A divided Political party cannot stand

The saying that a nation or anything really where its members and citizens are divided cannot stand this goes for a political party as well, the GOP is in serious trouble and they do not even know what is going on. 

They are divided they are clueless and they will fail to win elections. 


They realize what is real and what is media spin. 

Think about it this way and ask yourself why the big wigs in the GOP are SO out of TOUCH with the rest of the Voters in America?

It is simple they stopped meeting real people years ago they see themselves as too important to shake hands beyond the obligatory two second hand shake at the occasional fund raiser. 

They are out of touch because they do not know the people. 

If they ever were in touch with voters at all. 

The truth about the GOP is that many people are sick and tired of the spin and the way that some leaders are just not leading. 

They think they they must make deals in order to do anything at all. 

They lack the convictions of their core constitutes. 

They cannot see the truth because they are filled with nonsense and polls paid for by those that have an interest in the results of those same polls. 

They believe that they must move to the left in order to win over new voters but that is their biggest and greatest failure. 

When you are out of touch with 70 percent of any political creation be it by the media or by spin doctors that have talking points to ponder then you will only realize the truth when you lose an election more than once. 

We know the truth but many in the GOP just “think” they know but they really do not because they do not know what it is like to actually have to pay for the gas that goes into a vehicle that they are riding in. 

They do not know how people feel about the economy because they are no longer a part of that world. 

They cannot understand because they no longer represent the interests of those that voted for them in the last successful election. 

They do not realize the peril they face in this coming election but they will once the voters get the opportunity to communicate with congress what is for many an all consuming issue, it is not just about health care it is about living life and being able to enjoy what you work for. 

The truth is a lot of these talking heads are as ignorant as a box of rocks when it comes to understanding the people. 

This is a huge mistake and a judgement issue of epic proportions. 

If you really want to understand this new America and the voters that will vote in this election you must go into the real world and meet them. 

You must do this as a member of those people much like the undercover boss show that creates a real life interaction between the operation of the company and those that produce the revenue for that company. 

When you do that then you will understand the truth the real question is do those in power in the GOP care enough about the people they say they represent to go out and actually meet those people. 

The answer to that is what will tell the tale in this election. 

Say what you like about the GOP but as for this vote which has been voting republican for thirty years I no longer consider myself a Republican and it is not because the media and those in power in the white house who try to make it appear as if every bad thing that happens is somehow the fault of a republican. 

I am sick of the lies of the media and I am sick of the talking heads that no nothing about the real world because they do not live in the same world as the rest of us do. 

Its time to vote and I do not even have to suggest which way you should vote. 

It is time to vote and to let the World know that what the media are trying to do and what some members of the GOP are trying to do is not going to work. 




boston Suspects found…

 [kc_heading_pac_1_headline_sub size=”50″ color=”#000″ ]Not From USA..[/kc_heading_pac_1_headline_sub]

A developing story about the suspects in the Cowardly attacks in Boston Massachusetts, is being reported as having murdered an MIT police officer and was involved in a shootout that included using explosives from a moving vehicle.

One of the things about this news story that you will not hear on some of the other networks that were reporting disgusting news earlier this week about how they were thinking that the suspects were home grown and that they were probably white.

This was a racist thing, yet none of the news companies admitted that it is just as racist to say that a particular skin color was involved in the horrible events in Boston.

Police believe the two men, believed to be the suspects from Monday’s terror attack, are brothers, possibly from Chechnya or Turkey, according to sources who spoke to Fox News. The man on the loose was identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass. They are believed to have been here for about one year, sources said.

Not from this Country…

Not a Home Grown thing….

Not a particular skin color…


fox news biased

Is fox news biased, what is going on, with this news coverage, is it ok?

One of the things that you have to wonder about is this, question, is the media, really covering this trial fairly?

Are they doing a good job, or are they being biased?

One of the blond bobble heads, just made this statement that george anthony was a credible witness, but is that accurate or is it a lie?

Is fox news being biased?

Should blonds with short skirts, and perhaps even less intelligence, than an alleged sand crab. 

Are they right?

Are they biased?

Are they full of crap?

Crazy, and foolishness, that is what you seem to get from the fox news coverage, 

I watched this guy on the stand and he did not sound credible, he sounded like an alleged liar…

Think about that, I have seen liars before, and this guy reeks, allegedly of being a liar…

Is fox news being fair and balanced, because so far we are not seeing any point counter point coverage of this trial,
when I watched this guy he looked guilty, to me he did, he looked like a liar…