Liars, why do they continue to lie under oath?

These people have been sworn in and they still refuse to tell the truth. This should concern all Americans.

When you Vote in 2014 and in 2016 Remember this…

Remember that these are the kinds of people that will be running and enforcing health care in this nation?

Is that true or is it just another co-incidence.

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IRS: Liars, Thieves, Thugs,

Cowards and Hypocrites

As you can see in the above headline and you can read more about it here.

People are upset and angry about what has happened and they need to be upset but more importantly they need to vote.

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If you do not vote in 2014, it is your own fault, because this is serious in fact it is probably the most important election we have seen in many years.

What will you do in 2014 will you sit back and just wait for someone else to decide what the truth is?

Imagine what life would be like if no one was ever accountable…

If no one could ever remember what they should have done?

If no one can ever recall anything that comes out of their mouths?

If you watch the TV you can see these people with a straight face tell lie after alleged lie after lie.

They do it thinking that what they will not have to answer for what they say?

It is time to stop this abuse of the American People.

Vote in 2014…



CNN Evil Cowards?


 Did CNN allow a know nothing coward to cast political aspersions with no evidence or even probable cause to believe what they were saying.

What was the evidence they had, what was the experience factor of this man who made this accusation?  Why did CNN allow this to go out on the air at all, when you have someone that allegedly and obviously perhaps did not know what he was talking about speak on national TV what does that say about who you are as a news organization.


 We have to ask what were they thinking…

In a news story that will shake you to your core, it should come as no surprise that our Media are so corrupt that they might stoop to producing a news segment that has no business in our society.

You may be wondering what this is about because the biggest news story yesterday was that for the first time since 2001 on September the 11th we as a nation will now have yet another date and time that we will never forget what we were doing when we heard the news that America has been a victim of terrorism.

911 is now another chapter in history, we remember it and even more importantly it taught us a lesson that when you become lax and when you allow your military to become less than effective that there is a price to pay for being stupid.

We learned that horrible things can happen when we let our guard down.

We learned a lot of things that can make it difficult to understand why these things happen.

But you know what else we have learned, that news is no longer the news, because yesterday CNN did something that was allegedly despicable, Cowardly and perhaps even Evil.

So, what did they allow this to happen, they did something that is wrong and it might even be illegal, they talked about a national event that involves an ongoing investigation as if they had knowledge about what was going on.

If that is true then someone needs to have a talk with CNN to find out what they knew and when they knew it…

This is specifiable because they attempted to politicize the horror and death of children live on the air and they tried to say that it was a right wind thing, my friends this is not journalism this is illegal and needs to stop.

The FCC needs to conduct an investigation into this organization to find out what they know about this event because as they stated on national TV they may have knowledge about these events, why is that?

Simply because if they have no knowledge about this event then they need to apologize to the American People and those families that lost loved ones and those Americans that lost legs and arms, and will be forever a victim of the second attack in 12 years.

It is time that the media stop trying to use tragedies like this for political gain.







Anti American Anti Gun Anti Congress

Where does it stop no one knows.


It used to be that in the days of American Greatness we were a proud people that might boast that we lived in the greatest nation.

This was once a great nation and a great place to live but that is changing because we have a few self important people that think that they have nothing to answer for or none to answer to.

You can change that in 2014 by getting off your butts and voting instead of sitting in front of the TV listening to a corrupted media tell you there is no hope and that you should just put another pizza in the microwave.

But the truth is very different, If you find your representative has or will vote for gun control laws when the laws we have on the books are not being enforced, then its time to vote that coward out of office.

The People are the government not a few we are not a dictatorship.



White House may be attempting to disrupt the 2012 election, that could be a big issue for demorats.

Now you know that tricks are for kids and this is not Halloween, at least not yet, so what is up with this acting like children, you know what this kind of stuff is just dumb, sorry but it is time for the adults in the room to find the next president and nothing you do right now is going to change that. At this point the current president has no hope of re-election period. The only way that this president could get elected again is if he were to go to a flat tax, 15 and 20 percent, and if he were to create a capitol gains tax holiday, a “real private sector jobs program” When you look at the issues here you have to consider that the jerks that are in charge of speaking to the press as well just dumb as rocks.

At the White House, officials professed to be shocked at any suggestion that they would intentionally step on the planned GOP debate. “Of course not,” insisted a wounded-looking press secretary Jay Carney at his daily briefing. Asked how 8 p.m. Wednesday was selected, he responded, “There were a lot of considerations. You have to deal with Congress’s schedule. This is one debate of many, that is on one channel of many. That was not enough reason not to have it.”

They may think that they can just do anything that they want to do, but in reality, they are limited because you can only go as far as the people are willing to go and this president has gone as far as the American people are willing to go.


Republicians Weak and spineless?

Republicans Betrying the American Dream?

Will this be the next big headline, while congress sets up to pass what the only plan that has been put forward that might actually work.

Say its not so, in fact, imagine for a moment that men that were hired to do a job actually had the Balls, to stand up to those that would enslave us and take our nation back, by the people, for the people, right, or is that just some outdated concept?

Weak GOP may loose in 2012 because they allegedly are cowards too afraid to stand up like a man and do the right thing.

Do the republicians have what it take to make real changes in America and not the hope of change but real change.

The latest buzzwords, are cut, cap, balance,

Cut the Spending, Cap the amount that can be spent, Ballence the Budget.

Sounds so simple that just about anyone can figure out that it must be done if America is to survive, yet, apparently the democrats do not want to try to cut cap and ballance, they want to destroy your way of life, (allegedly)

One thing that needs to be added to this equation, is a flad tax, period, a flat tax would cause the market to move to over 14 thousand in less than a week, in fact, the market would go insane with activity, can you imagine what a 17,000 or even 18,700 market would look like?

It is possible but only if the republicians stand up and act like men and not frieghtened children.

It is time to make the real changes that will save America or perhaps the democrats would rather just let it all be destroyed.

So, we will know more about it soon.

Either the republicans will stand up like men or they will cower like children as America is destroyed and the dollar is worthless.

Just in case you might want to invest in food insurance, because if the republicians cave in on this deal we are lost.

The end of America will be in sight, there will be no stopping what will come next, a second depression only this time it will be worse.

Food insurance.

Just in case, you might want to invest in food insurance because I can tell you that a weeping speaker of the house is not going to work in this tough economy.

Get Food insurance here.


High Stakes poker

You know it is really amazing to watch the every increasing levels of vitriol, that you see on both sides of the political spectrum.

The future of the US is at issue here, yet, no one seems willing to step up to the plate and be a man.

Not the democrats and not the republicians.

They act like cowards, (sound like news story that we saw in the news not so long ago)

Remember all the crisis, crisis, crisis, that we saw in speech after speech, but has anything really changed, have you seen the hope that you voted for materalize or has it all just been empty theatre?

I really want to see good things happen and it is not really that hard to figure out how to make that happen.

  • When you have a corporation like GE, that basically made a ton of money, last year, and yet, did not pay its share of taxes, then you know there is a problem, yet no one wants to talk about that, why is that exactly?
  • When you have Millions of people that pay no taxes, that is a problem, (everyone can afford to pay something)
    (as long as its fair) Even if it just a few dollars a year, every dollar can add up to millions to help get us out of debt.
  • The last President that made a difference was Bill Clinton, he actuallty did something that worked, yet democrats are not interested in finding out what that was, the man that could make a difference is not at the table, interesting.

If we want real hope and change, for the American people we are going to have to set aside our differnces for the common good of the people and not just in words or fancy speeches written by men who do not care about the condition of this nation but by men who have a heart and a mind for the people by the people.

This is what will help change our nation, not the constant fighting, and cry baby news media statements.

We can no longer afford to ignore our position and just like anyone else out there, that is looking at having less than perfect credit if that is what it takes to get America back on track then let them say what they will, and just like millions of Americans all over the US, we may have to pay a bill a few days late.

If that is what it takes to get this nation back on track then we must do what it takes.

No more fear mongering, no more lies, no more fighting amoung your selves, American values have always delivered in times of real crisis not fake crisis like we have seen over the last three years.

It is time for real men to step up to the plate and get the job done, because this is the last opportunity to do that.

Yet we still have the media allegedly profiting from their ability to influence the markets.

This is a big problem, because they could actually be said to be in a position to profit from making a certain news story more "creative"

For example just this morning, Fox news Business, went with a story about how the stock market is down, since allegedly America might default, now that is just not true, yet, Fox news went with that story, and yes, watch the stock market to see what happens next.

Is it right, becasue a smart investor could pick and choose a certain stock that is impacted by this mini selloff, and then when the stock returns back to normal, (because a news story here and a news story there is more positive) then they can profit, that should not be allowed to happen.

Yet, it does…

Think about that. …




aclu acorn activist judge

National Geographic yellow Journlism?

Join others in deciding not to support Yellow Journalism, it is not only wrong but it is a Lie,

Character assassination, will anyone stand up and defend Ben Franklin From the evil yellow cowards that have moved to malign a man that gave more to this nation than many will even have the opportunity to do in a life time.

Cowards and liars are not writers they are skunks that hide behind words.

In a news story that seems to just be beyond the pail as some would say it is apparent that in some circles lies and suggestions make up good history, perversion of history is more like it,

Ben Franklin Secretly a Pirate?

You know what this I would expect to see on the cover of the National Enquirer,
(a respectable publication compared to national Geographic, (allegedly)

However, to see an article by By Patrick J. Kiger

Who makes some rather wild statements that tend to defy the readers imagination, in fact the term yellow journalism comes to mind quickly when reading this very allegedly prejudicial piece of yellow journalism.

The Author, (if you can call this fellow that) goes on to talk about ten things, that sound realy terrible all aimed at depicting one of the most well respected men in American History in a dim light.

It is an Amazing thing to read the thoughts of an alleged twisted mind, but I thought it was important to understand what this fellow thought he was doing sadly the diatribe was such a embarrassment that I am truly horrified that any respectable publication would print it at all.

The author tries to twist the facts of history to fit in with the idea that Ben Franklin was somehow a less than admirable man starting off with the most horrible of truths, that Franklin himself said that he was terrible at arithmetic.

Really, that is you best shot, my friends, I am horrified at this evil practice of
to smear a man who dedicated his life and his fortune to help those who were less fortunate than himself, a man who was a great inventor and statesman.

Later the article goes on to suggest that Franklin lived in Adultery and lived with a woman out of wedlock, having children, out of wedlock, frankly this is appalling and it will not stand.

Boycotts should begin against any company advertising on this show which is scheduled to air tonight in some markets.

Perversion of history is not tolerated and liars and villains will not be justified.

chase Politics

Chase Bank are they Cowards?

You have to ask, when you see the minority who in all honesty really dont care about if a Christmas tree is present or not, run a bank?

No, this is not right, and you do have a choice, you can find another bank, simple solution to problems like this, because if a bank is being run by alleged, morons, like this alleged bank, then perhaps your money would be safer somewhere else.

What Grinches, they are, (allegedly)
will it be Chase that stole Christmas, (allegedly) you know it sort of just makes you sick to see these PC cowards at work.

Then when the light of day is shined up on the slime bucket distracting pieces of trash, they start making excuses, were not anti Christmas, Oh really, then what are you, besides trash? (allegedly)

What were they thinking, that a few people were more important than the rest of those that support the bank?
What kind of silly thinking is this, what kind of lunacy does it take to consider life on these terms?

Could it be true that this bank would allegedly offend 91 percent of all Americans that celebrate Christmas?

is this anti Christmas? and if you believe, the PR Spin, they are putting out there I have some swamp land in Arizona to sell you. hey if your even slightly for this type of garbage by a bank that depends on the holiday season to pay its bills, what a deal.

What is wrong with a Bank that acts contrary to its stock holders best interests.

Why is this bank doing this is it because they are allegedly indebted to the government?

In what could be said to be an act of Cowardice, we see that in Texas the heart of what most people consider yes, Christmas territory, we have a news story that is amazing, to learn that a bank, allegedly Chase, has ordered that a Christmas tree be removed from a bank, Last I looked this is Still America, I know that hope and change is coming, but I sure hope that this change might be positive not an act of a coward.

In this nation some 93 percent celebrate Christmas in some form, in fact banks like chase stand to make quite a lot from the buying and selling, and yes financing of gifts.

In a nation where people spend often thousands of dollars on “Christmas” It makes no sense that a bank would do something so yes, “Stupid”

What if all the people who celebrate Christmas removed the money from Chase bank?

How long would it be before they went bankrupt?

Less than one week, allegedly,

Let us play the Devils Advocate, here, what if no one spent any money on Christmas, it is after all what the atheists, and anyone else who does not celebrate Christmas wants to happen.

What if no one spent any money on this, what if we just all stopped celebrating this Christmas because it might offend someone.

What if he hid in a hole in the ground, and wait for our enemies, to destroy us.
Do you think they will have mercy on a Coward?

How did that work out for Saddam Hussein, or what ever his name was, seems like they hung him, if I remember correctly, he was not offending anyone in that hole in the ground he was hiding in was he?

So why did they drag him out of there and treat him like a war criminal well that is what he was, his cowardice did not serve him in the end just as the actions of cowards never do in the end.

No, they will not, nor will nature, have mercy on animals that act in fear and cowardice.

The very idea that we have cowards at Chase is disturbing, and stupid, I hope they wake up and do something positive about this issue.