Tag: Electoral Process

  • mitt romney cannot win

    You have to wonder, if the liberal media wants Mitt Romney to get the nomination so that Obama can get re-elected, because for the most part, polls show that bugs bunny or even Elmer FUD could win the 2012 election, but Mitt Romney no way… Is it true that, Mitt Romney cannot win, and likely […]

  • Media bias and Rick Perry

    Why do you suppose that the media does not like Rick Perry? Could it be that they are mostly liberal, and they not so secretly may not be at all interested in the common interests of the people. Could it be that they may secretly be Anti American and hate everythingthat America stands for, could […]

  • Biased Elections

    Over the last several years we have seen a trend in the media that creates a problem in the electoral process. Consider this, the media can influence the outcome of an election because of how they choose to cover that election and the candidates that are running in that election.  If only one viewpoint is […]

  • suspend elections?

    In what could be the beginning of the end for the allegedly liberally embattled, Governor of North Carolina, a statement was made about What might be viewed by some at least as an alleged crime, or even perhaps treason?  Perhaps, depending on what the governor really meant because the constitution is the basis for our […]