Will The Real America Stand up and Vote.

My Friends, this year we have an historical vote one that means we will have to live with the decisions we make, we can decide to let others worry about the fate of our nation…

WE can allow the politics and radical beliefs of a few dictate, to everyone else what America will become in the next 20 years.

You can sit on your couch and do nothing and watch in horror as things happen you never thought were even possible.

This is the answer…

You may consider some things such as this to be a relic of the past but the truth is far from that.

The trust is something that you may not have well understood.

Some years ago, we allowed one woman to remove prayer from the schools based on a lie.

Now we see the results, Murders, Rapes, Violent Crimes have increased by such a large number that

It is almost inconceivable how something so small could have created such great consequences.

One person, did all that and we allowed it to happen…

Vote, because in the end, without God in America, there is little hope for the future.

Vote this year because you may never get another chance to vote again.



Mitt Romney

This year we have a choice, one that may make or break this nation some people think that Mitt Romney Is the only way to save America from a white house that appears to be intent on dividing America.

[kc_heading_pac_9_headline_4 size=”45″ color=”#5dac25″ ]Winning Back America..[/kc_heading_pac_9_headline_4]

Imagine what would happen if we had a Washington that was in touch with America and actually make decisions that are for Americans instead of Against America.


What will happen now, what will America do will it rise above the attempt to ruin America?


Tax reform?

Without Tax reform we may have a second great depression?

We must have tax reform, how hard is that to do?

There are many different, types of plans that can make taxes simple, after all should it not
be easy to do?

 If Washington is Corrupt and they refuse to do the right thing
then it is time to vote them out.

This one may not be the best, but you could certainly
create a simple taxing method that saves the tax payers billions.

Anyone making under 30,000.00 pays no Federal Income taxes Simple.

Anyone making over 30,000.00 pays 10 percent

Anyone making between 35,000 to 55,000 pays 12 percent.

55,000  to 250,000  pays 15 percent.

250,000 to 750,000  20 percent.

Simple right, so why is it so hard to figure out how this works?

or you could just develop a simple sliding scale, for both corporate and individuals how hard is that?

the thing here is this they do not want to make these changes because they have all been bought and paid for by special interests, they have been purchased with gold and silver.

They do not want to be exposed for who they are puppets controlled by their masters…

The problem we all face is that we have corrupt politicians, that make decisions based on what small groups of people want them to do, they do not make decisions in the common interest of the American people.


Newt Gingrich cannot win

Why Newt may be the smartest guy in the room that cannot be president?Well I know it sounds bad but it is true that since the early 1970s most presidents have been tall, attractive and can make a good presentation on TV, that is just the way it is, are we bad for saying that? Well no, but it is a fact, short slightly padded people, (me included) will likely never be elected to an office simply because we may not look like a movie start on TV

Is it true that Newt Gingrich cannot actually win the republican nomination?

That may well be the truth, but it is not for the reasons that you might think.

This candidate is a good choice because he had a good head for administration tasks however on the down side
is that he has some issues (allegedly) concerning when to allow others to make decisions and when to take advice.

I think he would make a great vice president, but not a president.


budget nightmare

$1.3 trillion deficit for 2011, could be the largest shortfall in the more than 60 years.

Are we about to face a financial crisis that is beyond the imagination of Americans?

They can play the blame game but over all most Americans know what the score is here, liberals are ruining this nation, or at least they are trying to ruin this nation, with their spending habits, we need a superman not a clark kent.

While that might seem a little humorous, the truth is that we need a man who can stand up and do the right things for this nation, and its people, that means making sometimes though decisions that make sense.

Not allowing a small fish, to put 50,000 people out of work, or to cause billions in damages to farms due to a lack of water in california all because of what a small minnow? Really? That is the hope and change you voted for in 2008 to see unemployment up as high as 14 percent in some states and likely higher in the near future?

That is hope and change?

We need a real man to stand up and get back the jobs that have been sent over seas, we need a man that can stand up to large nations that are not friendly to the US, it must be done otherwise we will find ourselves the slaves of others.


The lies of the left why they cant tell the truth

The number one reason that 90 percent of the American people cannot be in politics is allegedly be cause they are far too honest.

Yes, sounds crazy but it could allegedly be true.

On the edge of eternity, sounds like a soap opera right, but in reality, we could be faced with the most evil policy changes to come out of Washington in more than 40 years.

So why do you think that the liberals are acting crazy?

Will the dollar crash the stock market, will the fed assist in devaluing the dollar and is this the hope and change you hoped for and voted for?

Why 20 percent of the world tries to control the rest of us.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive, I know I heard Andy Griffith say that at least once, and perhaps someone named Shakespeare, but is it not the truth, I know so many people that will allow someone to lie to them, usually they know it, we all usually do, but many people just do not want to confront a liar, well because they are unstable are they not?

We learn about the truth by learning about how we live life, there is an order of things in this world, it is an order that cannot be left to the lies of those who have no compass in life.

So often we learn about how life is by learning, we gain knowledge.

We read, we have opinions, we live life, we know what it is like to put gas in the gas tank.

The trouble is that for some reason liberals do not think that we are smart enough to live our own lives, they think they are smarter than we are, because they think they know more than we do.

The problem is that this kind of thinking is not only wrong but evil.

So much has been done in the past in the name of people who thought they were smarter than anyone else.

We know that failure to take understanding from the past will result in ignorance so we learn and we grow, the left seems to think that we owe them something after they failed us in this past congress, they ignored us they lied to us, they are still lying to us yet, they still think were stupid.

here is the truth, we are not stupid.

We are not ignorant.

We can think for ourselves and we made that clear in this past election.

Here is another truth.

If those elected this past election do not perform the will of the People they too will be voted out of office, make no mistake it is the peoples seat not the left nor the right but the people.

This notion that somehow we need someone to make decisions for us is just plain stupid because we are not the simple minded people that existed in 1950.

We are educated, we read newspapers, we get our news from the radio, from the TV, from the internet, just because you say the sky is purple does not mean that we believe you.

We can think for ourselves.

Remember that during the next election because the more you insult us the more that we will remember being insulted, if you doubt that consider what happened during this last election.

And remember that we are the people.


Is weiner a weiner?

Vote them out

Vote them out

Vote them out.

Vote this guy out of office, because well you know what he just allegedly is not the kind of man that really can represent the public, anyone else acting like this in public would be in jail…

Its time to put these liberals out of office.

What kind of man allegedly spins the truth, and projects the alleged falsehood, onto his opposition.

Is this man a problem to the people who elected, him?

Do we need people like this in our government?

When will people like him tell the whole truth about what was in that bill he was wanting so badly, which allegedly had little to do with what he was railing about, like a prating child, allegedly.

When a man cannot act like he is representing America, and not a dictatorship it is time for that man to go home, Wiener must go home.

Time for this guy to be UNSEATED. Time to put him out, we dont need this kind of behavior…

This was done for the camera’s, because if it was not for the camera’s would Anthony, not give his own very handsome salary to help those poor people, I mean, If he is as Angry as he appears to be when on camera, why not help the people who really need help?

People are sick of congress acting like they are children, if we wanted, kids playing games, we could have that at minimum wage.

If you are tired of all the lies, by liberals, that think they are better than anyone or smarter than anyone, then donate to the campaign to elect someone “ANYONE” to replace this guy because he is not fit to lead.

Elect Bob Turner

The following is alleged, and if it is true you should vote this guy out of office because this is not the way we behave in congress.

Is this guy telling the truth or is it just spin spin spin, about every thing coming out of this guys mouth is just plain strange.

Vote Weiner out of office, better yet donate to someone who is running against him.

Time to go, we are sick of the lies of politicians.

This is the guy should be honest, but he cant he has to spin spin spin because all he has is lies, he has no choice but to lie every time he opens his mouth because the truth is that democrats are going to be voted out of office because of the unpopular decisions made by this whitehouse.

Lets vote this guy out, he does not deserve to represent America.

This is wrong, this is not what America needs in congress and this is why, we need to UN SEAT WEINER.

Just click the donate button, so we can get rid of this guy once and for all, He is a shame and disgrace on the face of the congress.

Federal judge blocks states rights?

Virginia rules, now we have rights again, this is headed for the supreme court.

As the sheriff says, Are we fighting our own government, as the sheriff of maricopa county Arizona believes?

Arizona, fights dictator?  Will this be the headline in just two months time?

Is america going down…

Liberals are trying to ruin this country, it is time to vote them out of office, it is time for them to step down, if they do not like to live here they need to leave.

Should we throw out the Tenth Amendment, if were smart enough to figure out this, then why cant a federal judge read one thing and understand how easy this really is.

One Judge, throws constitution out the window and now we are all racist if you don’t like it your a racist, what a mess, we have and if you

go back in time to just a few weeks ago you would see who actually started this whole mess, yes, you heard it right.

But really, if this situation had not been hyped by the media, no one would even care about what Arizona did.

It would not even be news.

But now we have the potential for a riot, and the bad thing is this the people are being bussed in from a state that does not even have anyone living there.

That is just plain stupid.

How is this possible I mean what do these people think that they are more than the whole.

It is of the people by the people and for the people, not one judge making a decision for everyone.

Just wait, after tonight, when the first illegal alien murders an American Citizen, that blood will forever be on her hands.

It is something that no one should ever want to have, but this judge made that decision it will be struck down by the supreme court.

Because, of the Tenth amendment to the constitution, this law is legal and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it, it is infuriating that

we have judges that act politically and making a political decision, because this is Constitutional ethics 101.

Do states have the right to enforce Federal law, Yes they do and then some, because it is not a government of the person, but of the people, the framers of the

constitution knew this and that is why they created the tenth amendment, this judge took the easy way out and made the easy decision.

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So, have we come to the point in our nation where we no longer make decisions by the law of the land but now we make decisions based on political will, that is not the way this nation was setup to work it is against everything that our fore fathers sacrificed to create for us and our children, it is against the will of the American people.