Judge and Jury?

So what next, will this judge rule on if the entire nation should stop drinking cold drinks with too much sugar in them?

No, wait, I know perhaps she should decide if the constitution is really valid, yes that would make about as much sense as what this judge has taken upon herself to do.

When you consider this issue, you have to wonder, how a county judge could set about to put herself allegedly on the path to disbarment.

We have the constitution, it is not vague nor is it hard to understand, the very wise men and yes the women who stood behind those men drafted a very solid document, one that was born out of the frustration of men who were suppressed and treated as less than human.

When we follow the law, we expect the judges to do the same thing, otherwise we loose what little humanity we have.

When one judge over rules an entire state of representatives duly elected by the people it is wrong and it must be challenged.

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi issued the order, which was requested by that county’s District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, a Democrat.

This will not stand, it has no basis in law, there is no case law to support this judges decision, this judge should be disbarred, if this were the medical profession this would be malpractice. When a woman or a man sits and decides to subvert the constitution in this way, they have become a tyrant and no longer are they a valid legal entity.


activist judge

country judge

Apparently a county judge has decided that she has the authority to DICTATE, to the entire voting public of Wisconsin that she has the right to tell the state elected legislature, how to conduct business on behalf of the people, it is disturbing to see this kind of thing simply because if it is allow to continue we could see this happening all over the US.

This brings up a good question, considering the separation of Powers, which is well defined and cannot be questioned, legally this judge could be found in violation of her oath of office, as well she could face disbarment, and criminal charges, if it is discovered after an investigation that this judge has received any contributions and or other funds that could be viewed as improper and unethical.

Not to mention that the state is the authority in question not the country, which means that this lawsuit is also improper, the very idea that a country judge has the authority to subvert the constitution of the state of Wisconsin is just unbelievable.

What is even more interesting is to see if the elected governor will take any action to stop this miss carriage of justice or if he will just cave in and cow-tow, to the whims of a country judge who has no authority over the state of Wisconsin.

It seems to me that an writ should be issued to bar this judge pending a full investigation of her “activities”

What will happen, will the state bow to the liberal judge, who has no authority over the state?

Will the Attorney General order an investigation of this issue with regard to this judges authority to issues any orders effecting the state and the business of the people.

Should this judge be disbarred?



When you see the source of this issue you have to just sit back and say, Wow, is this really what they want to do?

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi issued the order, which was requested by that county’s District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, a Democrat.

We cannot allow organized and alleged syndicates, to dictate to the people how the state is to be run, it is an attempt to run around the constitution, states rights is at issue here, there is no law to support this evil mandate that has been delivered by this pseudo judge.