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Arizona shooting could security have prevented it?

Every aspect of this tragedy has been covered, right? Perhaps not, while everyone has been trying to point the

We have seen 24 hour coverage on this horrible and tragic even over the last few days, and even seen the Pima county Sheriff come out and blame it on politics, which of course he has admitted he has no proof, however the real story here is Where was Dupnik when this happened, could he have prevented this terrible crime?

Could any reasonable Law enforcement official, who had alleged previous contact with this alleged criminal, have foreseen this event?

Had there been security would this alleged shooter been able to do what the did do?

Since Dupnik seems to want to politicize this thing, Where was he and his deputies, when this tragedy unfolded?

There were signs, the story is coming out now that more and more people saw the signs that something could happen but no one did anything, including the Sheriff, this is a sad thing to know that this could have been prevented if only the sherrif had been on duty at this event, some have said that there was no security, and if that is true it is a very sad thing. But when you see a man like dupnik out there shooting off his mouth about how everyone is to blame but the shooter and dupnik himself, you have to wonder about the mans motivations.

Should dupnik have assigned a security detail at this event, logic tells us yes, and we also know that he could have done this.

As well dupnik could have been aware of the reports of an unstable individual in his jurisdiction.

It is so easy to blame others for what happened, and no doubt this will happen again, as with the Ft hood shootings, and others in the past, the thing is that security needs to be present at these public events, to stop or dissuade this type of horrible thing in the future.


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announces cancellation of fence project along border at a time when Violence in the southern border states has reached a higher rate, with violence on both sides of the border, is this the best time to cancel plans to secure the border?

It is really the time to be canceling border safety projects?

Many people have to wonder, if she is really the right person for this very serious position of responsibility, with what allegedly could be considered mistake after mistake, the people of this nation are not allegedly safer now than before.

So here is the thing, if you have someone in charge of keeping people safe, and then you see this Arizona thing happen, you have to question just how safe are people in the US, when you honestly answer that question and you look at the record of this agency you have to come to one conclusion, allegedly, we need a new person who has more experience in security matters.

We need someone that has a long and valued history of providing a secure environment.

As difficult as that may be to believe it is none the less the truth and we need to asses that consideration in the very near future.

The border is not secure and we are not secure, even though there were signs that the alleged shooter in the Arizona crisis was mentally ill, no one took action, not the Sheriff, not the deputies, not even the boys parents or teachers, no one did anything to stop this, add to that the very real problem of no security on site at this time and you have the disaster that took the lives of so many fine people, it was not a political problem it was a security problem.

The Pima county Sheriff allegedly failed the people and allegedly all other agencies also failed in their duty to keep personal safe.

It is a sad truth that we need security at public events involving public attendance, it was a hard lesson to learn but we must find that lesson in the future or else we will face this terrible tragedy again.

While some irresponsible people attempt to blame politics for this problem the real issue is security it should have been provided or contracted.