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Fast and Furious an American Scandal

You know in times past we did things as a nation that were not always the best thing to do, in retrospect we can see that sometimes ignorant things happen however also in the past those men who made those ignorant mistakes would resign or even perhaps end up being prosecuted.

That has not happened in this case and there are many people that feel those people and those families on both sides of the border deserve an answer to the questions that continue to plague this administration.

This was received in an email

Dear Patriot,

It might seem that our efforts to hold Attorney General Eric Holder accountable have gotten mixed into the shuffle with Obamacare and the recent political conventions and we haven’t given proper credit to all of you for your accomplishment on getting AG Holder held in Criminal Contempt of Congress.  
For months we have been occasionally asking you to send letters to only your individual representatives in Congress and you responded in a HUGE way!  Together we have passed the half million mark for letters sent to Congress demanding that they do everything in their power to remove Eric Holder from office!
US Attorney General Eric Holder has continuously stonewalled the Congressional investigation into the “Fast and Furious” scandal by withholding evidence and documents requested by Congressional committees. He has been held in contempt of Congress. His lawsuits to prevent states from implementing voter ID laws is clearly intended to protect the ability for Democrats to use voter fraud to win tight elections.  For crying out loud, we have to show a picture ID to get on a plane or check in to a hotel! Why not to vote?

It appears that he even may go after the political polling company Gallup for publishing a poll that was not favorable to President Obama!


Ryan as Vice President

The media are up in arms about the pick for vice president on the republican ticket in this years historic election where the future of this nation is set to play out in one of the most amazing elections to ever take place an election that will decide forever if America is a nation of great good helping others in nations all over the world or if it is as Eric Holder says a nation of cowards.

You are the only one that can decide and it will not be done in smoke filled back rooms where no real American would venture.

You can make a difference not by holding printed signs or yelling or screaming but by being an American and voting…


Fast and Furious backfired?

What should we learn from mistakes we make?


Should Eric Holder be held responsible for the deaths of citizens and border patrol agents that may have been killed because of this issue.

More calls for Eric Holder to resign amid allegations that he may have willfully lied to congress. Considering the mountain of evidence of the issues of competence, the unpopular stances where the justice department is pitted against the states rights in the constitution.

should the Justice department be suing states in court to allegedly take away their right to protect its people?

Does the Constitution not have a Tenth Amendment.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

 That seems straight forward and simple to understand.

Yet we have a man in charge of the Justice Department, that does not understand something as simple as the Tenth Amendment, what is wrong with that picture. 

Yes, some argue that immigration is a federal task, but is it solely such a task, when you have borders of each state, then does not a state have to protest its people?

Are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people….

When you look at this you have to say that a man has a right to protect his property his children, his land, his car, from being spoiled by an enemy, the same is true of the state, each official must protect its people.

So now we have Fast and Furious, which was allegedly designed to provide provender to the enemy, but perhaps caused a lot of other problems.

Did Fast and Furious do the very thing that the liberal media news was promoting in a story about how Mexico was complaining about how Guns were coming from the US, and ending up being used in violent crimes in Mexico, (remember that)

The liberal media was gearing up for a crucifixion of the Second Amendment to the constitution.

So where are they now, on this news story?

Why are they not crying about how American Gun shops are selling guns to be used in crimes south of the border?

Could it be that they no longer are interested in a true story that explains why there were so many complaints from Mexico.

Could it be that when the news story starts to hit home, (chickens or otherwise) that the liberal media is no longer interested in doing a news story about this fast and furious scandal.

In so many ways, this is a terrible thing to have done, and while some say that it has been done in the past, but in the past the level of violence was not the same south of the border so the idea that you send arms into a country that is already having so many problems with violence is just well crazy and insane.

 So the goal of this fast and furious, was what really, to track where guns went and how many people they killed?

Seems sort of a strange situation to be in when you want to try and take away other peoples rights to
keep and bear arms.

It seems that the constitution is not the problem here but men who would stand up and lie to the American people.

It seems like the old saying still holds true, that people make the decision to do harm to others, not the things with which they choose to do that harm, so you see attempting to ban guns or take away the second amendment, would not change much of anything, because since the beginning of time men have known how to be violent, if you take away every gun in the world, they would pick up sticks and stones as in the past and they would wage wars upon one another with a vigorous attention to detail.

No, this kind of thing is just a sad reminder that we are human and we make mistakes.

The constitution is still the best guide we have for standing up for America…



Doctors as spies?

This is disturbing information and it really tells the story about where the White house is headed in its push to propel America into a hope and change society where children are used as spies on their families, is this really what you wanted when you voted for change in America?

Warning this is disturbing…

Just received the following communication in an email,

Dear Patriot,

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed first in the nation legislation last week preventing doctors from asking and recording information regarding whether or not a family has a gun in their house. It may surprise many of you who do not have young children that pediatricians across America have included questions of gun ownership in their standard patient documentation for the last few years under the guise of protecting children from accidental death. It should be noted that these doctors do not ask about swimming pools, staircases, elevated decks or cleaning chemicals that each year kill far more children than do accidents with guns.

The Federal government has been pushing doctors toward electronic medical records for the last 10 years and under Obamacare, it will become mandatory for all medical records to be stored in central data repositories that will be accessible by the government. Using this data, the government will be able to more easily identify which households have guns and which do not. The Brady Center for Gun Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics (both politically liberal organizations) have filed suit in Federal court to block the new law.

We fully expect the Obama Administration and Attorney General Eric Holder will join in the lawsuit much the same way they did regarding Arizona’s illegal immigration laws to allow the continued collection of gun ownership information. What better way to find out who owns the millions of legal but unregistered firearms than hide behind the liberal standard of “we just want it for the children”.

We encourage the safe storage and handling of all firearms, especially in those homes with children. It is the responsibility of every gun owner to make sure that firearm accidents are prevented. The pediatricians could easily give parents a handout on gun safety around children. They could also include safety information on pools, hot tubs, chemicals and other injury hazards. Don’t be fooled for a second that these questions are about protecting children.

This is about data collection, period. Are you getting nervous yet?

Roger Stockton
Western Representation PAC