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  • Can you see the bias?

    I like the idea that you can see the common sense of what is real… I love this guy he is always serious and I like it… This man speaks the truth and that is something that is so evident. WE know the truth and We the People are going to show just how corrupt […]

  • Trump 2016 the only choice for America?

    We heard a great speech last night and what you will not hear from the media about this speech is that it was common sense. We know that Washington is a huge mess. Washington has been broken for so long that no one really knows how to fix the biggest problems. Can Trump make America […]

  • Honestly refreshing

    When it comes to hope and change there is pleanty of hope to go around and change can be a good thing… There is a dark side to those two things as well, sometimes hope and change can be well intentioned but lack the clarity of common sense. We need common sense values and ideas, […]

  • Joni Earnst Make them Squeal

    The message here is a clear one and it is one that makes sense, there is one thing that the liberals operating in IOWA seem to forget the people are if nothing logical. They have common sense values that Washington has forgotten and they do not even understand the basics of how to survive in […]

  • Turnabout is not fair ?

    You have likely heard a few of these phrases that tend to invoke common sense in some and anger in others. Turnabout is fair play. What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. “Persons appear to us according to the light we throw upon them from our own minds. -Laura Ingalls Wilder, […]

  • Bill O’reilly losing his touch?

    Is Bill o’reilly losing touch with parts of his mind? You might and could say that he sometimes appears to be Wishy Washy, but there are times when he is supporting the other side of an argument, more so when a topic may not be exactly clear at least in the minds of the producers, […]

  • blaming the tea party?

    Is everything the fault of the tea party? If you listen to some people the answer is yes… The news media tend to blame just about anything and everything on the tea party but is it really true.  When you see something on the media or the news these days chances are its a lie […]

  • health care nightmare

    Today, I received a letter stating that my insurance would no longer cover the cost of my most expensive medications.   The truth about health care is that insurance companies are getting rich while poor people suffer and in many cases die.    With millions of American facing the loss of health insurance and millions more […]

  • Defeat Dick Durban?

    You know there comes a time when politicians should just retire, We desperately need new people in congress people that have common sense, people that can think, people that are not prone to senility, when you look at these things you have to wonder who is voting for these people and why are they voting […]

  • Protesting and congress

    Common Sense, its really not that hard to figure out but why does it seem like congress just cannot figure it all out. A bill was just introduced that would make it a felony, If you happened to have on a T shirt expressing your constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech. Now, were definitely against […]