Military Vote!

What the Media are not talking about could well be one of the most important stories that you might never hear!

Right now we have a serious problem in this nation!

The Media are attempting to assist corrupt officials in some key states into attempting to alter the results of the election.

WE must Not allow this to happen!

WE must be prepared to make sure that this election that the Military Vote is Counted!

If that means going to the Supreme Court to make sure that the Military are not removed from the Election Process!

Count The Military Votes!

What you see here is a direct result of subversive moves by the Media which is insanity!

We are a Republic!

We are the People!

3 Nov | By Richard Sisk

Troops Are Voting Absentee in Record Numbers.
But How Many of Their Votes Will Count?

Service members have been mailing absentee ballots at a record pace amid growing concerns that many of their votes will not be counted under various state laws, postal delays and potential court challenges.

We must not allow our Military to be excluded from this election!

According to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, more than 252,000 active duty service members voted by absentee ballot in the 2016 elections and the early numbers indicated that the 2016 total will be surpassed.

As of Oct. 22, the U.S. Postal Service reported that about 48,000 absentee military ballots had already been received, compared to 33,000 on the same date in 2016.

With the surge in military absentee voting have come fears that those ballots may not all be counted in a bitterly contested presidential election.

Former Air Force Secretary Deborah James told that was a real concern of hers.

It has never been more important for America to count the votes of the Military! Over the last many years the Military Vote has not been counted Fully! To think that the most important voices in our nation cast by those who are willing to sacrifice everything so that you and I may be free!

Demand that the Media cover this very important news story!


George Zimmerman what the media will not cover…

This video is really interesting not for the reasons you might think, this man has a very sound opinion about life and the Zimmerman case. Warning this video may be intense, but I find the presentation really motivating and intelligent, the media will not cover the truth about America, its not about color, its about being a man or a woman and doing the right thing.


Is the Obama Administration doing ok?

 Can America Recover from being
Made over and transformed.

 We might consider a few things, about any administration some are better than others, depending on how well the media covers them.

This presidential administration seems to be running out of good will from the media something that a fair few would appear to be supportive about.

There are a lot of people that are also talking about how Richard Nixon was impeached rightfully so for something dishonest, (but where no one died) is it accurate to say that in this most recent scandal that if Obama is not impeached, then Nixon is owned an apology.

Now it is said, that reducing the amount the rich can deduct for charitable contributions, is something that is being considered, but what will the result.

More hungry poor people?

More people who end up homeless?

Is that really what this administration want to do?

How can we become the nation we have always been if we do not find a way to get back to what we have always been in the past?

How is it possible that a few people can decide that somehow suddenly America needs to change into the image they think is the right image…

How can that be?


What if?

What if we are all wrong?

What if every one is wrong and President Obama is right?

When you think about it, what if the White House is right and everyone else in the world is wrong?

The economy is a big thing, just imagine if the Mississippi river represented the economy of the United States, if you wanted to fundamentally change the direction and the flow of the Economy when it has run in one direction for many many years, how long would it take to see a change?

One year, Two years, Three years.


The President only has four years to make a difference, but the thing here is does the Economy have that long to recover or to change in any reasonable way at all.  Allegedly about 82 percent of the voting public in the US is against the current direction of the economic issues that the US faces.

How would we know if everyone were wrong but only a few were right, looking at the figures, if one out of one million were right and the 999,000 were wrong how would you ever know it? Because we live in a democracy, at least we tell ourselves that is what we live and what we believe in, in the past it has been proven that the majority were wrong, but it is usually statistically not significant.

The world is not likely to end if millions are wrong, and the one is right.

We know by studying history that we can anticipate human behavior, even logically predict it, however over time, we know that when we see certain signs of economic growth we can anticipate prosperity in a meaningful way.

 We are three years, into this plan, and we could see some action over the next few months the thing is this is it correct?

One thing for sure, if we are indeed not going in the right direction do we have yet another, chance to get it right or is this the last chance?

 If this is our last chance to make it right, should we not be certain that we are doing the right thing for everyone not just a few.

Last night, Emotion seemed to be the main thing, Michele Bachmann talked emotionally about a subject that on the surface seemed to be of interest however, was it really that interesting, and was it accurate, considering that no one is forced to do something against their will, (opt out provisions are always provided)

Can we really rely on a woman that does not distinguish between the facts and the reality of any given situation, just for drama?

I found several things somewhat disturbing, last night, Ron Paul, seemed to be of the idea that someone should be allowed to die if they choose to have no insurance coverage, that was a real issue and it is a scary thing, more so if you happen to be the one that is in need of health coverage and you don’t have it.

I know someone right now that is sick and cannot get treatment, because she is not sick enough.

Imagine that, we have to wait until she is so sick that her life is threatened, until she might possibly die.

Then she can get some help, but if it involves cancer, and that is the likely result here, then early detection and treatment, can increase success rates, by 70 percent or more, survival rates are also much higher for early detection.





moving to the middle

Some say that the current president may be incapable of moving to the middle like president Bill Clinton did which resulted in a growth in the economy and a budget surplus, so what does that mean, if you had a man that was poised on a bridge and he said I have two choices, I can come down from here and make a deliberate, attempt to act in the best interest of the American people, or I can just lay my ears back like the donkey that I am and jump off the bridge because my plans did not work the way I hoped they would, (I thought I was doing the right thing) but I was wrong, the difference between the two ideas here is simple.

One man, is interested in the people the other is only interested in his own personal agenda.

Some might call this attitude selfish and well just downright wrong…

Why are we not doing the right thing for the people?




Harry Reid repsonsible?

Is the answer to the woes of the Stock market
sitting upon the desk of Harry Reid?

Could Harry Reid have prevented the stock market crash and the downgrade of the US credit rating?

In one word, Yes, he could have but he wanted to be allegedly biased and partisan.

He did not act in the best interest of the American people, he should be recalled, removed and a man who is capable of doing the right thing for all the American people not just the 20 percent of the liberal left.


This is a serious problem, one that Harry Reid, is responsible for (allegedly) Amazing but true, allegedly, there was a bill on the desk of Harry Reid that could have prevented the stock crash, and the credit down grade. But Harry Reid refused to allow it to come up for a vote, they got their way simple as that, the liberals won, the tea party lost. With the 2012 election coming up very soon, it is time to vote those moss back people out of congress, if they need an adult diaper they need to retire it is time for the next generation to take over because the tottering old fools (allegedly) that are in charge now are not capable of doing the right thing for everyone.


President Obama, in the right

So why are the liberals fighting against the President, it cannot be because they have any reason to believe that the American people support them because the polls, and in fact the mid term election was not only a repudiation, of the tactics, of the left, the ideas of the left, the ignorance of the left, so why embrace the lie?

Get rid of the stupid liberals that are trying to be scrooges, allegedly.

In a clear expression of doing the right thing President Obama made a decision, it was a decision that was right for the American people and the Economy.

It was the right decision because it helped unemployed people stay connected to a source of money through the holiday season, Christmas for those that dare, it was a win win situation.

So why, are the liberals in congress and the senate talking trash?

If the Tax cut for everyone, works like the republicans, say it will then the economy will rebound.

President Obama Wins, because he stood up for the American people.

If the tax cut fails and the economy slumps then the democrats can say ” We told you this would not work”

and in that case the President wins.

So why all this crying and bawling, you just have to wonder are they really out there whining and pewling like a prating child.

If President Obama moves to the right and does the right thing like this time it will be almost impossible to defeat him, but if he does as the liberals want then he will be defeated in 2012, it is really all about doing the right thing for the country.

No more special interests.

No more Union sweet heart deals, (they have grown fat on the sacrifices of others)

No more shovel ready projects.

It is time to consider the people of the USA, do that and you cannot fail.

So stick to it Mr President, because it is the right thing to do for the people and if those that detract now, do not see nor understand that, then they will be voted out, it is people that makes this country what it is, without the people you have nothing.


This Should not Be, Send the GOP a message.

I have to just say that the GOP is just not my Party any Longer, because this is not right, so if you can help us send a message to the GOP and let them know that we will not put up with this kind of garbage.

We saw this in the Alaska, Race, where the GOP was preparing to Steal the Election, and the candidate did the right thing and conceded.  The Gop allegedly were preparing to do the chad thing and count and recount until they won.

That my friends is not acceptable, if the GOP does not start doing the right thing here, independents, will soon out number Republicans.

We will not put up with cowards in office.

Friends – today I celebrate my 37th birthday, and as I do so, myself and the team at the Tea Party Express face one of our greatest challenges to date.  The political establishment are battling us tooth-and-nail to defeat our conservative constitutionalists candidate for U.S. Senate (Christine O’Donnell) and are trying to ram through their candidate – liberal RINO Mike Castle.

These folks in the GOP establishment want MORE Lindsay Grahams, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe’s, John McCain’s etc…

These people in the establishment are the same ones who supported Arlen Specter when he was a Senator in Pennsylvania.

The media and the political establishment do not understand there is a political revolution taking place in this country.

We The People, are rising up to elect true constitutional conservatives, and not people who will “play the game” of big government, special interest politics that lead to tax-spend-bailout policies.

So here’s what I’m asking for as my birthday present for today – please join with me and help us support Christine O’Donnell’s campaign.  My own present to myself is that I am now making a personal contribution to Christine’s campaign.

I’m asking you to please join me.

We have just increased our MoneyBomb goal for O’Donnell to $250,000 and you can help us blow past that goal by making a contribution – HERE.