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  • belonging is it a right?

    Who says that the liberal media are not racist? They do that’s who. The media seem to be stuck in this idea that they believe that they can say anything they want and then just apologize. MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry concluded the “What’s So Funny About 2013?” with a chorus of laughter at the black […]

  • Merry Christmas

    Time moves so quickly that you literally go from Halloween to Christmas in just a blur.  

  • It is not Christmas without Christ…

    This is the time of year that we celebrate the season and that is done in many different ways, some people enjoy times with family and friends enjoying meals, parties, events and more. Others find it a depressing time of year if they are alone or in an adult home for the aged.   Still […]

  • AFA christmas List

    Who  has been good and who has been bad… BLUE: An AFA “5-Star” rated company that promotes and celebrates Christmas on an exceptional basis.GREEN: Company uses the term “Christmas” on a regular basis, we consider that company Christmas-friendly.YELLOW: Company refers to Christmas infrequently, or in a single advertising medium, but not in others.RED: Company may […]

  • Companies that do not Want to Acknowledge Christmas?

    You know what it is really interesting to see companies that want you to shop and spend money at their business locations for Christmas but do not want to really accept that there really is only one reason for Christmas.  Companies AGAINST “Christmas” Barnes & NobleFamily DollarFoot LockerLimited BrandsMaurice’sOffice DepotPet SmartRadio ShackStaplesSupervaluVictoria’s Secret Companies marginal […]

  • Merry Christmas

    This is the time of year when you can listen to the old songs and still be hip.  Christmas time is the best time of the year, a time when you can watch Miracle on 34th street.  Children can watch Frosty the snowman, all the classics and all the great tasting food.    More than […]

  • Millions of layoffs ahead, 12 percent unemployment

    Many Large Business and CEOs Announced layoffs just days after the election results. Think about how many thousands and thousands of people who will loose their jobs this year before Christmas. That is something that you should carefully consider.  This is a news story that you will not see on regular TV… Does that concern […]

  • the Myth of Seperation of Church and State

    The American people have been lied to for many years… No where in the Constitution does it allow Christians to be persecuted like they are these days. No where in the Constitution does it allow Atheists to have a religion, (Atheism) protected by the Government, If a Cross represents and or depicts an establishment, of […]

  • Separation of Church and State is a lie

    Could it be true that what some have believed for years is based on a lie? On 9/11 this year the (Mayor who is likely on his last term as Mayor) cited the separation of Church and state, as his reason for banning, Clergy and Prayer, from the 911 ceremonies, it is interesting, that we […]

  • Stimulus a Bust?

    Is stimulus a scam, a bust, and if it is, should President Obama be blamed for it? The question deserves an answer, and even if you think that the President walks on water, and or had no knowledge of criminal acts being committed by companies that received money from the stimulus program, you have to […]