Weiner photos

Did the release of all those incriminating photos cause weiner to resign?

It is interesting to understand how politics work, because this guy is not without a job and a future, and just a short time ago, he was, ok well he was sort of a boil on the butt of the democratic party, but did he deserve this?

You do have to wonder if someone loosed the purse strings enough to give the guy a parachute…

Perhaps that is what in the end caused him to reconsider, either way that is two highly controversial democratic congressman who have lost their jobs over the last year, actually a lot more than that if you add up all those that have been voted out of office.

Some have even said that if he had just told the truth and not engaged in obvious and often infuriating tactics, he might have still been employed.

We may never know the truth but for sure we know that this is not the way that your represent your state and your supporters, what he may have allegedly had was a mental illness, but the fact remains that he had a duty to remain above the board as the old saying goes and he failed to do that.


Fox news calling races too early?

Did fox news make calls too early?

Is Fox making predictions that may
not be true?

So what is up with that stuff, why is fox making calls based on half butt information?

no one knows for sure but it remains to be seen because it is still very early and perhaps fox should not be calling some of these races too early.

Is fox news facing the possible embarASSing position of having to apologize to its viewers for publishing inaccurate information?

What are they thinking?

Why are they thinking it?