the card was in the mail when the truth was they would never get a gift card at all.

So be aware of these companies that use a bait and switch scam to get your user information as well as the information of your friends on Facebook.



CNN portrays Duck Dynasty in bad light?

So what do you think, Facebook has exploded into a huge controversy that is growing every day most people are sick and tired of all the crap that is going on day after day, you can embrace one way of life and disrespect another and no one cares but say anything a bout people in hollywood and how trashy they live and you have done gone and done it now. 

LOL, its really funny…

CNN makes a statement like, Duck Dynasty under fire?

What is that?

Seems like the real statement is more like A&E Fs up. 

A&E is stupid, full of trolls and hates americans

because they are not americans. 

But why would they do that?

Are they American at all?




SVU NBC Hate Machine?

Is Law and Order a Piece of Trash?

Are they lost? 

Are they Stupid?

Are they What, Insane?

If you think this show is bad, just imagine the Idiots that advertise on these shows.

   Boycott NBC like this on Facebook…


Social Media Elections?

Will elections of the future be held on Twitter or Facebook?

The idea would be something that many might consider normal.



Facebook Filth

IF you have spent any time on face book you cannot miss the Tons of advertising that is incorporated in many different parts of the website and for good reason, Facebook earns Billions of dollars in revenue from that advertising…

But along with the mostly good content at Facebook there are a few Rotten Apples…

Most notably, (Rotten Apple variety) is this particular page which seems to promote a rather Evil and intentionally inhumane level of profane treatment of other groups which this particular facebook page disagrees with either intellectually or personally either way it does not belong on Facebook at all.

[kc_heading_pac_1_headline_sub size=”50″ color=”#000″ ]Facebook Trash..[/kc_heading_pac_1_headline_sub]

You could say Free Speech, but actually this stuff is pretty offensive to just about anyone that looks at it, in fact were not going to link to it from this post but if you want to have a look at the junk that Facebook is allowing these days, then be our quest, you may find it harmless (but we doubt it)

The central theme here is that this (person) (if they be included in the human race at all) sets about to bully anyone they feel has a viewpoint other than what they would like to see online, no mention of his or her own view be respected, they just don’t want your view respected.

This post is continued here.

The reason why were posting this is for two very good reasons, one because Facebook should take action to protect both its visitors and its advertisers, we feel its a good idea to take some action that would tend to result in condemning this kind of Anti Free Speech behavior, where using Bully style psychological tactic’s, to silence discussion on any items this poster feels he or she does not want to see posted online.

Fair warning this poster uses images, that are cruel, Evil, Profane, (using profanity, vulgar language, calling others names, and even more disgusting things)

In posts at this persons page, you can and should report them as being (the most disquieting trash you have ever seen on Facebook)

If you choose to view this content fair warning it is horrible, if you are a person who has beliefs of any kind regarding a higher power, this will offend you, but I think it is important to push back against these kinds of anti free speech actions that facebook is allowing.

Learn more about what kind of trash facebook allows in the name of freedom versus bullying…

This guy is a bully….  It should not be….




Family Home Raided over Facebook?

Ok, now folks this is beginning to get really ignorant we have seen several news stories that seem to indicate that there are some really serious problems in regard to the rights of the people.

Facebook is perhaps a problem when someone looks at an image and decides to report it to the state.

There are so many problems with this story the biggest one is that the police allegedly raided a home of a citizen on the word of a third party.

Hearsay is not evidence of wrong doing.


On Feeding Alligators

 Update, folks, Finally it appears that the Politicians have heard
from the American People, its hard to believe and harder to imagine.

[kc_heading_pac_17_headline_main_12 size=”40″ color=”#333333″ ]Sick


Today I received an email with a very thoughtful examination of what is going on in the congress while we struggle to manage our finances our congress has no understanding of its own job. 

Winston Churchill once said,

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile,
         hoping it will eat him last.”