From Bad to worse…

When good men make bad mistakes, did blowing up levies protecting farm land cause more damage than allowing nature to take its course?

The flooding in the central US could have been allegedly made worse by the US Army Core of Engineers that allegedly attempted to save large cities by flooding farm lands, but could this have caused more damage than allowing nature to take its course?

My mother remembers the great floods of the 1930s when she walked across rail road tracks across high bridges, and the water was lapping just below her feed and the cross ties that spanned the bridge, it was a frightful memory for her however what many farmers of today are facing could be much worse because during the great floods of the 30s at least we still had people in Washington that were at least half way intelligent.

When you look at what is being done now you just have to scratch your head and wonder do these people even know what they are doing?




floods and earthquakes…

Playing God is really all about someone that thinks they are smarter than anyone else in the world…

Did the Army Core of Engineers condemn millions of people all over the world to starvation and death?

Did they choose a few people in a remote town over feeding starving people all over the world?

Will it be the end of American Prosperity and safety…

At what cost did they play God allegedly.

Watch this video you will be amazed at how great these people are…

dip stick people who think they are God?
Is this the best they have to offer this is just amazing how allegedly stupid these people really are

Amazing stuff people this is why we are suffering allegedly…

This is just the most amazing form of human allegedly stupid behavior I have ever seen yes this is the hope and the change that you voted for folks, this is what you wanted right,



Diverted flood waters in Missouri

Even as we watch Arnold and 89 year old senile men on TV, floods are ruining thousands of acres of farm land.

so why are we not seeing the real news?

Did they just make is worse on the entire US?

This is what happens when men think they are smarter than anyone else…

What were they thinking how Stupid do you have to be to engage in this kind of foolishness.

In the an estimated more than 100 thousand acres of farm land and crops were lost, to do what?

Save a town of 3000 they could have evacuated, and not had near the damage to the food supply for an entire nation not to mention countries around the world that also obtain grain and food supplies from US farmers.

What did they think they were doing?

Did they cause more flooding problems in the southern states and because of their stupidity, (allegedly) will many Americans pay the ultimate price for the stupidity of the Army Core of Engineers?

Was the Supreme court wrong to refuse to assist the people of the State of Missouri?

Why did they do this horrible and Evil thing?

To play God with Nature is the ultimate stupidity…

Did they play God and loose?



Did the Army Core of Engineers Play God?

Will we find a way to survive after the mistakes of Washington in managing our natural resources?

More alleged mistakes may create a “horror show” for food production in the US, this could be a disaster worse than any seen in more than 100 years, (allegedly)


Did this really happen, did they choose to flood farm land the millions of people were depending upon for food this fall?

Did they really think that they could play God with nature and win?

How Stupid can you get folks, this is why we must vote those Idiots out of office they cannot be permitted to stay in power simply because they think they know more than anyone but they really know less than everyone…

The results were that they managed to drop the water level by one foot, give or take an inch, what idiots they must be, what school did they attend I want to know so I can avoid ever sending a child to that school because obviously the idoits that did this were too stupid to figure out what was going to happen as a result of their alleged incompetence, they need to resign or be fired because they have caused starvation, they have caused death they have caused evil in the land and they do not even know it yet.

The final results may not be known for a few weeks but already we can see some very dire predictions that could cause the cost of grains to skyrocket and even worse is the fact that the Supreme court had the opportunity to take action and failed in their duties to protect citizens of the State of Missouri and now possibly even states to the south of this fiasco.

This is just nothing short of the most allegedly ignorant and stupid thing that we have ever seen and the end result of this madness might be that you could find yourself paying $4.00 for a loaf of bread due to a shortage of crops all for what?

Tell me that, what did these jerks do that saved the day?

How did blowing up protections that had been in place for years to protect the people and those states south of Missouri don’t forget that because there may indeed be a link between that action and the floods in southern stats.

How stupid do you have to be to do this kind of thing?

It is just so difficult to understand the allegedly Wrong headed thoughts that must go through someones mind when they begin to play God.  What are they thinking do they think that they can change history?

Do they think that they are smarter than every engineer that came before them?

Do they really think that they are all that and more?

This is what they got, this is what you get when you play God.

The opinions and or representations in this video are not necessarily those of this website view this video at your own risk but it is interesting to say the least play God and see what happens.




Did the Army core of engineers Fail the American people?

This could be the “perfect storm” with flooding, ice storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes around the world, are we watching as the beginning of a huge food shortage allegedly takes place while Washington does nothing, (allegedly)

This is just amazing and really it just shows you how dumb that some of these jerks are.

Watch this video..;

this is the kind of stupidity, (allegedly) that we have to deal with just Amazing, when you look at the bureaucracy of idiots like these people allegedly and obviously are.